Condolence Flowers
Condolence Flowers

Giving flowers to loved ones is the best way for those in love to convey a romantic feeling. However, sending flowers as a gift isn’t just about expressing happy feelings. Flowers can represent a wide range of emotions, including deep grief at losing a loved one. Death is always the source of the most heartbreaking grief. The funeral must have been overshadowed by sombre cries from the mourners. Of course, when you attend a funeral like this, you want to express your sympathy by sharing your condolences. Sending Condolence Flowers is one of the sympathy expression

Perhaps you believe that simply expressing your condolences in words is insufficient. Furthermore, composing the appropriate sentence to express condolences is frequently difficult. As an alternative, you can express your condolences by sending flowers.

You can send flowers to the bereaved family to express your condolences. The issue is that some people do not know how to send proper condolence flowers. Sending condolence flowers should not be taken lightly. You must pay close attention to several critical factors.

There are at least three factors that must be carefully considered:

  • What kind of flowers are appropriate to send?
  • Does the bereaved family’s religion have any special rules regarding condolence flowers?
  • Should flowers be sent to the funeral home, the funeral location, or the bereaved family’s home?

We will make every effort to provide a review that includes helpful tips and guides about condolence flowers. Hopefully, our article will assist anyone having difficulty deciding which type of flower to send as condolence flowers. Let’s get started!

Which flower type is appropriate for condolence flowers?

No specific rules are governing the types of flowers that can be sent as condolence flowers. You are free to express your sympathy using any flower colour. The most important aspect of condolence flowers is your sincerity in sending them.

However, social patterns influence which flowers are commonly used as condolence flowers. We will assist you in explaining the various types of flowers available to you in as much detail as possible. Examine it out!

1. Daffodils and Tulips for condolence flowers

Tulips For Condolence Flowers
Tulips For Condolence Flowers

When sending condolence flowers, you can select a mix of Daffodils and Tulips. These two types are thought to represent new hope by the majority of people. If you want to convey to a bereaved family that there is always new hope in every difficult situation, we recommend Daffodils and Tulips.

Consider using colours that have symbolic meanings, particularly for tulips:

  • Yellow tulips are commonly associated with happiness. You can choose yellow if you wish for the bereaved family to be happy again soon.
  • In general, white tulips represent the aura of forgiveness. White tulips can be used to express the hope that the deceased will be forgiven for their sins.
  • Red tulips are commonly associated with feelings of warmth and love. We recommend red tulips for those of you who want to express your condolences to the bereaved family.

However, suppose you simply want to send condolence flowers as a form of sympathy without any other intentions. In that case, you are free to use any colour. No problem, as we have previously stated, there are no special rules. What matters most is how genuine your heart is in sending condolences to the bereaved family.

2. Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Bloom Flowers
Hydrangea Bloom Flowers

Hydrangea is a flowering plant native to Japan. There are numerous Hydrangea species, but in general, Hydrangea can produce such beautiful flower colours. Some hydrangeas are blue, and some are pink.

Hydrangeas are rarely used for funerals or condolences. Hydrangeas are typically sent as a token of gratitude by the general public. Even so, Hydrangea can be used as a condolence flower.

Hydrangeas are plants that are simple to care for. This plant’s flowers can bloom beautifully for years. As a result, we recommend Hydrangea to properly represent your condolences to the bereaved family.

3. Orchid

Orchid flowers are unquestionably really popular. This flower’s function can be used for a variety of purposes. There is no exception for those of you who wish to express your condolences.

In terms of colour, we recommend white and pink orchids. These two colours are frequently associated with true feelings of eternal love. Giving white and pink orchids is appropriate to convey that the deceased’s warmth of love will last forever, even after the body is gone.

You can choose between Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium orchids. Both types are frequently used as condolence flowers. Because phalaenopsis and dendrobium orchids are generally associated with deep sympathy, they are ideal as condolence flowers.

4. Peace Lily

Peace Lily For Condolence Flowers
Peace Lily For Condolence Flowers

Spathiphyllum is the botanical name for Peace Lily. Peace Lily is a plant that originated in the Americas and Southeast Asia’s tropical regions. Peace Lily is typically white with a yellowish or greenish tinge.

Peace Lily is a flower that can be used as a condolence flower. Peace Lily, as the name implies, represents the various shades of peace. Peace Lily, in particular for sad situations, shows how true peace emerges after death.

When the bereaved family adheres to the Catholic faith, the use of Peace Lily becomes even more appropriate. For Christians, the Peace Lily represents the embodiment of the Virgin Mary. Peace Lily is also frequently associated with Easter.

5. Roses

Roses are always the best option for a variety of occasions. Roses are a good symbol for both falling in love and grieving. Those of you who wish to express your condolences can, of course, do so with the beauty of roses.

Roses represent the warmth of true love in general. Roses, on the other hand, have a more specific meaning when dissected by colour. Perhaps you’ll give some thought to the colour of the roses you want to send.

  • White colour: represents a genuine sense of humility 
  • Red colour: represents respect full of love and affection 
  • Dark red colour: represents deep sadness 
  • Pink colour: represents respect and appreciation
  • Yellow colour: represents a caring and strong relationship.

6. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are no strangers to being given in times of grief, particularly in the cultures of European nations such as France and Spain. The blooming of chrysanthemums is sure to brighten up a funeral.

Chrysanthemums are often associated with sadness among Asians. However, in general, the meaning of chrysanthemums is thought to be a form of representation of respect and joy. Those of you who want to send condolences can obviously rely on these Chrysanthemum flowers.

7. Carnations

Beautiful memories of people who have passed away always leave an impression on everyone who attends a funeral. A pink carnation flower is an excellent metaphor for the situation. Pink carnations are frequently associated with symbols of remembering happy memories.

Carnations are not only used as condolence flowers in pink. White carnations are also a good option. The meaning of white carnations is passion and sincerity in love.

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