Giving Fruit Bouquet
Giving Fruit Bouquet

Fruit in everyday life not only acts as a source of vitamins but can also be a meaningful gift. Fruits are often used as souvenirs or gifts for certain moments. Besides being practical, fruit is considered a healthy gift. Giving fruit basket can show our caring side. Especially if the fruit is given to the sick. It will show our hope for the healing of the person.

There are various kinds of fruit that we can choose from. That is also the reason why fruit is a practical gift choice. We can also determine the choice of fruit from the meaning we want to convey. For example, oranges are a symbol of good luck.

The benefits of fruit are very diverse. In addition to maintaining healthy organs, the nutritional content of fruit is also useful for protecting the body from disease and can even help the healing process of disease.

All fruits contain nutrients for the body. These nutrients make the benefits of fruit for health unquestionable and very dear to miss.

Birthday Fruit Bouquet

Birthday Fruit Bouquet
Birthday Fruit Bouquet

Birthday moments are usually synonymous with giving gifts to those who are getting older. Although congratulations and prayers are still important, for some people, gifts are no less important. Various reasons can be behind the attitude to give birthday gifts like this.

Attention is the main reason that underlies someone to give a birthday gift. Especially if the person who has the event is the closest, the thought of giving a gift must have been thought of long ago.

Birthday celebrations that come once a year are often considered the right moment to give something special. Through this birthday gift, this wish can be realized.

Like vegetables without salt, some people think that a birthday is incomplete without a gift. As a result, gifts become items that must be prepared to celebrate the moment of someone’s age.

It’s not the item, but the gift-giving itself that is so important that it must always be there. The reason, of course, is to give items that can be used as unforgettable memories every year.

You can make a fruit bouquet as a birthday gift. Especially if the birthday is a colleague. Giving fruit will show how much you care about their health.

Get Well Soon Fruit Bouquet

Get Well Soon
Get Well Soon

Visiting a sick person has the potential to give him the feeling and impression that he is cared for by the people around him, loved, and is expected to recover soon from his illness. This can reassure people who are sick.

Visiting sick people can also maintain brotherhood between you and him. Not just small talk, you have also proven that you are someone who always accompanies you not only in happy times but also in difficult times. The people you visit will be very grateful for your actions.

When visiting sick people, not a few people come without empty hands but bring some souvenirs that may be useful for the sick person. However, sick people usually lose their appetite for things, such as loss of appetite. Therefore, we must be good at adjusting the souvenirs that are brought so that the sick person is interested in consuming them.

The most popular ones to bring as souvenirs when visiting sick people are fruits. How not, fruits have a very high nutritional content so they are very suitable to be taken when visiting people who are sick as an addition to good nutritional intake for health.

Fruits that you can bring when visiting sick people include apples, oranges, grapes, bananas, and pears. How to carry it is also very diverse, for example, fruit bouquets. In addition to looking more aesthetic, a fruit bouquet will also make the recipient feel more privileged.

Simple Fruit Bouquet

Simple Fruit as a Gift
Simple Fruit as a Gift

Expressing concern doesn’t have to be just a great gift. Fruits can also be a medium to express your love for your partner. Giving fruit to your loved ones can show that you also care about their health, especially if they are on a diet.

Making a fruit bouquet is also not difficult. You can try it at home. 

  • You need to know and decide what fruit you want to use. Then wash the fruit to be used and dry.
  • Prepare the basket. There are many kinds of aesthetic baskets. You can choose according to your taste. Usually, for a fruit bouquet, we use a basket made of rattan.
  • Arrange the fruit in the basket. Arrange until conical to the top. If so, wrap it in clear plastic. Add ribbons or other accessories to make the fruit bouquet more beautiful and memorable.

Apart from making your own, you can also buy fruit bouquets. Usually, the fruit shop will provide various kinds of fruit bouquets that we can choose from. Or, we can choose any fruit, then they will wrap it up for us.

Prices for fruit bouquets vary. Ranging from cheap to expensive. All of that adjusts to the type of fruit selected, the number of fruits, and the packaging. We can adjust the fruit bouquet to the budget we have.

A fruit bouquet can be given to anyone. You can even customize the selected fruit according to the message you want to convey.

For example, avocado. A fruit bouquet filled with avocado will show the love you have for the recipient. Why? Because avocado is a symbol of love. In addition, avocado is also considered a food that can increase libido. That’s why in Colombia often husbands will give avocados to their wives.

Second, for example, you give a fruit bouquet that contains apples. Apples are a symbol of deep love in romantic relationships and marriage. In the Middle Ages, Europeans believed that apples could increase love. Legend has it that if a woman wants a man to like her, she must sleep with an apple under her arm and ask the man to eat it later. They believe that the man will fall in love after eating the apple.

Besides being sweet, apples are also able to eliminate hunger, thirst, and have many useful benefits for the body. While in China, the apple symbolizes peace.


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