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Of course, everyone wants to live in a beautiful and comfortable home. When occupying a house, of course, we want to decorate the house according to our tastes so that the house is more comfortable to live in. But sometimes, we buy a house or build a house that doesn’t match the decoration we want.

If you have this, of course, what can be done is to redecorate the house with various decoration ideas so that the house is more suitable for your taste. Take advantage of various forms of space and conditions of your home to come up with decoration ideas, and this is actually not that difficult to do.

Making flowers an element of interior decoration is nothing new. Flower home decor or artificial floral arrangements for the home can be a mainstay way to beautify the room. Now, using plants as home decor is a growing trend. Besides being able to beautify the room, placing a home plant decoration can also add to the beautiful atmosphere and make the room fresher. Moreover, being at home is the best way to protect yourself and your family during the COVID-19 corona pandemic.

Especially if ornamental plants for home decoration are placed in places that are often used, such as the den, bedroom, and living room. Not only that, putting ornamental plants for home decoration on the dining table can also increase your appetite and the green color elements will make the dining room look fresher.

Decorating the room of the house certainly does not have to use expensive items. It is enough with items that are simple and easy to find, and use the creativity we have. You can choose a variety of ornamental plants, both in the form of leaves, decorative flowers, or you can also use artificial flowers for home decoration.

Here are 10 flower home decor :

1. Cactus



Who doesn’t know cactus? This cactus plant has become the favorite among anyone for decorating the house, both for the living room, bedroom, and even the workroom. The reason why this cactus is such a popular plant is that this plant is perfect for someone who has a solid time to work. Cactus is known as plants that can adapt to hot climates with very minimal rainfall so that they can survive indoors and don’t need too much water for quite a long time.

2. Snake Plant

The next ornamental plant for home decoration is the snake plant. Snake plants can absorb pollutants in the room so that the air in the room will feel cleaner. This ornamental plant is quite popular to decorate the interior of the house because this plant can grow even in conditions of little water and sunlight. Besides being beautiful and able to absorb indoor pollutants, it turns out that the sap from this plant can be used as an antiseptic.

3. Orchid

Just by putting an orchid in a vase, in an instant, your living room will look luxurious. Long orchid stalks make orchids look very elegant, so it’s no wonder that they can be combined with any room style. However, orchid care, especially indoors, is quite difficult and requires high costs.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, as an ornamental plant and home decoration, certainly has many benefits. Its easy maintenance tends to attract many people to use aloe vera as a home plant decoration. Apart from being an ornamental plant for home decoration, aloe vera is also useful for use as a wound-healing medicine, especially as a stimulant or vitamin to nourish hair or maintain hair health.

5. Sunflower



Sunflowers are one of the most popular ornamental flowers in the future. With yellow color, sunflowers can make the atmosphere feel more cheerful. The reason why sunflowers are a must-have as a flower home decor is because according to Feng Shui, the presence of sunflowers is very good for livening up a family atmosphere and also a more harmonious relationship in the house.

If you want to make sunflower bedroom decor or sunflower living room decor, you can place sunflowers close to the window, let the sunflowers face the coming sunlight because these plants really need direct sunlight. However, growing and maintaining these plants requires special attention. It’s your job to water and fertilize the sunflower every day.

6. Monstera

Monstera is a very popular ornamental plant today. Monstera is a plant that is basically good when placed in a dark place. Therefore, if you want to put it in the living room, choose a place that is far away from direct sunlight. These ornamental plants also don’t really like water, so you can only water them when the soil starts to dry out.

7. Rose

To create a romantic atmosphere, roses are the right choice to add to the beauty of the atmosphere of your living room or bedroom. Later, you can arrange roses and put them in a glass vase. It can give an elegant impression and will be very beautiful to look at.

8. Daisy



Daisy with its beautiful colors is very captivating when used for room accessories. If you choose daisy as an ornamental flower plant, these plants must be exposed to sunlight, regularly replaced when they are wilted, and also regularly change the water.

9. Lily

Beautiful lilies are definitely perfect to decorate your home. Place it in the room and place it in a place where the sun is coming. You can also put lilies on the edge of the window.

This indoor plant can undoubtedly beautify the room. Beautiful flower colors make the room more pleasant. The good thing is, this plant can filter out formaldehyde and VOCs substances commonly found in paint and room cleaners.

10. Chrysanthemum Flower



This plant has many advantages, ranging from the vibrant color of the flowers and giving off a winning aroma. This flower is very suitable for use as home decoration such as living room, bedroom, and even dining room. Having the advantage of a very fragrant aroma, chrysanthemums can also provide a relaxed and cool feel to the room of the house so that they can relieve stress.

Besides, the aroma will make you comfortable while resting and neutralize the air from elements that are harmful to the human body.

Those are the 10 home plants that have been recommended for all of you, I hope this information is useful and good luck!


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