White Roses
White Roses

None of us want to hurt our loved ones on purpose. However, sometimes it happens. It may be our actions, words, or even things left unsaid. Nevertheless, our partners or friends might get feelings hurt over what we did or didn’t do. Of course, we don’t want them to go away or be mad at us forever.

What does it take to get them back, win them back, and forgive us? This may sound cliche, even way overdone, but it’s always effective: give them flowers.

Who doesn’t love receiving flowers? Even a girl who is angry at her boyfriend, will melt if he gives her a bucket of roses. From the beginning of time, flowers have always been the symbol of love.

Pink Peonies
Pink Peonies

There are many kinds of flowers that are suitable to be given to ask for an apology. However, we are often confused about which kind of flowers are the right ones to give our loved ones. Below are some recommendations for it.

1. An arrangement of roses and lilies for romantic partners

For romantic partners such as spouses or girlfriends, the perfect flowers are the ones that come in bouquets. A bouquet of roses and lilies are perfect as those are both flowers that represent romantic love, also purity and passion. To add an extra sweet factor, you can add it a small cute teddy bear or a box of chocolate along with it.

2. Roses, just roses

What is more romantic than a bouquet of roses? Red roses, especially, will say everything about your feeling towards your person. Even though it’s not Valentine’s Day, it can still be special for you to express your passionate and fiery love for your loved ones.

3. Tulip, for a new start

The flower tulip is a symbol of a fresh start. It can also bring and reinvent a feeling of happiness in a person. Tulip also represents peace and harmony, so it is in a way a perfect flower to apologize to someone. Not only that, tulis is very classy and sophisticated, it makes you look like a brand new person.

4. Yellow Rose, for platonic love

If you want to apologize to a friend, you can pick yellow roses. They represent friendship and happiness. Yellow roses are also symbols of cheerful feelings, that can bring smiles back to your friends’ faces.

5. Hyacinth

Resembling lavender, this flower has a unique scent that makes it interesting. Although it varies in colors, the perfect one would be a blue hyacinth if you want to express your sorry to someone. This flower is so beautiful it will melt your loved one’s heart in an instant. For a better effect, add a sweet message in a small note or a card.

6. Daffodil

Many people love this flower, it is one of the most popular flowers in the world. Did you know it symbolises sincere apology and a hopeful feeling for a fresh start? It also represents happiness. They say it’s better to be given in a bouquet form, as a single piece of daffodil can represent misfortune. Wow, good to know!

7. White orchids

This exotic flower is the most perfect flower to apologize to someone. White orchids represent sincere feelings and the purity of the heart. By giving this flower to your loved ones, you can show how much you’re sorry and willing to do anything. The good thing is, it can also be a decoration for your room!

There are many ways to win over someone’s heart, even for the second or third time. Don’t give up on love or friendship that easily, because a genuine connection is difficult to find nowadays. Just because things get hard doesn’t mean it’s not worth fighting for.


If you still doubt your loved ones will appreciate being given flowers, here are some facts about flowers.

1. People love flowers, whoever they are

Especially being the recipient, it makes them happy and cheerful. Flowers bring smiles to their faces, therefore making their lives a little bit better.

2. Flowers bring an end to a bad day

Whenever people get their moods down, a bouquet will make their days better.

3. Flowers make a prettier home

Whether it’s a home, room, office, or school, flowers bring the mood up and make it better for everybody. People smile more and they have less tension on their shoulders. Isn’t it such a good thing?

Purple Roses
Purple Roses

Another fact about flowers is that it is deeply beloved by women. So, if you want to make a woman you like happy and impressed, you can think about giving her flowers. The reason why women love flowers so much? Well, it’s a lot. First, it can make them look more attractive. Humans are aesthetic beings, but more especially women. They appreciate things that are good-looking and pretty. Especially when it’s their favorite flower or their favorite color. Oh boy, will they go nuts about it! The second reason why women love flowers is that they know they’re being loved and cherished. Sometimes, words mean less when it’s said without action. But if it’s words accompanied with a beautiful bouquet, the meaning can multiply and it will melt their hearts in an instant! Another reason why women love flowers is that because they can represent unsaid feelings or words. Sometimes, words are not adequate to express our true feelings. So, flowers come to replace and represent all that. For example, like this article, you can express your apology by giving them flowers.