A flower arrangement or commonly called a bouquet is a collection of several types of flowers and leaves arranged in a creative form. Flower bouquets can be arranged for home or general decoration needs. Flower arrangements are classified based on their shape and style, such as many flowers, a crescent wreath, and a terraced arrangement. Usually, a bouquet is given on Valentine’s Day, anniversary, birthday, and so on. This flower bouquet is very suitable to be given at any moment, even a bouquet can also be given on Mother’s Day.

You are certainly no stranger to seeing the bride carrying a hand bouquet or bridal bouquet when walking down the aisle at weddings. A wedding bouquet is usually a collection of white flowers that symbolizes loyalty and sincerity in love. The most awaited moment at the wedding is when the bride and groom throw a hand flower bouquet at the guest. That said, whoever manages to get the flower bouquet is expected to get married to their partner soon.

Most couples give a bouquet of roses as a sign of love for their partner. Indeed, red flowers carry a clear message to convey the power of romantic love. There is no doubt that red indicates great love. Giving a red flower bouquet is a form of strong love communication between you and him. The red flower is the symbolic shape closest to the heart. Also, red is the color of seduction and desire. The most common red flowers are red roses, but you can also use red carnations, red tulips, or red gerbera daisies to show your passionate love.

Giving flowers is not only an activity that can be done by people who have a partner. However, you can give flowers to loved ones besides your boyfriends, such as your parents or friends. You can give a sunflower bouquet to your friends. Yellow flowers are indeed the right choice to give to friends and parents. The reason is, yellow flowers represent trust, affection, respect, friendship, and devotion. Sunflowers, lilacs, and yellow chrysanthemums are the best alternatives for giving flowers to your friends, family, or colleagues.


The flower bouquet that you have received, of course, does not have a long life. The flower will dry out over time, and you will love to throw it away because the flower is a gift from a special person. Apart from throwing it away, other ways can be done, so that the giving of flowers from special people is not in vain. You can dry these flowers by drying them in the sun until they turn brown and dry. So, the dried flowers can be framed, and you can decorate them according to your taste. After that, then it can be used as home decoration.

Did you know that the color of the flowers and the number of flower stalks arranged into a flower bouquet have their meaning? First, we know the meaning of the number of flower stalks in the flower bouquet.

  1. One flower stalk means “I love you.”
  2. Two flower stalks convey the message “Live with me.”
  3. Three stalks of flowers mean “You and I are faithful in love.”
  4. Six stalks of flowers mean “I started to love you.”
  5. Twelve flower stalks are the message of “Be mine.”
  6. Twenty-four flower stalks mean “I am yours.”
  7. Twenty-five flower stalks are commonly used to express congratulations.
  8. Fifty flower stalks indicate that your love for your partner is unlimited.

In addition to the number of flower stalks that have their meaning, you also need to know the color of the flowers you will give to someone so that the flower bouquet recipient will not misunderstand. Previously, we explained the meaning of red and yellow. Furthermore, other flower colors have their meanings, such as orange, pink, green, blue, purple, and white.


1. Orange flower

Orange flowers can be described as very radiant flowers. That said, this orange flower captures sunlight so that the color looks bright. Orange flowers contain messages of happiness and joy. a bouquet of orange color can provide the warmth of love for the recipient. Flowers that are orange in color also have meaning around adventure and spontaneity.

2. Pink flower

The meaning of pink or pink flowers is the color of flowers to show innocence, sensitivity, and a little playfulness. Traditionally, pink flowers have been associated with femininity and tenderness. Many modern couples give pink bouquet flowers to their mate. He knows that the pink flowers represent attention and spontaneity. Some of the pink flowers that are often encountered are carnation roses and pink chrysanthemums.

3. Green flower

Green is a color that indicates harmony with nature and good fortune. Also, green flowers are chosen because they imply a meaning of balance and enjoyment of life. This flower’s color is the best choice to deliver a message about a wish for good luck.

4. Blue flower

Blue flowers cannot be found easily. Examples of very “rich” and luxurious blue flowers are iris blue and hydrangea blue. The blue flowers offer a great calming effect because the blue color reminds us of the sky and sea, which is calming. Blue flowers are used to talk about intimacy and a form of trust and communication to build long-term relationships. Blue also means peace and sympathy.


5. Purple flower

The charm of purple flowers cannot be deceived. Purple is a color that describes the tenderness and a mysterious impression. Charm, grace, and elegance are the meanings shown by purple flowers. Apart from all these things, purple flowers can also imply a strong romance. A bouquet of purple flowers can be the most beautiful flowers you can give to the closest person.

6. White flower

Fresh white flowers are closely related to purity, honesty, and perfection. As has been said before, the white rose is considered the most suitable flower for brides. Other white flowers that are no less beautiful are carnations, orchids, calla lilies, and white daisies.


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