None of us are unfamiliar with the word magic. Often is associated with hope, fantasy, and impossible possibility. A lot of people believe in magic, almost everyone. It is nearly impossible to ignore magic. Magic is a supernatural belief and practice that is neither a religion nor a scientific concept.

Magic is not merely a meaningless word. Magic could mean a performative act, a sacred superpower activity, or even just the occurrence of impossible things. Many things around us are often associated with magic, such as stone, crystal, jewelry, pendants, and flowers. Yes, you saw it right, flowers.

For ages, flowers have been the symbol and representative of many things. Magic is not an exception. And it has become a general knowledge that each bloom has its symbolism and carries more significance than just beautiful things to see. Here are some captivating flowers that represent magic, imagination, and supernatural power.

1. Lilac

Lilac Magical Flower
Lilac Magical Flower

The iconic dainty bloom lilac is well-loved and gained popularity for its color. The colors of lilac can vary from a pale white, soft pink, red, to the color we all know, purple. The color purple on its own is a representative of mystery. Therefore, no wonder why lilac is listed as one of the most magical flowers.

There is folklore about the use of lilac to cover the smell of death by placing lilac blooms around a coffin. The scent of lilac is no longer a stranger to the perfumery world due to its pleasant fragrance. Because of its light yet overwhelming aroma, people think that lilac blossoms have magical properties to dispel negative energy. Some people believe that lilac plants should be put around the house to ward off intruders, as well as harmful spirits and ghosts. This five-petals bloom is also representing good luck and fortune.

This magical bloom is also not a stranger to the medicinal field. Lilac is also used to cure skin conditions, fungal and bacterial infections, and even stomach problems and fevers. It also can heal depression and improve relaxation in aromatherapy.

2. Lavender

Lavender Magical Power
Lavender Magical Power

Another purple bloom on this list is lavender. With the same mysterious purple color, the dainty and elegant lavender also symbolizes magic and impossible possibilities. Lavender flowers are renowned for their medicinal benefits, such as their purifying and relaxing vibe. Lavender has been known to aid in the growth of serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, which are the body’s ‘happy’ hormones. As a result, it can assist to reduce melancholy and anxiety by promoting cheerful feelings and compassion.

Many also believe lavender is an anti-bad energy charm. For decades, this lovely bloom is believed to have the power to let go of bad energy that blocks you from opportunities and happiness.

Other than luck, lavender is also often used as a love attraction charm. It is said that if you rub the scent of lavender onto your clothes, you may attract the love your heart longed for towards you. At the end of the day, who could resist the aromatic scent of lavender?

3. Roses

Bouquet of Roses
Bouquet of Roses

The flower of love, affection, admiration, and devotion. Based on those words, it is clear that we’re talking about roses. Bouquet of Roses naturally exist in various colors, such as white, red, pink, orange, yellow, and purple. Each color of this romantic bloom represents a different message. Be sure to not mistake one’s message with another.

Rose is often associated with a romantic confession. People believe they would receive a positive response from the person they adore. People are wishing the rose is working its magic in this situation. To make it short, roses work like love spells. Roses are also said to have the magical ability to aid in the development of psychic awareness and intuition

Roses have long been associated with good fortune and protection. Although its magical abilities have yet to be confirmed, there is historical evidence that roses were treasured in the past. Every part of this bloom creates its own magic. From the petals down to the fragrance, many found the beauty of roses is bewitching.

Besides its magical factor, the popularity of this flower is also caused by its rich benefits for health. Vitamin C, minerals, tannic acid, and antioxidants are all found in rose petals. When consumed, it can assist to regulate blood flow, digestion, and bile secretion, avoid diarrhea, relieve asthma, and even aiding iron absorption. Rose can be used to treat fungus-infected wounds, cold sores, and inflammation of the eyes when applied externally.

4. Baby’s Breath

The delicate white blooms are one of the most important elements of a flower bouquet. Baby’s breath can be found in practically every bouquet or vase, even as far back as the 1990s. The most frequent color of these flowers is white, but florists have colored them artificially to create a variety of light pink, blue, and even yellow hues.

The delicate, calm character of infant breath is what makes it so magical. These blooms may appear gentle, yet their power resides in their ability to survive in harsh soil conditions.

If you believe in the fairy, baby breath bouquet is thought to be one of their favorite flowers, and having some in your garden may entice them to visit. The beauty of the baby’s breath is also thought to offer relaxation and serenity to its possessor, as well as providing some protection. In general, baby breath connotes eternal pure love, purity, and an emotional bond between two people.

To put it simply, we can all understand that magic can be found in nature, in the most beautiful shape possible, through flowers. You don’t need to do much just to feel positive magical energy. Just pick one out of the mentioned flowers to surround yourself with mystical and magical power. You can take them with you or give them to someone else as charms, wishes of luck, symbols of hope, and many more. Especially during this time of our life, it is important to surround ourselves with positive, bright, and magical energy,