Yellow Carnation
Yellow Carnation

Carnation flower or Carnation flower comes from the Mediterranean region, which requires moisture, good drainage, and full sun to grow properly.

This one flower belongs to a species of flower plant called Plantarum. The Latin name of this flower is Dianthus Caryophyllus. This word comes from the words Dios and Anthos. Dios means god, while anthos means flower. From this, it can be concluded that this flower’s meaning is the flower of the gods.

Carnation flower is a versatile flower that can be used as a beautiful decoration known to last a long time in various moments, such as weddings, funerals, festivals, etc. Carnation bouquets are also in great demand to complement important moments for those holding events and need flower arrangements.

Carnations can live for 18-20 months. This plant can reach a height of up to 2 meters, but it must be tied with supports to grow upright. The carnation flower (Dianthus caryophyllus) expresses several feelings. They are usually used to signify feelings of love, respect, and charming attraction.

Various kinds of flowers have been used as symbols for feelings. To express feelings through flowers, they are formed into a bouquet and decorated with ribbons. Not everyone is smart or easily expresses their feelings towards others. If you are a person who has difficulty expressing feelings, giving flowers can be the best solution for you. As we already know, giving flowers is an activity that has been done, so there is no need to hesitate to give flowers as an expression of feelings.

This flower consists of several types, which are named based on their color or motif. Among the types of flowers are white, red, pink, purple, yellow, and patterned with stripes. This carnation flower does have a meaning in each color. Therefore, don’t choose the wrong color if you want to give carnation bouquets to someone.

Red Carnation
Red Carnation

Carnation’s Color Meaning

1. Pink carnation

Do you know? When Mary’s mother cried when she saw Jesus carrying the cross, at that time, the first pink carnation flower grew. Many say that the pink carnation flower has a sign of eternal love and a mother’s sincere love. This flower has a deep meaning, right? So it’s no wonder, this pink carnation flower is often chosen as a gift for Mother’s Day.

2. Red carnation

It has the meaning of friendship and admiration. Moreover, this flower is interpreted as a sense of love and affection. The Red Carnation flower is usually given to people we admire, such as teachers or idols. It can also be given to a friend who is having a birthday. The light red carnation is more symbolic of a subtle and gentle expression of love, while the dark red carnation symbolizes deep feelings of love and affection. The meaning of red carnation is exactly like the meaning of roses, which symbolizes love.

3. White carnation

This flower has the meaning of loyalty. The white color of this flower symbolizes the feeling of sincere and pure love with gratitude. The white carnation bouquets can be given at any moment, such as your parent’s birthday or it can be given as an expression of love for someone you loved.

4. Yellow carnations

Yellow Carnation
Yellow Carnation

The yellow carnation has a symbol of rejection, hatred, and disappointment in someone. A little weird, right? The reason is when you are emotional and disappointed, it feels very lazy to send flowers. But if you really want to give a real thing like yellow carnation bouquets, you can give them when you want to end the relationship with your loved one. 

5. Blue carnations

Blue flowers are often used to symbolize calm, truth, and spirituality. The symbol of truth in blue flowers makes blue carnations popular at weddings which serves as a reminder, devotion and true love that the bride and groom have. This blue carnation flower can be used as a wedding decoration or can also be used as hand carnation bouquets that the bride will hold.

6. Purple carnations

Purple Carnation
Purple Carnation

Purple is often associated with grief and creativity. However, purple carnations have a different meaning. This flower symbolizes an irregularity. If you have a mistake to your friend or someone, you realize your mistake later and are willing to change according to their wishes. You can give these purple carnation bouquets as a sign that you are become for being his/her friend.

7. Carnation flower with striped motif

Striped Carnation
Striped Carnation

Has anyone confessed to you recently? If you want to reject him, do it gently without hurting his or her feelings. One way that you can do is to give the carnation flower with stripes. This carnation is synonymous with rejection.

That is the meaning of the carnation flower based on each color. In general terms, carnations themselves symbolize love, respect, and attraction. Do not let you choose the wrong color of these decorative flowers when expressing feelings.

Besides the beautiful flower shape and various colors, carnation flowers also have a powerful aroma, so not everyone likes this floral scent. Apart from the unpleasant smell, this flower is also difficult to assemble into carnation bouquets. Don’t be surprised if the price of this carnation flower is quite high. Therefore, you can buy it directly at your nearest flower shop because you don’t have to be difficult to arrange the flowers you want to give to someone you care about.

You guys already know about carnations, right? Now is the time to make your choice to choose which carnation color suits your message and your purpose of giving the flower to someone. If you want to express your feelings of love to someone, don’t buy a carnation bouquet with a striped motif or yellow carnations! Then what color carnation suits you? Of course, you must give a white bouquet that symbolizes pure love, passionate love, and loyalty. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the meaning of each color of carnation, right? With that, you won’t go wrong giving flowers of that color.


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