Seoul, South Korea
Seoul, South Korea

Who hasn’t watched Crash Landing on You? If you haven’t watched it, immediately enter the title of this Korean drama into your watch list. Why? Because you will not be disappointed with this drama, especially if you are a romantic drama lover.

Drama Crash Landing on You airs on tvN from December 14, 2019, to February 16, 2020. This Korean drama stars well-known Korean actors and actresses, namely Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. This drama successfully became the 4th most-watched drama on Netflix. Because of this drama, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin won a Tiktok Popularity Award nomination at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards.

This drama tells the story of Yoon Se Ri (played by Son Ye Jin) who is a conglomerate in South Korea. One day while paragliding, he had an accident due to strong winds. The strong wind brought Se Ri to North Korea. In North Korea, he meets Ri Jeong Hyuk (played by Hyun Bin) who is a high-ranking North Korean officer. Due to North Korean regulations that do not allow South Koreans to enter their territory illegally, Jeong Hyuk also helps protect and hide Se-Ri. Jeong Hyuk tries to save and finds a way to get Se-Ri out of North Korea. During the process, they fell in love with each other.

North Korea's Flag
North Korea’s Flag

Crash Landing on You received praise for successfully depicting the daily life of North Koreans. This drama also changes the stereotypes of North Korea and shows that there too is a place to live and socialize. Even so, this drama actually got controversy. The Christian Liberal Party filed a complaint with tvN accusing it of glorifying North Korea in drama. They called it a violation of the National Security Act.

What’s interesting about the drama Crash Landing on You? Everything is good! Acting players, storyline, background, and also the songs, all good and interesting. The audience was made to cry, tense, laugh, and smile happily.

Well below are some quotes from this drama that are quite famous and have deep meaning. What are they?

1. “Why does the wind blow? The wind blows to move, not standstill. The wind has to keep moving so I can fly.”

This quote was expressed by Yoon Se Ri. She is the third daughter of The Queens business owner who is famous for being brave, intelligent, and invincible. One day, Yoon Se Ri wants to try on the sportswear her company produces while paragliding. When his personal assistant prevented him from doing so, he spoke those words optimistically. At that time his personal assistant prevented for fear of bad weather that could harm Se Ri. This optimistic quote from Se Ri is quite famous and can motivate many people. Even so, we still have to take the risk into account. Don’t let us be careless and actually do something that harms us.

2. “I promised South Captain that we would carry out this investigation. I want to keep this promise.”

The phrase was said by Ri Jeong Hyeok. He is the captain of a company of five North Korean Military Police. At that time he was on duty in the border area close to the Demilitarary Zone. He reported the results of operations carried out by his troops to his superiors. There’s a gang of artifact thieves infiltrating the south. Initially, the case was to be executed by South Korean military forces, but Ri Jeong Hyeok managed to convince them that the case was handled by North Korea alone because the perpetrators were from North Korea. After that, several people told Jeong Hyeok not to be too fierce with the convicts. But Jeong Hyeok firmly still wants to take care of the case according to the law. He shows a responsible and wise attitude.

3. “Why do we have two eyes in front? Because we have to keep looking forward. Forget the past and think about the future!”

This expression was revealed by General Go Myeong Sok to Ri Jeong Hyeok. Ri Jeong Hyeok has a pretty big past wound. He lost his beloved brother. His beloved brother is a soldier who died in a car accident in the area where Ri Jeong Hyeok is currently serving. Even though other people told him to forget the case but he couldn’t. He felt the case was unnatural and he continued to investigate the case. The phrase in point 3 was expressed by General Go Myeong Sok to motivate Ri Jeong Hyeok.

4. “A person’s collection of books usually reveals a person’s personality, traits, and tastes.”


This expression was expressed by Yoon Se Ri. At that time Se Ri got lost in her escape and instead ended up in a North Korean military settlement village. He was almost caught by the patrol car but Ri Jeong Hyeok saved him. Jeong Hyeok puts Se Ri into his official residence. At the house, Se Ri finds Jeong Hyeok’s book and files showing that Jeong Hyeok used to study piano in Switzerland.

5. “There are only two types of people with messy hair. Strangers or crazy women.”

This sarcastic expression was revealed by Jeong Hyeok to Se Ri. Se Ri’s presence in the village is finally known by the residents. Jeong Hyeok also lies by saying that Se Ri is his fiancé who works as a spy and has just returned to North Korea. After lying and the villagers believe, Jeong Hyeok takes care of Se Ri. He puts Se Ri’s hair in a ponytail while explaining the custom of women in his village who are required to tie their hair in a ponytail.

6. “Loneliness is better than pain.”

This expression was expressed by Se Ri when she helped a child who was bullied. The boy was silent because he followed his father’s orders. Meanwhile, Se Ri tells the child to dare to fight if disturbed by other children. It is a principle that Se Ri has adhered to throughout her life. Although that principle made him shunned by people, it was better because he avoided pain.

7. “When things don’t go as I expected, I get disappointed.”

Train at Kaeson Metro Station, Pyongyang, North Korea
Train at Kaeson Metro Station, Pyongyang, North Korea

This expression was expressed by Ri Jeong Hyeok when SE Ri’s return attempt failed. Since Se Ri needs a passport to leave North Korea, they have to go to Pyongyang first to take passport photos. They boarded a train which turned out to be stalled for more than ten hours. The passengers had to stay in place until the evening. They warm themselves by making bonfires.


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