Durian? Who doesn’t know about durian? Of course, the majority of people already know this fruit.

Durian has a distinctive taste and smell. Some like it, but others hate it so much. The king of this fruit grows around the region of Southeast Asia, Malaysia one of them. Several types of durian grow in Malaysia and become the consumption of its people.

The uniqueness of durian is not only located in a different shape than most fruits. This scientifically named fruit Durio zibethinus also has other unique facts that you may not know yet.


1. Its Distinctive Smell Comes From 44 Compounds

Quoting from the Journal of agricultural and food chemistry found, the distinctive smell of durian comes from 44 compounds contained in it. The active compound contributes to the smell starting from; such as caramel, rotten eggs, fruit, soup, sulfur, honey, roasted garlic, to dirt. No wonder some hotels prohibit guests from bringing durian to their rooms.


2. Eating Durian With Alcohol Can Be Dangerous


Research in the journal Food Chemistry found that consuming durian together with alcohol can lead to health problems. This is caused by sulfur contained in durian could prevent enzymes from breaking down alcohol. As a result, the level of alcohol in the blood also increases which then causes symptoms of nausea, vomiting, until the heart is pounding.


3. Durian Seeds Can Be Eaten

When eating durian, many people may throw away the seeds because it is considered unhelpful. Whereas according to research by the International Journal of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences, durian seeds contain nutrients that are no less amazing than meat. Durian seeds even have benefits; such as overcoming digestive problems, energy sources, maintaining bone and dental health, to strengthen muscles. But before eating it, make sure you have boiled it first, do not eat raw, yes.


4. Got A Lot Of Colors

Did you know that durian is colorful? Yes, durian is not only yellow or pale white, there is orange to reddish. This unique durian also grows in Indonesia, you know. For example, red durian can be found in Banyuwangi, East Java, while orange durian, comes from Kampar Regency, Riau.

There is also rainbow durian. Named durian Pelangi because the color is very beautiful, a combination of red and yellow colors. Therefore it is said durian Pelangi. Durian Pelangi comes from one of the easternmost regions in Indonesia, Manokwari, West Papua. Durian Pelangi can produce a beautiful fruit color because it comes from the process of crossing between durian fruit in white, red, and also yellow.

Another uniqueness of durian Pelangi fruit is found in the shelf life of the fruit. The fruit can last for one week after harvesting. Not only the color is beautiful because of the combination of red and yellow colors, but the taste of this rainbow durian fruit is also sweet and also very delicious.


5. Food For A Mood Booster


Durian can be one of the mood booster foods, even the effect is the same as when we eat chocolate. This is because durian contains tryptophan amino acids that function to produce serotonin. Serotonin is what keeps mood stable so that the risk of stress and depression due to a bad mood can be avoided.


6. Not All Durians Have Prickly Skin

Durian which has the title as ‘Raja Buah’ generally has a sharp thorn skin. But in bald durian, the skin does not have a single thorn aka bald. The skin is also not green or yellow, but brown.

At first glance, durian bald is similar to coconut shell or breadfruit that has been removed partly from the skin. The size is only as big as melons. Although it does not have a durian-like appearance, the flesh of the fruit is still the same as the usual durian. It tastes good and sweet.

This unique variety of bald durian can be found in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Durian bald can only be found in protected forest areas inside Mount Rinjani. The forest area is included in the area of Batu Mekar Village, Lingsat, Lombok.


7. Durian Containing Alcohol

This unique durian is named Durian Honey Poison. Durian can be found in solok city, West Sumatra. The size is very large with weight can reach 15 kilograms.

Despite having the frills of the word ‘poison’ in its name, this durian is not toxic. It’s just that this variety contains quite high alcohol, so do not eat too much when eating it. Because of the dizzying effect, even staggering may occur if eating a lot of durian honey poison.

In addition to having the name durian honey poison, durian is also widely called durian Galon because there is size as big as gallons of drinking water. Durian honey poison is usually sold in large sizes, if a small size durian is not sold and referred to as a child honey poison.


8. Growing In Soil

This unique durian comes from Kalimantan, one of the Eastern regions in Indonesia. This type of durian is very unique because the fruit grows from the ground. The unique durian that grows in this land is named durian turtle.

Durian turtles require a long harvest time, at least up to 20 new years can be enjoyed. Durian turtles are similar in shape to durian fruit in general, when it is ripe it will be yellow, brownish, and some are green.

But this unique durian from Kalimantan has a different aroma to durian generally, it can even make people uncomfortable. The flesh of the fruit of this white durian turtle tends to be yellow. The taste is sweet and the texture is a little chewy.


Reflecting on durian, it is important to take lessons and wisdom. Durian is born from large and tall trees. But in its development, there are durians whose trees are short but already fruitful.

In life, it shows that people are welcome to have idealism and high ideals, such as the height of durian trees in villages. The higher the goal, the higher the strong wind gusts that hit it.

Durian teaches us a lot. His skin is prickly, hinting at us that he is hard to conquer. The thorns serve as shields and protectors of their delicious contents. Not infrequently our hands are scratched stings of pointed thorns. The wrong way to peel can bleed our hands.

Not much different if we associate it with our daily life. Sometimes we experience difficult things full of thorns that hit. If we keep complaining about the stings and hits, we’ll never know how it’s going to turn out after the storm hits. Keep going, don’t give up on the situation.


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