Condolence Flowers
Condolence Flowers

Apart from the happiness meaning, a flower can also represent sadness. The feeling of sadness after someone just passed always being associated with specific flowers that later make the meaning behind flowers that belong to it turn out far from happiness. We call it condolence flowers.

Condolence Flowers Meaning

Condolence Flowers Meaning
Condolence Flowers Meaning

It’s not too much by saying that flowers have a strong relationship with humanity. There are a lot of emotions that any flower is capable to represent. Whenever you’re happy with what’s going on with your life, flowers like pink roses that its meaning consists of happiness, joy, and admiration. Whenever you are fall in love with someone, a bunch of pink roses never goes wrong. Further, whenever you’re in a sad period or wanting to express grief by the losing of someone your friend just experienced, you can go with several kinds of condolence flowers.

Condolence flowers have been symbolic flowers that are popular in many countries. As we mentioned earlier, it represents the feeling of sorrow as someone just passed away. So, it’s like something you can go with you to a funeral. The meaning of it that associated with death which is mostly the petal color of flowers like this always bold and dark, can help you convey your condolences to those who lost their beloved ones.

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Sending flowers to the funeral is a good choice that you don’t need to be hesitant about. You will meet a variety of condolence flowers that the meaning from one to another is way different from each other.

Lily that best-known for its beautiful appearance that beneficial to improve your garden look not only beautiful to be seen but also beautiful if we realize what’s the meaning behind it. Lily that comes in white represents the hope of rising after sadness. Someone who was gifted by lilies bouquet expected to become stronger as how they should after the hard way accepting the fact that the one they loved the most already passed always.

Furthermore, not only lily flower that is pretty popular as one of the sympathy flowers you can find anywhere out there. There are carnation flowers as the alternative if you want to express your condolence. The deep meaning behind it is similar to lily in that the white-colored carnation on its petals represents purity and innocence. Beside it, the pink-colored carnation on its petals that its meaning stands of remembrance. You can mix them up to fully express your feeling.

Condolence Flowers Message

Condolence Flowers Messages
Condolence Flowers Messages

No one wants to experience the loss of people they love the most. But, fate will always be fate that no one can deny. The death of someone occurs by the will of God. All you can do is hope for the best for those who already passed always and those who survive to rise after the grief period. It has never been easy to do that.

Hearing the news where one of your best friend’s favorite people just passed away? You may consider bringing condolence flowers to the funeral. You might already have one in mind. Is it enough? If you think it’s not, you can send them a message along with the condolence flowers to express your sympathy.

Lines of beautiful words that crafted and being sent to those who just lost their most precious person can help them to heal.

Here are sympathy card message ideas you can rely on when it comes to express your condolence to others:

  1. I can’t imagine your loss. Let me know if you need someone to cry.

Accepting the death of someone meaningful for you is hard. Sometimes you need the one that you can express your sadness. This message happened for it.

  1. Many friends come into our lives, but only a few leave with their footprints on our hearts

Although their favorite person had passed away, make them always remember how beautiful the person was by sending them this sympathy message.

  1. May our Lord bless and comfort you and your family during this time of grief. Please accept our sincere condolences.

Looking for a sympathy message that is less personal but still represents your condolence, you can use the beautiful words above.

Condolence Flowers Delivery – What’s The Best to Choose?

Condolence Flowers Delivery
Condolence Flowers Delivery

Earlier, we have told you few examples of flowers that you can go with when you plan to send a condolence flower as a bouquet for a funeral.

There is a variety of condolence flowers you can choose. Let’s start with lily and carnation that both meaning already we mentioned above. Later, you can consider bringing gradually which the meaning of it is associated with sincerity and moral integrity. Orchid flower recommended as well where its meaning consists of “I will always love you”.

Flower Advisor is the best place for you if you look for a sympathy flower without stressing out which one is the best for you.

Flower Advisor Condolence Flowers Product Recommendation

We provide you variety of condolence flowers that come in excellent quality. These recommendation below are perfect to the condolence you want to deliver:

  1. Drowned in Love

Consist of 12 petals of red roses, sweet william, and tea leaves that are crafted beautifully as a hand-friendly bouquet, Drowned in Love is suitable to express your grief.

  1. Pure Hearted
Condolence Flowers Delivery
Condolence Flowers Delivery

White is the holy color as what presented by Pure Hearted, our condolence flowers that consist of three types of beautiful flowers that come in white: gerbera, casa lily, chrysanthemum.

  1. A Closer to Heaven
Condolence Flowers Malaysia Delivery
Condolence Flowers Malaysia Delivery

Death is the new step to be close to heaven as what A Closer to Heaven, one of our best products tries to convey. This funeral arrangement consists of lilies, daisies, and many more.

  1. Heaven’s Waiting
Flower Arrangement Malaysia Delivery
Flower Arrangement Malaysia Delivery

Lily and daisy are the best combinations to express your condolence. We craft them heartfully as same as what you want to deliver on Heaven’s Waiting.

  1. Peaceful at Rest

We have hope for someone who has passed away to rest in peace. The representation of it can be seen on Peaceful at Rest that includes both lilies dan roses.

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