Is there anyone who does not like fruit? Mostly, people are interested in fruits because of their sweet taste. Therefore, people love eating fruits. Besides having a good taste, fruits are also rich in benefits, and they contain many nutrients that are good for your health.

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Giving Fruit Bouquet
Giving Fruit Bouquet

Is there anyone who does not like fruit? Mostly, people are interested in fruits because of their sweet taste. Therefore, people love eating fruits. Besides having a good taste, fruits are also rich in benefits, and they contain many nutrients that are good for your health.

Although having many benefits for our health, people do not like to eat fruits for several reasons. For example, most people do not like durians due to the strong smell. That is why people think that this fruit is very disgusting. However, the fruit has a soft texture with a unique taste where it makes people also love this fruit.

Besides durian, several fruits also have a strange appearance, and they seem to be underrated, but in fact, the fruit has significant nutrition. If you are curious, let us look at the following list:

  • Pomegranate

The pomegranate fruit is commonly found and grown in India, Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, and the tropical parts of Africa. This identical red fruit is categorized as a berry because it contains many forms of seeds.

The sweet taste makes this fruit much loved by people. But do you know it? if the fruit that contains seeds in it has rich nutrients and is suitable for our bodies. The pomegranate contains various nutrients, such as protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins, such as vitamin C, vitamin B complex, folate, vitamin E, and vitamin K, which are very beneficial for the health of the body. 

Moreover, there are two nutritious substances from pomegranate, namely Punicalagins and Punicic Acid. Punicalagins have three times the antioxidants compared to green tea. This nutrient is very beneficial for reducing inflammation, one of the main drivers of many serious diseases, including cancer and diabetes. Meanwhile, Punicic Acid is suitable for those who want to take care of their skin.

  • Rambutan

When you first see a red fruit with hair-like thorns on its surface, you will feel disgusted. However, you do not underestimate this fruit, because it is rich in content needed by our bodies.

Rambutan is a tropical fruit often found in tropical areas such as Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and parts of Central America. This fruit belongs to the soapberry family, like lychee and longan, because it has seeds in its flesh fruits.

Several useful contents from the rambutan include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, potassium, calcium, folate, and choline. Rambutan fruit can be consumed for those who are on a diet since the fiber is very high, so it helps keep you full longer, suppresses appetite, helps you lose weight, and slows digestion. The nutrients contained in rambutan are also highly recommended for some people to prevent the risk of heart disease, cancer, and bone.

  • Blueberry

Next, one of the other berries on the list is the blueberry. This fruit is usually very difficult to find in its original form, you will often see this fruit in the form of juice, jam, or other processed foods.

In appearance, this fruit has a resemblance to a grape in terms of shape, size, and color. However, if you look at the benefits, this fruit has a better nutritional content compared to grapes where blueberries have twice as much vitamin A and ten times as high in vitamin C.

Just like berries in general, blueberries are also known as fruits with high levels of antioxidants. This makes blueberries able to maintain the body’s immunity well.

In addition, blueberries can stimulate brain stimulation to work better. The content of anthocyanins in blueberries can also prevent our bodies from getting cancer. Another benefit of this fruit is to maintain skin moisture and skin smoothness.

  • Papaya

In general, people who live in Southeast Asia or other tropical countries are very familiar with papaya fruit. This orange-colored fruit might make some people feel shocked and disgusted, especially if they see the seeds inside the fruit. That is why some people have reasons not to like papayas.

Although the appearance of this fruit is uncomfortable, it has a playful and delicious taste. In addition, this fruit is highly recommended for many people who need intake to heal and reduce the risk of several diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and inflammation.

Papaya has rich nutrients, such as vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B3, and vitamin C. These nutrients are very beneficial for skin care,  and it helps to prevent heart disease.

In addition, this papaya also contains folic acid, which is good for the body. The fiber content of this fruit is also suitable for people who have digestive problems.

This fruit contains very high antioxidants where if someone eats this fruit, the antioxidant content in the fruit can prevent the risk of developing cancer.

  • Goji Berry

Have you ever seen the appearance of this fruit? The appearance of this fruit is quite rare, especially for some people who do not like fruits. Goji berry is a fruit that grows in the plains of East Asia. At first glance, this red fruit looks like a small tomato with a sweet taste.

Goji berries have unique characteristics, these fruits are generally dried and used in food and medicine. Reportedly, this fruit has been used as a medicinal ingredient in China in the past with the properties of being able to prevent aging and damage to cells in the skin.

Yes, Goji berry is highly recommended for everyone to be consumed because of its high antioxidant substance. In addition,  nutrients contained in this fruit, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, zinc, iron, and eight amino acids, are suitable for our bodies.

So, this fruit provides many benefits for everyone, particularly to boost the immune system, control blood sugar, improve blood circulation, lose weight and prevent cancer cells from growing.

These are recommended fruits that may not be very familiar to some people but have extraordinary nutrients. If you want to boost your immune system and make your body healthier, you can eat these fruits every day.


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