Chrysanthemum flowers Meaning
Chrysanthemum flowers Meaning

Chrysanthemum flowers always bloom beautifully when the world enters autumn. As we know, autumn comes just before the winter period hits. This flower’s meaning is often described as gratitude for joy and beauty, even though later there will still be difficulties to be faced.

Chrysanthemum Flowers Meaning

Chrysanthemum flowers Meaning and Benefits
Chrysanthemum flowers Meaning and Benefits

The meaning contained is actually not only that. Various other meanings often apply in people’s lives, for example, feelings of love, loyalty, and the hope of a long life. The most common meaning is the expression of being happy for the big moments in November, such as birthdays, weddings, or births.

Even if traced geographically and culturally, the meanings that emerge are increasingly diverse. Every region, every community group, every country has its own views on chrysanthemums. This fact automatically makes this flower can be found on various occasions.

– In the past, precisely between 1820 to 1914, the British monarchy was led by Queen Victoria. People of that era made this flower a symbol of the beauty of friendship and all good wishes.

– For Buddhists, this flower has a special meaning. They always consider the beauty of flowers to be a symbol of the formidable Yang power. No wonder Buddhists often use this flower as a means of offering.

– People in China often give this flower when there are parents who are having a birthday. The reason is that this flower they believe has the meaning of long life and hope for increased luck in life.

– Australians are never absent from using this flower as a gift when Mother’s Day celebrations arrive. This habit is influenced by the nickname of the flower, which is often called “Mums.”

– The meaning contained is not only related to happy moments. The feeling of mourning someone’s death is always commemorated by Austrian and Belgian citizens using this flower. Wreaths are usually placed on graves as a symbol to honor the deceased.

The explanation of the meaning of the chrysanthemum flower has not been completed. The symbols that appear from flowers are often influenced by the color of the petals. For those of you who want to give this flower as a gift to others, of course, it is crucial to pay attention to the choice of colors.

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Chrysanthemum Flowers Color

Chrysanthemum flowers Colors, Meaning and Benefits
Chrysanthemum flowers Colors, Meaning and Benefits

Do not let you choose the wrong flower color. The purpose of your action of giving a flower gift later is not really conveyed correctly. If you provide the wrong color, the person who received your grant can become angry and offended.

  1. Purple Color

You want to visit your sick relative while bringing a special gift. We recommend that you choose to give purple chrysanthemums. Purple is always considered perfect to symbolize hope for a speedy recovery and maintaining a healthy body.

  1. White Color

We have mentioned above the meaning of loyalty from this flower. This meaning is represented by choice of flowers whose petals are white.

  1. Yellow Color

Heartbreak is a sorrowful moment. If you want to cheer up someone heartbroken, you can send the yellow flowers because this color symbolizes unrequited love.

  1. Red Color

Earlier, we discussed love that ends in pain. Love stories don’t always end tragically; some produce happiness. Happy love is symbolized by red chrysanthemums. The choice of red color is also very suitable when given to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife.

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Benefits of Chrysanthemum Flowers

Benefits of Chrysanthemum flowers
Benefits of Chrysanthemum flowers

The beauty of chrysanthemums is undoubtedly very suitable to be used as a gift for certain moments. This flower is also appropriate when used as a plant that adorns the yard of the house. But did you know that the benefits are not just for those two things?

Another exciting benefit is the need for medical and treatment. This flower can be processed and packaged into medicines that are highly productive to cure various diseases. Even the practice of using it as therapy has existed since BC.

Ancient Chinese people often relied on the roots to relieve dizziness. The root of the flower is boiled first before being consumed as herbal medicine. That said, such processing is really effective in eliminating headaches.

Some other diseases that are believed to be able to be suppressed by medicines made from chrysanthemums are:

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1. Sore Throat

The most common cause of a sore throat is a viral or bacterial infection. Sore throats are often triggered by chemicals. To deal with this disease, you can rely on herbal medicines made from chrysanthemums and processed into tea. Antibacterial contained in flowers is believed to be very effective in relieving a sore throat. You should try it!

2. Skin Care

The majority of women are very concerned about the health of their skin. Healthy skin will generally produce natural beauty. Chrysanthemum flowers are also believed to be highly nutritious for skincare concerns. The appearance of black spots, dry skin, skin inflammation, premature aging can all be prevented by relying on this flower.

3. Osteoporosis

The elderly are among the most at risk for osteoporosis. Treating bone density loss can be overcome by relying on chrysanthemum flowers. The efficacy of this flower is believed to contain high calcium and antioxidants, which are suitable for the treatment of osteoporosis.

4. Blood Sugar

Diabetes is caused by blood sugar levels that exceed normal limits. The careless food consumption style that mostly consumes sugary foods or drinks is a common trigger for soaring blood sugar levels. If you want to overcome this disease, you can try treatment using medicines made from chrysanthemums. According to various studies, the substances contained in chrysanthemums are suitable for lowering blood sugar while preventing diabetes.

5. Heart Health and Prevent Hypertension

Chrysanthemum flowers are widely called so efficacious for maintaining heart health. This flower does contain potassium and antioxidants. Both of these substances are needed to treat heart conditions to stay healthy and even prevent Hypertension.

Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum Tea Flower
Chrysanthemum Tea Flower

The beauty of chrysanthemum flowers is already commonly used as an ingredient for making herbal medicines. Chinese society since ancient times has been fluent in doing it. The properties contained in flowers and other parts are believed to be effective in relieving various diseases.

One of the most famous types of medicinal preparations from chrysanthemums is tea. The main ingredients for making it use flower petals. If it has become tea and is about to be drunk, you can definitely smell a really fragrant aroma, unlike most medicines.

If you want to consume chrysanthemum tea, you can certainly buy it. But to be more economical, you can actually mix it yourself. The method of compounding is relatively easy to practice independently.

The first thing you need to prepare is, of course, the flower petals. Please pick some flower petals, and dry them. Make sure the flower petals you picked were not sprayed with pesticides.

When the flower petals have dried, please boil them in hot water at 37 degrees Celsius for one minute. Next step, you set aside three to six flower petals and put them in a glass filled with water. Leave the flower petals for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the highly nutritious chrysanthemum tea is ready for you to drink.

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