Best Apology Gifts for Couples
Best Apology Gifts for Couples

When a partner is angry or cranky, usually the prestige is not just the guilty party who wants to apologize. Sometimes those who are already angry are also proud to forgive. Even sometimes they still feel annoyed and angry. It could also just want to test the sincerity of the partner to apologize.

This is where the sincerity of the couple is tested. How much he shows guilt and how much he tries to be forgiven of course.

If just saying sorry isn’t enough to make him melt, try putting together better words to express your regret. Think deeply about your mistakes and what made them angry. Show that you deserve to be forgiven.

Best Apology Gifts for Couples
Best Apology Gifts for Couples

Apologies that are strung together with sincere and sincere words will be easily read and understood by the partner, which is expected to relieve his anger.

When words and sincerity have not been able to calm someone’s anger, a gift in the form of an item he likes can be a support so that your apology is well received. Gifts such as movie tickets, concert tickets, books, or any other gift that might make her feel happier will have a different impact than just an ordinary apology.

Especially if your partner’s anger is because your mistakes are quite complicated, it will not be easy to get forgiveness from him. Hold her hand, and convey your apologies along with saying how sorry you are. Then give the gift you have prepared, and his heart will surely melt.

1. Videos

Videos for Apology Gift
Videos for Apology Gift

Making an apology video is an almost surefire way to meet a boyfriend’s heart. What’s in the video? It’s simple. State what mistakes you have noticed and then apologize. Also, insert a declaration of love in it. If your boyfriend isn’t the type to show off your relationship, you can send it privately via email or chat. However, if your partner is the type who likes to show the intimacy of the relationship, try a more dramatic way by uploading the video to YouTube or IG TV for example.

2. Love Letter

Another surprise for girlfriends that is no less sweet is a love letter. Handwriting will make love letters have a more personal touch. He will definitely love you even more.

3. Chocolate

Women always love chocolate. In addition to its delicious taste, chocolate is also rich in health benefits. Chocolate can be healthy for the heart because there is a high content of isoflavones in it. In addition, chocolate can also make a good mood, if you bundling it with some bouquets. So, If you want to apologize to your boyfriend, don’t forget to bring some chocolate bouquet.

4. Snack Bouquet

If your boyfriend is in a bad mood, you can cheer up his day again by giving him a snack bouquet. You can make your own by choosing your favorite snack and then assembling it into a cool bucket. Or you can just buy it at an online store. Just order and adjust the choice of snacks to your girlfriend’s preferences. Of course, if you are guilty and apologize and then bring this snack bucket, the anger can subside a little.

5. Fruit Basket

For girlfriends who don’t like chocolate or snacks, you can give fruit basket. This food is so refreshing. In addition, because the filling is full of fruit, it is hoped that it will make it healthier too. Fresh fruit basket will certainly cool his anger.

All you have to do is order fruit basket at FlowerAdvisor. Generally, they offer writing requests. You can write your feelings of guilt or apology on the fruit.

6. Flowers


Apologizing would be better if you also bring flowers as an expression of apology. Each flower has its own meaning. One flower that is suitable for apologizing is the hydrangea. This flower, also known as hydrangea, comes in a variety of beautiful colors such as pink, purple, and blue.

To apologize, choose a blue hydrangea flower. This flower symbolizes deep regret and a sincere apology. You can make your own blue hydrangea bouquet or you can buy it at an online store.

Roses are flowers that are often used to express love. This flower is also often present in various celebrations. Well, each rose color gives a different meaning. To apologize, you can choose white roses. White roses symbolize purity of heart, good intentions, and peace. Give the best white rose bouquet and don’t forget to tuck your apology card. In this way, who knows your boyfriend will soon forgive you because he sees your sincerity.

Another flower you can give your boyfriend as a sign of apology is an orchid. Choose the white orchid color because this flower symbolizes sincere feelings and purity of heart. Besides being beautiful to look at, this flower is suitable for apologizing for the mistakes you have made. You can buy flowers in online stores. Choose the one in the pot because later it can not only be displayed but can also be treated as a durable ornamental plant.

Tulips are flowers that come from the Netherlands. This flower comes in a choice of beautiful and varied colors. One of the beautiful and suitable colors to accompany you to apologize to him is white tulips. This flower symbolizes forgiveness, purity, hope, and sincerity.

Bouquet of Tulip
Bouquet of Tulip

Lilies are widely known in various regions, such as in Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia. The flowers come in beautiful shapes and various colors. One of the lilies that is suitable as a symbol of your apology is white lilies. White lilies symbolize purity, sincerity, nobility, and purity. Give a bouquet of white lilies to accompany your apology. This will show the sincerity of your love feelings so that he can forgive you.

7. Poetry

If you are not the type of person who easily expresses your feelings directly, then you can try to express your feelings through poetry. Write a poem that describes your real situation and feelings. Express how sorry you are for making him angry. Also, write down your apologies and your hopes for the continuation of your relationship. Don’t forget to also write down how much you love him and promise not to repeat the same mistake. Sincere poetry can be the most beautiful gift even when you are angry.


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