Burnt Cheesecake
Burnt Cheesecake

Cheesecake lovers are now curious about a cake called Basque Burnt Cheesecake. This soft and creamy cake is intentionally burnt but tastes special. This dessert is not a new type of dessert. This made from cream cheese is a favorite of many people. Not only in the form of cakes, even some bakers even make cheesecakes creations with various variants. Usually, they provide several variants that have a strawberry or blueberry jam topping.

Although they have the same basic ingredients, they are both different cakes. It is a dessert that is intentionally left to burn. As the name implies, it is a dessert that is intentionally baked longer at high temperatures. Even though it looks a bit dubious, the charred sensation of this dessert makes people addicted. The combination of the flavors of baked cheese and milk makes basque burnt cheesecake hunted by many people. Many people are willing to dig deep into their pockets to taste a piece of it.

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History of Burnt Cheesecake

History of Cheesecake
History of Cheesecake

Origins of Basque cheesecakes, However, this is not a newly invented cake. This was ‘born’ by the La Viña restaurant in San Sebastián, Spain. According to Bloomberg, this place is also famous for pintxos or traditional snacks from the western part of Spain they serve on a skewer. So people can easily take it. The main ingredients of this dessert are pretty simple, consisting of cream cheese, sugar, eggs, and cooking cream. At first, the ingredients used an old Philadelphia creamy cheese.

This type has been popular in the Basque region since the 1970s. It is the most favored type by the locals. It took a long time to find the recipe. They tested the recipe from various cookbooks. They bake it in a high-temperature oven. Requires a temperature of about 400 degrees Fahrenheit or about 204 degrees Celsius to bake it. He invented the recipe some 29 years ago when the restaurant only made one or two cheesecakes per day for residents. About a decade ago, slowly, it became known to the world community. This is gaining popularity in Asia, especially Japan, Turkey, and Malaysia.

Rivera acknowledged that this recipe was copyrighted. And many entrepreneurs from Korea and other countries offered to buy the La Viña brand, but he still refused. These burnt cheesecake may have appeared in almost every corner of the world, but the only suitable place to taste the authentic taste of it is in La Viña, which is 60 years old. Katie Button, co-chef from el Bulli in Cúrate, Asheville, North Carolina calls it a magic dish.

It has a creamy taste and soft texture, it is one of the desserts favored by many people, including Indonesia. Especially if you add spilled toppings or fillings, the desire to eat them becomes more and more unbearable.

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Types of Burnt Cheesecake

Types of Cheesecake
Types of Cheesecake

Although these foods are both made of cream cheese, sugar, and eggs, there are many variants. There are other types of it available besides burnt cheesecake. Here are a few different types of it:

1. New York Burnt Cheesecake


One of the most common and popular types in the world is the New York cheesecake. The texture is dense but soft, and the strong taste of sour cream makes it even more popular. The ingredients needed to make it are eggs, and sugar. It’s a pure version of it that doesn’t use any added ingredients. It has no filling or topping on it. Along with the times, they are increasingly varied, ranging from toppings to bases that usually use crackers.

2. Italian Cheesecake

Generally, the ingredients needed to make Italian cheesecake are ricotta or mascarpone, sugar, vanilla, and breadcrumbs. Compared to American, the texture of this cake is drier. They consume it at various celebrations. This variant has many types of toppings. Italian society also consumes it as a companion to espresso.

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3. German Cheesecake

In German, it is called Käsekuchen. Usually, this uses quark types. The bottom is lined with biscuit crumbs, while the topping uses fruit or raisins. Another version of this dessert is a creamy one. However, this version of the cooking method is not baked.

4. France Cheesecake

Neufchatel is the main ingredient used in French cheesecake. The texture is lighter because it uses additional meringue or beaten egg whites. French cheesecakes usually use gelatin. The material is used to unite materials and get their density.

5. Sweden Cheesecake

In Swedish, ost means cake while kaka means cheese. So they often refer to it as Ostekake or Ostakaka. In contrast to making cheesecakes in general, Ostakaka is made by thickening fresh milk using rennet or enzymes. It can separate milk into solid and liquid parts. It can only be baked after the milk has thickened.

6. Japanese Cheesecake

This is also often referred to as Japanese cotton cheesecake because of its soft, cotton-like texture. The shape is much different from the European style which tends to be heavy and creamy. It is lighter, fluffy, with a less bold taste. So if you want to eat, more than a piece will not taste good. Usually, people who prefer the taste of sour cream on a cheesecake, don’t like this type of cake. Because compared to cream cheese, Japanese cheesecake has a stronger vanilla and egg aroma.

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It is a new culinary trend that originated in Japan. Masamitsu Sakimoto, CEO of Pablo Japan, is hailed as the originator of the first one in Japan, even in the world. You could say cheese tart is a cross between cheesecake and egg tart. You can find super soft cream ones covered in tart crunchy edges. Although initially the cheese-tart was made large, now there are many mini versions in various flavors. Call it green tea, chocolate, and mocha.

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, this is perfect for trying this sweet one. You can buy it or make it easily at home accompanied by a video tutorial. Or you can also give it to your friend’s birthday. How? Interested in getting one?

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