Pink Gerbera
Pink Gerbera

People may know gerbera flowers by multiple names, such as gebras or hebras. It has many names, but mostly it is known as gerbera. This type of flower is very popular throughout the world, along with the most popular flowers out there, such as roses, tulips, chrysanthemum, etc. In the scientific world, it falls under the category of the Asteraceae plant.

Characteristics of Gerbera Flower

Gerbera can be used as a display plant, and they are used to make essential oils. This flower is known for its long-shaped leaves and has tiny, pointy shapes on the edge of the leaves. Gerbera flowers are stunning, that’s why it is often used as an accessory or decoration, whether it’s interior or for gardens or outside a house. Gerbera flowers, both locals or imported, are very suitable to grow in high lands or low lands. Aside from being beautiful and having many benefits, gerbera flower also has a secret philosophy that is profound and deep.


Philosophy of Gerbera Flower

There are many philosophies and meanings of gerbera flowers.

1. Comfortable Feeling

Gerbera flowers can help your sleep be more comfortable because it produces a lot of oxygen during the night. They also help decrease dangerous chemicals around you. For those reasons, gerbera can be a perfect flower for your house or room.

2. True Love

Gerbera flower is a symbol of love that is eternal, bound, and true. You can give this flower to someone you love to prove your love to him or her. We can also use it to show platonic love such as best friends or close family, not only for romantic partners.


The Meaning of Each Gerbera Color

Every color in gerbera flowers can mean different things. Not every color represents the same particular feeling or emotion. See down below to learn what kind of things they each represent.

1. Red Color

The red color in gerbera symbolizes being completely and entirely drowned in love, meaning that you have fallen in love so deeply you forget everything else around you. It can also mean infatuation, obsession, or complete adoration.

2. Orange Color

The orange color in gerbera is used to symbolize a life that is cheerful, bright, and full of laughter. Orange itself is a very bright color and can turn anyone’s frown into a smile.

3. Yellow Color

Similar to orange, yellow also symbolizes brightness and sunny. The difference is that while orange is happiness, yellow is more of optimism and positive feelings.

4. Pink Color

We can interpret this beautiful and girly color as adoring and idolizing someone. However, it can also mean respecting someone very highly because of their character, work, or physical appearance.

5. White Color

The white color on the gerbera flower can mean either purity or naivety. It can depend on our interpretation of it; it can also mean a new beginning or a new hope in life.


Where Did Gerbera Flower Come From?

White & Purple Gerbera
White & Purple Gerbera

Gerbera has existed for a long time. It is first found by Corolus Linnaeus, who then named the flower after his acquaintance, Traugott Gerber, a medical doctor from Germany.

The name of one gerbera species, Gerbera jamesonii, or widely known as Barberton Daisy, was taken from a plant collector, Robert Jameson. He collects plans that exist in South Africa, more specifically in Transvaal.


What Gerbera Does For You

Gerbera has many benefits for us. Aside from the obvious one, making the room and scenery look more beautiful, it also has other benefits. Gerbera can be used to make cosmetics, essential oils, and even soap. Planting gerbera is also an investment in itself as they are trendy, and many people are willing to buy them for a pretty high price.


How To Grow Gerbera 

Pink Gerbera
Pink Gerbera

Planting gerbera isn’t that difficult, and you need to be careful and pay a lot of attention to the flower.

1. About the Temperature

Gerbera is a pretty flexible plant, and it can grow in high lands or low lands. It can grow in 14 up to 30 Celcius, with a rain density of 1900 to 2900 mm per year. Gerbera can even grow in dunes.

2. About the Soil

The land or soil must be regularly clean and make sure there are no other plants that disturb the growth of the gerbera flower. Put a lot of plant food, but not too much so that it’s balanced, and the gerbera flower can grow properly.

3. About the Care

  • Watering is done two times a day, in the morning and afternoon. If it’s the rainy season, you can adapt and do less watering. Make sure not to water too much as it can kill the plant.
  • If one flower grows abnormally or is dead, do a replacement to a new plant.
  • Once a month, give the plant food plant that is suitable for the flower.


Gerbera and Aesthetics

Colorful Gerbera
Colorful Gerbera

We can decorate many things with gerbera flowers, such as houses, gardens, bouquets, altars, parties, etc.

1. Decorating A House With Gerbera Flower

You can put it on the terrace, balcony, or even in the living room. Make sure to pick subtle colors instead of bright ones like orange or red so that the room will not look tacky. But, if your house’s design and interior are funky or colorful, then colorful flowers are fine too. Pick the best one that is suitable for your taste and style.

2. Planting Gerbera Flower in Your Garden

Gerbera flowers will make your garden look lively and bright. They add colors, and they even help to decrease harmful chemicals around the other plants. Adding gerbera flowers to your flower selection is a great choice to brighten up the scenery, making your life a little brighter as well.

3. Bouquets Filled With Gerbera Flowers

As can be read above, gerbera flowers carry a deep meaning. If you give a bouquet to someone containing a gerbera flower, they will know that you harbor a deep, passionate love for that someone. No need to be shy, it is powerful, and it truly symbolizes true and eternal love.