Mother’s day will be coming, so what have you prepare to celebrate it with your mom or grandma? It is okay to enjoy your lovely Sunday with your mother and make it her day. Let’s make your mom feels special for a day because it is her day, mother’s day, the day that she and everybody in this world will remember her role.

Why you have to celebrate or prepare a gift for mother’s day? Being a mother never has a reward. So an appreciation from the child or family perhaps can make a mother feel loved and precious. Mother’s day is a great day to do those things.

Favorite flowers of mothers


The flower always exists on mother’s day gift ideas. The flower that suits mother’s day is below.

1. Orchid

Orchid is a flower that really into mothers. It looks gorgeous, elegant, also simple at the same time. It is like we define a mother character.  So orchid is number one of Mother day flowers.

2. Tulip


The white tulips bouquet will be good for a mother’s day gift. It means you are sorry for things that might make your mom sad or disappointed. It’s not just white tulips that you could use in a bouquet for your mom. You also can use several colors of tulips in a bouquet.

3. Hydrangea

Hydrangea is actually a pretty simple flower if you are not into a big bouquet. You can use a bouquet of hydrangea if you only need a little bouquet. The hydrangea probably is not the main gift that you will give to your mom. It could be an additional gift to complete your main gift with the result of that perfect present for your mother.

4. Jasmine

Giving jasmine is a culture that Thai people do when celebrating mother’s day. The children usually give their mother jasmine flowers. The white jasmine symbolizes the pureness of love that mother gives to the kid. Jasmine also has a fragrant. This might well make your mom feel happy because who does not like the fragrance of jasmine?

Food that is appropriate on Mother’s Day


Mother’s day 2021 will be coming on May 9, so start to find the seller of the dish below. To make it feel more special on your mother’s special day, you can also begin to learn how to cook the dish instead.

1. Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake is actually a safe food for any age. Because of that, chocolate cake or we could replace it with brownies is a cake that will suit to eat in the afternoon while relax and chitchat with your mom definitely on mother’s day.

2. Pasta

Pasta preparation could save your mother’s day dinner. It will look fancy but easy to make cause we can find so many recipe plates of pasta on the internet. Moreover, the pasta preparation is adjustable with your mom’s taste. You need to know your mom’s taste first, then cook it for the mother’s day dinner. Do not forget to prepare your gift also.

3. Donuts

Donuts will make your brunch feels sweeter. Obviously, you need to ask your mom to do brunch with you. The donuts will accompany your chat with your mother. At that sweet moment, you can use it to give your special mothers day gift that you prepare before.

4. Cia Po chicken

Cia Po chicken is a good dish to served on mother’s day. This is because Cia Po is a concocted herb medicine that is usually cooked with chicken. The herb has benefits to the soup. Based on Chinese belief, Cia Po chicken could makes you long life. So when you served Cia Po chicken on mother’s day, it means you pray for your mother or grandmother to have a long life and strength.

5. Sesame ball

Sesame ball is a mother’s day specialties. Based on a legend from Chinese society, a sesame ball is made by a physician who gets a revelation. The physician experience blindness when he goes to the forest, then his mother gives her eyes to the physician. So that’s why sesame is a special dish for mother’s day.


Little things mothers would love

It does not always give a big gift to impress your mother. The little thing that makes her day easier is also necessary and could make her pleased. Give this stuff as a gift, and don’t forget to paste your happy mother’s day greeting card.

1. Lipstick


Woman loves lipstick, and we know it. These days, lipstick even be a necessary make-up item that women need to have at least one inside their bag or pouch. Start to know your mom’s favorite shade if you agree to give your mom lipstick as a gift of mother’s day.

2. Notes

A few notes for your mom probably could make her happy. This recommendation gift is not by age, but if your mom starts to age, the notes are good. It will help her take notes of little things that she might get forgotten. Not up there. If your mother is a woman that works in an office, the note will be handy for her.

3. Earrings

It sounds rare that a child gives her mother earrings. It is cute to give earrings on Mother’s day.

4. Woodcut

Woodcut could you get easily anywhere. You could custom the woodcut with your mother’s name, and on the other side, you can put your name. The woodcut could be the keyring for your mom or probably accessories on her zipper pouch. It is very simple but cute.

5. Sling bag

We often find our mothers use the bag that looks too big or maybe too occupied. Let’s make your mom not hassles with the same bag that she bring to go work. You can give her a new sling bag as a Mother’s day gift. Make sure that you give your mom the right sling bag. The sling bag at least must be able to accommodate a wallet, phone, lipstick, powder, and some little things that your mom will bring to go out.