Baby Shower Ideas
Baby Shower Ideas

Lately, the baby shower trend is very popular among parents who are waiting for the birth of their baby. Small parties welcoming the arrival of the baby are generally done together with the closest friends, or family. A baby shower is basically a small party held to welcome the birth of a baby. Usually, this is celebrated with the closest people such as family or friends. Most mothers, especially young ones have this little party when they are pregnant. Especially before the due date, so that the mood is well maintained and ready to go through the labor process.

Baby shower gifts are sometimes an obstacle when we are confused about giving them a gift, it’s a good idea for those of you who will give this baby shower gift to read this article to the end.

1. Nursing Apron

Nursing Apron is one of the most brilliant baby shower gift ideas. A nursing apron or nursing apron seems to be a necessity for new parents because this nursing cover can be used as a cover when breastfeeding, especially when breastfeeding in public places. You are advised to gift a nursing apron with a soft cotton material so that it is comfortable to wear. About colors and motifs, adjust to the preferences of prospective new parents.

2. Baby Diapers

Baby Diapers
Baby Diapers

Baby diapers seem to be one of the most recommended baby shower gifts. This baby shower gift does look so simple, but in fact, diapers are one of the equipments needed to welcome the birth of a baby. To make it look attractive, pack this one gift into an attractive form if you have time.

3. Baby Supplies Bag

Baby gear bags are also one of the inspirations for baby shower gifts that you can give to prospective new parents. Baby gear bags are included in the equipment that will be needed because there are many items that new mothers need to carry when traveling, from diapers, change of clothes, and toys, to other equipment.

4. Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes

This is also an alternative baby shower gift. You can give a few pieces of baby clothes with various types of models, but make sure the material of the clothes is really soft and comfortable. This is because the baby’s skin is still very sensitive, so giving clothes with rough or too thick and thin materials can make the baby feel uncomfortable or irritated.

5. Baby Carriers

Baby Carriers
Baby Carriers

You can also give a baby carrier as a baby shower gift for your friends. A baby carrier is one of the equipments needed because newborns want to continue to be in their mother’s arms. In buying a baby carrier, make sure the material from the baby carrier is made of breathable material so that your little one does not feel hot when using it.

6. Shopping Vouchers

If you are out of your mind or confused about what gift to give, the simplest way you can do is to give a shopping voucher. Giving shopping vouchers can be an alternative because besides being quite practical, giving shopping vouchers can also avoid giving the same gift. So, you can give shopping vouchers according to your budget.

7. Stroller

Stroller Baby Gift Shower Ideas
Stroller Baby Gift Shower Ideas

A stroller is a must-have item when traveling with a baby. A good stroller not only gives baby a safe place to sit or sleep, but also provides a place to store everything your little one needs, from wipes, diapers, and pacifiers, to their change of clothes.

8. Baby Blanket

Blankets are very useful items and can be used as gifts for babies, especially newborns. Newborns have reflexes that keep their arms moving for the first few months. Babies startle themselves and wake up, so placing them in a swaddle can calm them down.

9. Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is a simple transmitter and receiver system that is used to remotely listen to the sound made by a baby. This tool is very useful to help parents to detect a baby when crying or fussy in bed. Some monitors now come with a variety of additional features, from displaying high-resolution (High Definition) video to wireless connectivity with tablets or other devices. The price also varies depending on the functionality. Usually, the special price for audio is cheaper than video plus audio.

10. Car Seat

The convenience obtained from giving a baby shower gift in the form of a car seat like this will make it easier for the baby’s parents when they are in the car after returning from the hospital. Parents of babies often don’t think of providing their own car seat because they are too busy to take care of equipment before birth and also some things that must be prepared after giving birth.

11. Diaper Bag

Even though the baby’s parents have definitely prepared a hospital bag for the needs before delivery, there is nothing wrong with giving a baby shower gift in the form of a spare diaper bag that can be filled with several baby diapers for the hospital and also baby skincare products while in the hospital.

12. Jewelry

If the gender of the baby is a girl, you can buy a pair of jewelry that can be used for both mother and baby. For example, beautifully shaped earrings, or necklaces with the initials of the name. If used, the two will look compact. In addition, choosing jewelry as a baby shower gift will also be useful in the future, because the price of gold or gems usually will not drop drastically. This will increase the value of the gift you give.

13. Diffuser

Usually, a diffuser is not the main item to be purchased when giving birth. Make a diffuser set with essential oils as a gift at a baby shower. In addition, the diffuser can also be used as a heater if the baby has a cold or flu.

Because the immune system is still weak, babies are prone to fever, especially when the weather has entered the rainy season. In addition, another condition that parents are very worried about is colic. Symptoms of colic itself can cause the baby to cry for more than three hours.

Using essential oils is one of the right choices to relieve these conditions. You can choose floral scents such as lavender and rose oil. Floral scent can help the baby feel more comfortable. Addition, another benefit of this aroma is that it can repel mosquitoes and insects.