During this pandemic era where we are promoting social and physical distancing, food deliveries are one way for us to get our daily foods. Of course, we can also choose to cook by ourselves, but not every of us are capable to cook the foods we crave for as similar as the ones we ate in the restaurants! That is why, during this MCO period, food deliveries can really come in handy as we are only several clicks away from satisfying our craving for these foods. There are lots of food deliveries in Malaysia, not to mention several restaurant also offers delivery orders via phone calls or by ordering it on their websites.

Aside from pandemic era, it is very well-known that us youngsters might fall into a state of “not wanting to move even an inch” once we’ve sat ourselves down in our comfy sofa at home. At that point, we might get too lazy to even beat up an egg, let alone preparing a whole meal. When that moment struck us, the key to keep ourselves well-fed is by ordering food delivery! Which kind of food delivery service will you be needing? We have compiled 12 lists of food delivery services in Malaysia, each of them have their own style and benefits!

1. Grabfood

Who doesn’t know about GrabFood? This legendary food service has everything you crave for. You can really “Grab” the food by several clicks! From Western to Chinese cuisine, snacks, your favorite boba drinks, any of them are available here! Any big and small restaurants, as long as they are partnered with Grab, can be easily found here.


The delivery fee is charged according to the delivery distance between your house and the restaurant, plus some small charges as a platform fee. However, Grab often offers many beneficial vouchers and discounts we can get from time to time. The payments are also flexible, you can pay via cash, using e-wallets, or even credit cards. Moreover, Grab also offers rewards for the members who often use their services!

2. Lalamove

Lalamove provide food vendors with a feasible logistics solution. It targets any individual who runs a restaurant, food stall, café, food and beverages chain store to partner with them for food delivery service. They charges zero commission and prioritize honest transportation service, where food vendors can decide on the vehicles to deliver their moves and Lalamove will match the drivers in an instant.

Food vendors usually have their own original food packaging, but Lalamove will add an additional Lalabags to keep the food safe, hygienic and fresh. Some food companies such as Salad Atelier, CakeTogether, and Scoop have collaborated with this delivery service.

3. SmartBite

SmartBite is a special food delivery where the restaurant prices are not marked up, but SmartBite will earns by receiving commissions from the restaurant. We just need to insert our location and have SmartBite search the best nearby restaurants for us. It offers more than 200 vendors of catering services, even deliveries for gatherings and seminars. There are vast amount of choice for the cuisines, from East and West specialties, and many more. However, there are minimum order that required and delivery charges may apply for this delivery service.

4. EatCakeToday

If you have a dear friend or family member who’s having their birthday soon, you can simply order a cake for a surprise gift for them! They offer a variety of cakes and baked goods you can pick, from bundt, mille crepes, macaroons, to designer cakes. Customers can also arrange a cake delivery on the same day or order on any dates earlier within the following 3 days. If you are in a hurry to deliver the cake, EatCakeToday offers a 4-hours delivery option so you can deliver the gift as soon as possible. For a whole cake, the price will be RM 60 and delivery charge starts from RM 10 to RM 40 per cake.

5. Foodpanda

Foodpanda offers a variety of yummy and authentic local flavors. This delivery service has partnered up with various local eateries, operates 24 hours and able to deliver your food to more than 85 cities. The delivery charges differ according to the delivery distance, but there are also many special promos and food vouchers you can claim to get some price off from your order!


6. Hometaste

Are you craving for homemade comfort foods? The warmth of homemade foods might remind us of our mom’s embrace, and Hometaste is here for the solution! They assembled amazing home chefs to bring homemade dishes right in front of your door. It has many kinds of foods, from Malay cuisine, Hakka cuisine and Thai cuisine. You can order them in packages or ala carte, or even catering and bulk orders. It offers a freshly cooked and high-quality ingredients.

7. TheNakedLunchbox

If you plan to eat healthy foods and practice eating a whole-food diet, TheNakedLunchbox offers a variety of superfoods made from fresh ingredients. Each of them are made to achieve our daily nutritional balance and the dressings are made by the chefs without using extra preservatives. It offers healthy light bites, food bowls, main courses, and sandwiches, available in family-style platters too!


8. Dietmonsta

Dietmonsta is the key for your success diet! Each food item is prepared with fresh ingredients without any MSG and the food quality is assured by professional nutritional advisors. The weight loss menu comes with no carbohydrates and low carbohydrates options. Customers can order them a-la-carte or meal packages and have them delivered right in front of their house!

9. Chunky Monkeys

Chunky Monkeys offers a food that will match with your keto diet, prepping food with low carb and keto-friendly. The menu in this food delivery service consists of mix of local and international dishes, from Malaysian, Mexican, Indonesian, and Vietnamese delights. All foods from this service is halal certified and the delivery is only offered on Saturday and Monday.

10. PledgeCare

Air-Dried Treats for Dogs
Air-Dried Treats for Dogs

If you have pets at home, you can order nutritious meals and treats for them at PledgeCare! They offer variety of air-dried treats for cats and dogs and types of protein choices that will be perfect for your beloved pets. They ingredients are made with 100% human-grade and presented as a balanced meals for your furry companion!



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