Appreciate Your Girlfriend
Appreciate Your Girlfriend

In a relationship, it is expected for lovers to share about things happening in their life. That is a sign of healthy communication. If your girlfriend decides to tell you about her feelings, struggles, and happiness, you need to know what to say as a response. When your lover tells you about her day, you have to make sure she feels heard. But let’s try to make a move first by appreciate your girlfriend with this aspect question

Questions to Appreciate Your Girlfriend

1. If She Shares Her Happiness with You

Questions to Appreciate Your Girlfriend
Questions to Appreciate Your Girlfriend

The happiness that comes from achieving something with your hard work is second to none. When your girlfriend talks about this with you full of excitement, it is only correct for you to match her energy. Instead of a simple “that’s great,” you can ask these questions instead:

  • Congratulations! So how was the competition?
  • Amazing! so what did your co-workers say about it?
  • I’m happy for you, want to go somewhere to celebrate your day?
  • I knew you’d succeed! Do you want to celebrate it with dinner?
  • I’m extremely happy to hear that! You know you always have my support, don’t you?
  • I expected that from you! Was the interview tiring?

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2. If She Shares Her Worries with You

It takes a generous amount of trust to be able to share personal worries. As you might already know, expressing one’s feelings is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, if your girlfriend decides to share her concerns with you, you should appreciate her honesty. You can appreciate your girlfriend courage to open up to you by saying:

  • I’m sorry to hear that, so how are you feeling now?
  • That must be tough, why don’t you take a rest?
  • I hope that things will be resolved soon, do you want me to be with you tonight?
  • Thank you for telling me, that must be so frustrating for you, isn’t it?
  • That’s very unsettling, is there anything else that bothers your mind?
  • I can’t imagine how are you feeling right now, how about I drive to your house?

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3. If She Shares Her Opinion with You

Healthy communication is a vital key to a healthy relationship. It is usual for a couple to discuss various things to bring them closer. Communication between lovers must not be done with disrespect or even anger. Sharing opinions is a necessary activity. Because the more often you listen to your lover’s opinion, you will have a better understanding of them even when you disagree. Here are few questions you can give as a response:

  • Interesting, what leads you to those thoughts?
  • I agree, mind telling me more about that?
  • I’m not on the same page with you, can you explain it?
  • That’s what I thought too, but what makes you think about that?
  • I know right, do you think it should’ve been done another way too?

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Why Is It Important to Appreciate Your Girlfriend?

Questions to Appreciate Your Girlfriend
Questions to Appreciate Your Girlfriend

Appreciation is what foresees after a person tells something about themselves to others. In conversation, you don’t want to feel uncared for or ignored. So, in exchange, the other party would say some appreciation words or questions to them. 

Appreciation could lift the mood and confidence of a person, especially if these powerful words come from your lover. Not only improving the bond between lovers, but it could also make one feel supported and cared for by their favorite person.

Words are not the only way to show appreciation. You can show your appreciation through various gestures. For example, you can send your girlfriend gifts to brighten her day and appreciate her as a lover. When it comes to gifts, there are numerous options. Just like there are various ways to show appreciation, there are also several ways to express love. Because we all know that every relationship is unique and one is not like the others. Do you know what is your love language?

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What is Your Love Language?

Love Languages
Love Languages

According to books and studies, there are five ways to express your love. And that’s called “The Five Love Languages.” It is crucial to know what is your love language and your girlfriend’s love language. Because by learning the love language, you will treasure the difference between you and your lover at expressing love. That will lead to greater intimacy in your relationship. So, what are the five love languages to appreciate your girlfriend?


  • Words of Affirmation


As previously stated, you can show your love through spoken words, including words of appreciation. There is warmth in compliments, love quotes, and even flirty jokes. So, there is no denying that words are a valid love language.


  • Quality Time


The second out of five love languages are quality time. Spending time together allows lovers to build chemistry and bond through undivided attention. Quality time will also lead to a better understanding of your lover. There are a lot of things you can do together. If you have the same hobbies as your lover, it would be fun to do that together. Whether playing video games or movie marathons, or any kind of activity that would bring comfort for both of you.


  • Skin-ship


Skin-ship or physical touch is also listed as one of the five love languages. Ones with skin-ship as their love language loves to express their feelings through physical affection. Such as hugs, holding hands, or kisses. They also would feel the best comfort in their lover’s arm. This love language is also popularized by romance movies and is often pictured as the ideal way to express love. However, everyone has their way to express love and boundaries, so that’s why it is important to know the way your lover expresses their love.


  • Acts of Service


Kindness brings love with it, which is what describes this love language. Actions full of care and good intentions will also make one feel loved and cared for. Some people appreciate little things others would do for them. Such as making a cup of morning coffee for them, or helping them organize their stuff. Don’t ever belittle things you do because you might never know it could translate as love for others.


  • Receiving Gifts


Gifts could bring a smile to someone’s face. As previously mentioned, gifts also translated to love and appreciation. Some people would treasure the gifts they got and the thoughts behind that gift. If your girlfriend loves to receive gifts, there are few options you could choose from. Bouquet, chocolate, dolls, or even tools that supports her daily activity. Don’t ever worry about thinking of what to give. Because people with this love language appreciate the gifts you gave, just like the way you appreciate your girlfriend with gifts.


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