Edible Flowers That Can Eat
Edible Flowers That Can Eat

Lovely colors and captivating scents are sure the attraction points of flowers. Many would count on flowers’ natural and exquisite charm to beautify their special day. Whether as beautiful arrangements, hand bouquets, or decoration pieces. 

Fun fact, other than your well-prepared events, some flowers are also suitable as decorations for your dish. The taste of these blooms has a unique and distinctive feel that would complement your food. However, you should be aware that not all flowers are edible. Yes, some of these blooms are created to be beautiful and not too consumed. Here is a list of edible flowers that will elevate your dish!

1. Marigold 


The first bloom we have on this list is no other than the joyful and warm marigold. The bright color of marigold has become its most distinguishable characteristic. You need to know well that this blossom isn’t called “the herb of the sun” for no reason. Marigold would be the perfect addition of warmth to your dish. Other than its outstanding beautiful appearance, the taste of marigold is just as pleasant. The citrusy marigold petals would be the perfect pair for your sweet dish to add a touch of freshness.

2. Pansy

The second bloom we have on this list is the beloved flower of spring and fall itself, the pansy. Pansy exists in various colors, including blue. We all know how rare it is for a flower to naturally bloom in blue. This heart-shaped is not a stranger to the culinary world. Pansy is a suitable addition to a salad. This “face-like” pansy has a grassy-wintergreen flavor. Other than in salad, pansy would also seem lovely on cakes and other sweets. 

3. Calendula

As the sister of marigold, calendula is also not a stranger to the culinary world. Fun fact, this flower has made its popularity in the medicinal field. The taste of calendula is almost similar to saffron, it is herb-like and spicy. It is also quite common to put calendula petals and leaves in your salad bowl. If you’re skeptical about eating raw flowers, erase your doubts because you can eat them both cooked and raw. Other than saad, you can add this dainty flower into your scrambled egg and quiche. Calendula would also make a pleasant tea. If you ever wanted to jump into the floral tea trend and are curious about the taste of this round bloom, it is time for you to brew your calendula tea. 

4. Chamomile

This daisy-like flower is known for its mild apple-like taste. Many people find the taste of chamomile rather relaxing and calming. Not only that, but the scent of chamomile could also put a sense of peace. That’s also the reason why chamomile tea is so well-loved. Other than tea, this dainty flower is also a common ingredient in cakes, flavor jams, candies, and ice cream. It is commonly known to the general knowledge that chamomile is highly beneficial for health. This bloom has served its purpose as to help with wound healing and easing digestive problems for decades.

5. Rose


The primadonna of all flowers is also edible, healthy, and tasteful. For centuries, the rose has been considered a medicinal herb and delightful flower to consume. The petals of roses would make a lovely addition to both sweets and savory dishes. Fun fact, you can even turn rose petals into candy and chips. Rose chips are famous as a snack for a healthy diet because their petals contain zero calories and zero carbs. If you identify yourself as a tea lover, you might already know that rose tea is just as popular as chamomile tea.  Buy Bouquet of Roses From FlowerAdvisor

6. Mint

Another favored flower we have on this list, it’s mint. Either raw or fresh, mint offers you a delightfully unique taste. In desserts, mint could be both the dominant and complementary flavor. The taste of this flower leaf is already good on its own, but it is not rare to see some combination experiment. The most famous one is sure;y the fusion of mint and chocolate. Such a controversial example indeed, but that set the bar for a unique and iconic fusion of mint in desserts.

7. Honeysuckle

Most of us had tasted the sweetness of honeysuckle’s nectar back when we were younger. If you are not familiar with the taste of this cute flower, you can just guess it based on its name. It is known and loved for the naturally sweet flavor that comes from its nectar. That makes honeysuckle perfect as a garnish for your dish. They also exist in bright yellow and bright red. Therefore, if you’re wanting to add colors to your foods, honeysuckle is the perfect option.

8. Bee Balm

Known as the flower of summer, bee balm can be eaten both raw and dried. Dried bee balm can be used in potpourri, tea, or as an oregano alternative. Freshly-picked bee balm can be used right away in a variety of cuisines. Other than edible for humans, this bloom is also considered non-toxic to cats, dogs, and other pet animals. Native Americans and Europeans in America utilized bee balm as a beverage and for therapeutic purposes in the past. Bee balm is a natural antibacterial that can aid with bee stings, rashes, and minor wounds when applied topically. Aromatherapy uses it for its minty citrus fragrance.

There are many consumable and delicious flowers out there that serve both decorative and tasteful purposes. The mentioned blooms are only an introduction to various edible flowers. Other than the flowers that we have on this list, such as nasturtiums, anise hyssop, scarlet runner beans, borage, and squash blossoms are also belong to the ‘flowers you can eat” category. 

From colors to taste, scent, and health benefits, these blossoms manage to enchant people with all of their charms. These 8 edible flowers utilize all their magic to obtain the popularity they have. From the elegant and aromatic roses to the relaxing and calming chamomile. These blossoms will serve amazing visual aspects as excellent as satisfying your taste buds.