Father and Child
Father and Child

Father’s Day is approaching. It truly is a beautiful day to make time and effort to show our gratitude and love to our fathers. Fathers can mean biological fathers or not. If you have an uncle or older boss or supervisor who feels like a father to you, you can also say Happy Father’s Day to him. First, let’s get back to history. Where did Father’s Day start? It starts in the early 20th century in the United States. The purpose of it is to celebrate fathers, fathering, and fatherhood.

Founded in Washington in 1910, Father’s Day initially did not have much success. However, later in the 1930s, its popularity started to rise again, and it gained awareness in the country.

Each year, Father’s Day falls on the Third Sunday in June. Last year in 2020, it fell on June 21, while this year, 2021, it will fall on June 20.

Since Father’s Day is nearing, should we start thinking of presents or surprises? Well, of course, we don’t want our dads to be disappointed, don’t we? Let’s see below for ideas to give your beloved father for this year’s Father’s Day.

Amazing Dad
Amazing Dad

1. Pens With Carved Words 

Your father works hard; countless pens and ink run out because of how hard he works and how many signatures he signed. While a pen may seem ordinary, this one definitely won’t be one since, first, it’s a gift from his beloved child, and second, it has a string of unique words! You can pick quotes from his favorite cheesy movies, his most recited Bible phrase, or anything you want to carve on the pen.

2. Beautiful Mug and A Bar of Chocolate

Chocolate? Isn’t that for Valentine and for the person you like? Well, not always! You can also give out chocolate on Father’s Day since chocolate symbolizes affection to someone. If your father is a bit senior, you can give out dark chocolate so that it’s not too sweet. If you give out milk chocolate, not all people will like it or eat it. For the mug, choose a beautiful design, mostly simple or with a dark color that suits a mature man. You can also be cheesy by adding some pictures or unique words to it. Example: Write “Dad of The Year”; it will make your father smile.

3. A Wallet Can Never Go Wrong

A classic gift, this one! Men take pride in long-lasting items, unlike women, who like to collect the most trendy things. You can invest a little bit in this one by buying good material like leather or suede. Brands don’t matter, as long as you pick an excellent quality. You can try to go to a specialty store to get the best thing for your best dad.

4. Plain T-Shirts

Dads, or men in general, prefer simple things. Even in fashion or outfits, they don’t tend to seek out eye-catching or hip items. You can buy a pack of plain white or black T-shirts, and, indeed, they will wear and make use of them. They even will wear it all the time! You don’t have to spend much money on this since plain tees do not cost much. However, if you want them to last long, you can go to a high-end store and buy a tee with better quality. It will look the same, but it will last years!

5. Books, The Choices Are Endless

Giving out a book to someone means a lot of things. Aside from giving them new knowledge, you also give them a little glimpse of your perspective on the world. You can find out your father’s interests and hobbies if you don’t already know them, by asking him subtly. Pick a book that’s not too difficult or heavy to read, but also not a best-seller either since it’s too cliche, and he probably has read it or even sick of it.

Father and Child
Father and Child

6. Coffee Beans

The words “dads, newspaper, and coffee” seem like they belong together, don’t they? You can buy unique coffee beans online or in your favorite next-door coffee shop. You can ask the barista about the taste of the coffee. If you’re confused, tell your dad’s personality, and they most likely can figure it out!

7. Healthy Pillow

A regulated, healthy sleep schedule will improve our health. But, if we don’t sleep comfortably, how can we have a neat sleep schedule? This thing can make your dad’s life 100% better! It might be a bit pricey, but what is price compared to long-term health and comfort?

8. Classic and Vintage; Watches

You don’t have to go extra expensive. Just get the ones that don’t easily break or rust. This item is crucial for adult men, so you know it will be an asset and a gem for your father.

9. Become A Masterchef for A Day: Cook His Favorite Food

If you’re confused about what to give or don’t want to spend a lot of cash, you should remember that gestures mean more than items. You can invite your father over and people in his life that are important to him, and cook him his favorite food. Being surrounded by his most-loved people, eating his favorite food, and receiving the most incredible gift from his child, it will feel like there is nothing wrong in this world.

10. Prepare A Son/Daughter-Father Day

Buy a movie ticket, go to a picnic, go to a theme park; it can be whatever you like. The thing about this idea, it can go from very cheap to very expensive. What do you and your dad like to do together when you a little kid? Why not do them again now? Surely it will bring pleasant memories back, and oh, nothing is better than feeling young again.

Father and Child
Father and Child

There are many things to do and to give to your dad for Father’s Day. But in the end, it’s not what you buy or what you do, or what you give, but your best intention. You can give your dad the warmest hug or a phone call in the middle of your busy schedule, and he will be the happiest man on Earth.


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