Graduation Gift Ideas
Graduation Gift Ideas

A few moments ago, our friends, children, nephews, or friends passed the thesis trial, then they will follow the graduation. Then they will be graduating soon! It was amazing, the trip throughout the lecture yesterday. Study time was so hard. Maybe even have to experience several times repeating the same course. Not during the mid-semester exam or final test. Not to mention the time to prepare the material for the proposal for submitting the title of the thesis. Back and forth to the thesis supervisor.

Time, energy, tuition fees that have to be paid continuously, tears, supervisors who are a bit difficult to find amid busyness, irritated because they don’t understand what the supervisor wants. Sometimes you want to give up. At that time, our support as family and friends is absolutely necessary, so that our child, brother or sister, or best friend remains diligent and succeeds through these difficult times. So that they are steadfast and highly committed to finishing what they started.

Now, these dear ones have passed the thesis exam and are preparing to graduate. It’s a special day, celebrating his hard work. Like any other special day, birthday, engagement, or wedding, surely this graduation day will be the sweetest day to remember. Now, as a sign of love, join in the joy of celebrating the day which is a sign of a big leap in his life, of course, the gifts we send will be very meaningful for these prospective graduates.

Graduation Gift Ideas For Loved Ones

1. Graduation Flowers

Graduation Bouquet
Graduation Bouquet

Say it with flowers. Yes, flowers are always the best, safest, and most fun gift choice for anyone who receives it. Including graduation day. Hand flower bouquets are usually given to graduates on the D day, and usually bring graduation photos to life, because these colorful flowers contrast very well with the usual dark color of the toga.

Roses, Orchids, Lilies, Gladiolus, Sunflowers, or Daisy flowers, are flower choices that are usually given at graduation. Roses are the most popular choice for graduation bouquet gifts. Different flower colors can have different meanings.

2. Graduation Cake

Graduation Cakes
Graduation Cakes

Cakes don’t have to be present only on birthdays, happy moments like graduation also need their presence. In fact, you can order a cake with graduation ornaments. This will definitely make your friends feel surprised with the unique shape of the cake that you give. Order Now for cake delivery malaysia in FlowerAdvisor

3. Videos

Video can be a speech that seems ordinary and feels special. Just make a video greeting and give a snippet of the moments you have spent together. Not only will you feel impressed, but your friend will also be touched. In fact, this video can be played at any time and can be a cure for nostalgia when you are busy with work and rarely see each other.

4. Scrapframe or Scrapbook

If you are a creative person, you can really make a scrap frame or scrapbook. Collect all the photos during your time together, as well as unique unforgettable moments. Also write down your message, impression, and good wishes for him.

5. Caricature

Caricature for graduation gift ideas
Caricature for graduation gift ideas

Paintings of friends who are graduating will certainly look funny and personal. However, this painting does not have to be paper media. You can look for other media that will make your gift even more unique.

6. Snack Bucket

Flowers do not last long and can only be used as decorations. To make your gift more functional, you can give a snack bucket. This gift is also suitable for your friends who really like to eat snacks.

7. Teddy Bear and Doll

Dolls are often used as gifts for graduates. Although there are also dolls that are neutral in nature that can be given to graduates. For example, a teddy bear and a mini cat with a small toga hat or a tiny owl doll in a toga, or other fable figures, can be a choice of dolls for graduates.

Oftentimes, this doll is also combined with a flower bouquet arrangement. While dolls of a larger size are usually given to graduates. One of them is a Teddy Bear Bouquet . There is also a Barbie doll version complete with the gown and hat.

8. Balloons

A series of balloons can also be given at graduation. Can be combined with flowers, dolls, and chocolate. Of course, the balloons used are not big, so they are the right size to hold when taking pictures with family and friends. Looking for balloons that combined with bouquet? Just order balloon bouquet from FlowerAdvisor

9. Photo Painting

Unlike caricatures, graduation paintings are usually painted based on real photos. Present this photo painting with a suitable wooden frame. If the size of this painting is large enough, it is guaranteed that this gift from you will be displayed in the most important room for them. However, if the size is small, then this painting can be placed on the graduates’ writing desks, later when they have started working.

10. Mug

Giving a mug with a graduation photo is also a good idea. This type of gift will always remind the graduate, when he struggled in college, whenever he sips his coffee in the morning or evening in his new office.

11. Homemade Cakes

Not only for birthdays, but you can also gift cakes to those closest to you who are graduating. Your homemade cake will be worth more to the recipient, especially if you make it with all your heart.

12. Chocolate

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to give chocolate gifts, you can make a box containing various brands of chocolate for gifts for those closest to you. Chocolate can also make the mood better.

13. Stationery Package

Gifts in the form of stationary or stationery packages will definitely be useful for graduates who are preparing to enter the world of work. This includes writing tools such as pens and pencils and stationery, agenda, business card holder, and tissue holder. It can also be added with painting tools or colored pencils complete with drawing books or coloring books.

14. Cooking Tools

Prepare to be independent, meaning that after graduation, they will look for work. Maybe the job is in the same city, but it’s not impossible that he has to go abroad. Or even though he doesn’t go abroad, he has to leave home so he can be close to his place of work.

Simple cooking utensils can be a set of stoves and electric pots plus essential utensils for cooking. It can also be a cooking utensil in the form of an air fryer or a mini rice cooker or a manual blender so that it does not take up space in boarding houses.


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