Caladium is a flower that we often see every day. However, nowadays its popularity is vastly and quickly growing, we can’t hear enough about it on the internet. Many people are so excited that they buy it in bulk, not wanting to get behind in the newest trends.

One of the reasons why this plant is so popular is that it is an excellent investment in the long term. So that you know, Caladium can sell for a car in cash. Even in the end, it is just a gimmick. Unsurprisingly, it makes people wonder, what is so special about Caladium and its great price?

Caladium reminds many people of the previously famous plant, Anthurium or laceleaf, which is still quite well-known nowadays. Then, what are the characteristics of Caladium? People say they can use it for a down payment for a house! Let’s talk about it, shall we?

Caladium has many different kinds, which is a result of many mixed breed plants. Just so you know, Caladium came from Brazil, even though it is not famous and spread throughout the world.

Generally, the characteristics of Caladium are these:

  1. It has a smooth leaf, a strong layer of wax that is difficult to rip.
  2. The size of it is around 1 meter.
  3. Caladium is often known as a green plant with excellent quality.


Introducing Caladium and Its Various Kinds


There are several types of Caladium that you must know before you purchase or even plant this flower so that you can get the best and the most beautiful plant for your house or garden. Let’s read these references for the unique kinds of Caladium.

1. Red Star Caladium

Just like its name, the leaves are bright red. It has a particular texture, and the lead is quite broad. This kind of Caladium is attractive because of its red color and also the shape of its leaf. What’s even more remarkable about this is that the price is quite affordable. You can find this kind of Caladium in many floral shops near you. Aside from that, the Red Caladium adapts pretty fast to its environment, so it’s not prone to stress.

2. Caladium Bicolor

This kind is trendy, and you can almost see it in all places with plants and flowers. Bicolor Caladium has a heart-shaped leaf with a pointy end. The color is green on the edges and pink or red in the middle, making it very beautiful. However, it is toxic and dangerous. Thus it has to be placed far away from animals and children.

3. Moonlight Caladium

The color in this plant is pure white, which resembles that of a full moon. Inside the white leaf, there are pale green lines and also a green edge on the plate. This kind of Caladium is not very popular, but some people like it because of its pure appearance.

4. White Christmas Caladium

Like Moonlight Caladium, this one also has a white color but a bold green line and edge. The white and green are contrasted and making it look like Christmas is all around us.

5. Miss Muffet Caladium

This Caladium is unique because it has a bright green color with red dots on it. Its twig is also red, which makes it eye-catching.

6. White Queen Caladium

White Queen Caladium has a combination of white with a green edge. The center of the leaf has a red line, making it looks like it’s bleeding or sprouting red liquid. This Caladium is very popular of its beautiful colors.

7. Thai Beauty Caladium

For girls and women, this Caladium is beautiful and sweet. With a pink color on the entirety of its lead, this Caladium looks very girly and refreshing. However, this Caladium is rare to find because only certain people in certain places sell. You have to be very thorough and careful if you want to own this plant.

8. Radiance Caladium

Like its name, this Caladium represents radiance, brightness, even happiness. A touch of excitement will come upon you when you see this plant. A bright, hot pink color with a green edge and line are on the leaves. This Caladium is also very popular, and you can find it in many people’s houses due to its beauty and easy access.

9. Spring Fling Caladium

This kind of Caladium has a pink color, but the difference with Thai Beauty Caladium is that the pink is a bit darker, and it has more green. Spring Fling Caladium is beautiful and can make your house or garden look sweet and bright.


What Makes Caladium Sell So High?

Pink and Green Caladium Plants
Pink and Green Caladium Plants

In this pandemic, many people turn into plants for hobby or interest. It is one of the reasons why plant prices have rocketed high. However, there are other reasons as well. Especially with Caladium and its high cost, let’s see the factors why plants are so expensive!

1. Its History

Caladium is an old, old plant. It has existed since the early 19th century. It has now spread throughout the world through many agriculture technologies with countless colors, kinds, and sizes.

2. Classification

Caladium has a complicated classification in the plant world. It is as below:

Kingdom: Plantae

Division: Magnoliophyta

Class: Liliopsida

Order: Alismatales

Family: Araceae

Genus: Caladium

3. Morphology

Other than texture, Caladium also has a chief morphology characteristic, especially on the twigs. The surface of the twigs elongates and branches, making it one of the unique and bright characteristics of Caladium.

4. The Shape of The Leaf

To note, the leaf on Caladium varies from small to big. Caladium leaves can have sizes from 60 up to 90cm, but on average, the size of the leaves is between 30 to 40 cm.

Now, we have all learned the many kinds of Caladium. It’s true; Caladium is a plant of extraordinary beauty. If you want to beautify your house, room, or garden, you can use Caladium. Just make sure you pick the right kind and color.

Is Caladium worth the price? The answer is on your hand, my friend. If you appreciate plants and their value, then you should buy them. In the end, Caladium is by no means an ordinary plant, and your guests who know their stuff will praise you and your choice of Caladium, whichever one it is.


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