Baby Breath Flower Philosophy
Baby Breath Flower Philosophy

Talking about flowers there are millions of types that you can recognize. Starting from home flowers to special other official events. Including this baby breath flower, which can be given when the baby is born.

Baby Breath Flower Characteristic

Gypsophila paniculata, better known as Baby’s breath, is an ornamental plant originating from Eastern Europe. There are about 55 species of Gypsophila found in Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean, and Europe. This plant belongs to the Caryophyllaceae which is a kind of carnation flower. Its natural habitat is steppes, sandy and rocky places, as well as calcareous soils.

This flower comes from Eastern Europe and Central Europe and is widespread in other countries. This flower is very popular as a plantation ornamental plant. In Peru, the baby breath flower are used as export flower commodities because many florists use this flower. Because of the high demand, so this type of flower has an award as the flower of choice. for a wedding that took place on the plantation.

Baby breath flowers have a long blooming time, baby breath flowers can bloom from early spring to late autumn, this flower growing time also only takes 8 to 12 weeks from baby breath flower seeds to blooming flowers.

This classic flower is usually used as a filler for corsages, bouquets, and other flower arrangements because this baby breath flower is believed to have a symbol that symbolizes purity, sincerity, and happiness.

Some species are deliberately cultivated commercially. And, for other uses such as ingredients for making herbal medicine and foods such as flavor enhancers in ice cream and cheese. Its saponin content is used in many things including the production of photographic films. It also contains detergent properties which are useful as soaps and shampoos.

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Baby Breath Flower Meaning

Baby Breath Flower Meaning
Baby Breath Flower Meaning

Baby breath flower is the right flower to symbolize true love, purity, sincerity of eternal love. That is the main reason why florists often combine this flower with roses to express a very strong symbol of true love. The meaning of the baby breath flower is innocent. This baby breath flower is small and very beautiful and if translated it means baby breath flower, maybe a philosophy that means purity as well as innocence. Baby Breath flower pink color is used to celebrate the birth of a baby girl or used to send a message to a loved one as a sign of admiration. Baby Breath flower yellow color carries the meaning of light and joy, often also used in bridal decorations and indoor cut flowers.

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Baby Breath Flower Bouquet

Baby Breath Flower Bouquet
Baby Breath Flower Bouquet

You can give a bouquet of baby breath flowers to anyone, especially to your loved ones. As the author explained in the previous point, you can give a baby breath bouquet to a friend who has just given birth. Or, you can also give this to someone who is starting something new. Why? Because baby breath symbolizes a new beginning.

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Baby Breath Flower Wedding

Baby breath is one of the favorite flowers used in weddings. The demand for this interest also increases because of this function.

Apart from being a symbol of eternal love, baby breath is also quite aesthetic for wedding decorations. Baby breath flowers are usually juxtaposed with other types of flowers, especially roses. The small white flowers represent the sincere and pure feelings that a bride and groom should have during a wedding ceremony.

A bouquet of flowers is an important accessory that is often pinned at a wedding. Not only under the bride, but flower bouquets are also placed in various places to add a festive impression when the party is held. Hand bouquet is one of the important items that must be owned by a woman at her wedding. Not only something that complements the wedding and beautifies the bride, but the flowers used for this hand bouquet also have their own meaning which describes the bride’s hopes for their married life later. When choosing a bouquet, don’t forget to consider the price of the bridal bouquet that you want to use. For the price of a bridal flower bouquet from baby breaths, you don’t need to spend a big budget.

How to Plant a Baby Breath Flower

Baby breath not only has the meaning of eternal love, but a study also shows that this plant contains compounds that can increase the power of leukemia sufferers to fight the effects of drugs. How to plant it is not so difficult, if you have baby breath flower seeds, just treat them the same way, namely by storing the seeds in wet media such as cotton soaked in water, storing them in a place protected from direct sunlight, and when they germinate, they can be transferred to the ground and treated. care, generally this flower can reach a height of up to approximately 1.2 meters, the tree is wide and the tree has branches in the form of a mound filled with white flowers like clouds. If you are interested you can make this baby breath flower to decorate your garden.

Types of Baby Breath Flowers

Types of Baby Breath Flower
Types of Baby Breath Flower

First, yellow baby breath. The petals of this flower are striking yellow. Firm enough to carry the meaning of light and joy. This flower is often used to beautify bridal decorations. Up to cut flowers to decorate the room.

Second, baby breath pink. This flower can be found when the couple is celebrating the birth of a baby girl. In fact, it is also often used to send messages as a sign of admiration for someone.

Third, a small white combination. This third type has a unique pattern, namely a small white. And symbolized as true love (eternal). Not only for lovers, but between family and friends. This color is often a favorite. The symbol of purity and freedom is considered suitable for the celebration of birth. Either baby boy or girl. Interestingly, this type of baby breath can be used as a memorable gift for the mother. This symbol of holy love fits perfectly with the celebration of Mother’s Day. Or just say goodbye to the greatest woman who has given birth to you.

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