Congratulating Father’s Day may have been done a lot. If you want to give something more special, we can also give Father’s Day greetings as well as give a gift for our beloved father. Even though our dads may not want any gifts, there’s nothing wrong with giving them a surprise on Father’s Day. Gifts for Father’s Day don’t need to be too fancy, we can give gifts that suit our father’s needs.

Here are some inspirational Father’s Day gifts that can be given that are sure to be useful and impressive:

  1. Formal Shirt

Formal shirts can be a choice of gifts for Father’s Day, especially if your father works in an office, formal shirts are certain clothes that are often used. Not only used for work but shirts can also be worn when attending formal events, such as recitation invitations.

  1. Praying supplies

Praying supplies such as pencil, Koko clothes, sarongs, or bibles will be memorable gifts for fathers. Even though it looks simple, this item is certainly very useful for the father. Hopefully getting new praying supplies will make your father more active in praying.

  1. Footwear

Shoes or sandals can also be an alternative gift for Father’s Day, not only memorable but also functional. If our father spends a lot of time at home, giving an indoor slipper can be an option. If your dad has an outdoor hobby, such as running or cycling, giving him shoes to suit his hobby may be a better choice.

  1. Sweaters

In addition to a t-shirt or shirt, a sweater can also be an alternative gift for Father’s Day, especially if our father lives in an area with cold weather. Choose sweaters with comfortable materials. To be used on various occasions, choose a sweater with a neutral color, such as black, gray, or navy blue.

  1. Watch

Watches are accessories that are often worn by men. There is a wide selection of watches that can be a gift choice for Father’s Day, which can also be adjusted to the budget. Also, adjust to the needs of our father. For example, if our father likes sports, providing a smartwatch with sports support features could be the right choice. While a luxury watch is also suitable as a Father’s Day gift if our father has a lot of activities in the office or meetings with clients.

  1. Perfume

Nowadays, perfume is an important thing that can support the appearance of men, especially fathers. Many brands sell special perfumes for Adam, such as Chanel, Givenchy, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, and various other brands.

You can choose a perfume with a soft and not overpowering scent as your best gift. Make sure the fragrance of the perfume you are going to buy is not too strong and does not leave stains on the clothes.

  1. Book

Does your father love reading? Gifting books for Father’s Day can be an option. Make sure the book we buy is not yet on our father’s bookshelf. If you are confused about choosing a book, we can provide other equipment related to the hobby of reading. For example, a beautiful bookmark or a unique reading lamp.

  1. Mug

If your dad likes to drink coffee or enjoy other types of drinks, we can give him a mug or glass while inserting Father’s Day greetings. If possible, we can order a custom mug with a Happy Father’s Day inscription on it. If we don’t have time, we can choose a mug design according to our father’s hobbies or personality. Besides mugs, there are other alternatives to drinking bottles, especially for fathers who do a lot of outdoor activities.

  1. Wallet

No need to worry if the available budget is not too big, we can give dad a gift in the form of a wallet. In addition to replacing old wallets with the latest models and colors, this is also a cheap and memorable gift for dad, because wallets are objects that are often carried everywhere to store money and cards.

  1. Buckle

The next affordable gift is a buckle or belt. A belt made of vintage-style leather might be suitable as a practical gift idea to buy. Can be purchased in clothing stores directly or search for it in e-commerce to choose which model and price are the most suitable.

  1. Jacket

Does your father go to work every day using a motorbike? If yes, then the jacket can be a gift choice for the right father. Jackets can protect from the hot sun and cold air. Make sure you choose a jacket material that is not hot and comfortable when used in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

  1. Shaver

A father definitely needs this one gift. Yes, a hair clipper, mustache, or beard can be the right gift for dad. Fathers will find it easier to style their hair the way they want. The cost for treatment at a men’s salon can also be cut so that it can be more efficient.

  1. Hobby stuff

Giving hobby items can be a practical choice if you are confused about choosing a gift for Father’s Day. Giving gifts of hobby items can also help our father save on expenses related to his hobby.

If our father has a hobby of music, for example, buying a new instrument, loudspeaker, or a music player can be an option. If our father likes fishing, buying new fishing gear and equipment can be an alternative. Meanwhile, if our father likes to play golf, buying golf equipment might be the best gift. The key is knowing what our fathers liked best.

  1. Treating food

In addition to gifts, we can also treat dad to the food he likes. This is a simple way to make dad happy. It can be in the form of eating at an all-you-can-eat restaurant or other dishes that he likes. By treating him to his favorite food and telling stories to each other, the atmosphere feels more intimate.

  1. Flowers

Flowers represent so many positive emotions like love, happiness, joy, appreciation, and many others. There’s nothing wrong with giving flowers to dad. Dad will also be happy if you suddenly give flowers to him. If roses are considered too feminine, many other types of flowers can be given to dad. You can get various types of flower arrangements at Flower Advisor, you can order them from anywhere and anytime.

In the end, believe that whatever gift is given on Father’s Day will still be memorable for him. It’s not about giving expensive gifts, but the most important thing is giving Father’s Day greetings to show that we love him. Make sure you don’t forget to give him a little sweet greeting so that your gift will be more memorable for him. Whatever the price of the gift given, your father must be very happy to receive it.


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