Gladiolus is an ornamental herbaceous plant. It has a variety of beautiful and unique colors. It has colorful flowers that are the main attraction for people who love this plant. Gladiolus is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the Iridaceae family. This flower that resembles a small sword has the Latin name Gladiolus. Gladiolus is a flower that comes from South Africa and entered mainland Europe around 1720. After entering Europe, this flower began to develop in the Netherlands, then spread to Asian countries in 2000.


They have petals like lilies. But what set it apart was that they bloomed in clusters in a sword-like formation. It is what makes them called the sword lily. Gladiolus is unique in that their common and scientific names are the same. It is unlike most flowers which have different common names and scientific names. The word gladiolus comes from the Latin gladius. It has a meaning sword. The Greeks used to refer to the Gladiolus flower as xiphium, a derivative of the Greek word xiphos, which also means sword.

Sword Flower
Sword Flower

In addition to their beautiful appearance, there are several meanings contained in this flower. Maybe not many people know that Gladiolus is also called the August flower. So it is often a symbol for people born in August. It is because they usually begin to grow around August. The meaning of this flower is sincerity, generosity, memory, and a firm stance. Usually, people often use it as equipment in traditional events ranging from ritual traditions to state ceremonies. They are also one of the beautiful and popular cut flowers. Many people are looking for this flower to decorate the garden or home page.

If you are currently looking for an activity that can be an investment in the future. You can try to fill your spare time by planting Gladiolus Flowers at home. You can decorate your garden or yard by farming. In addition, it can also nourish your body, maintain cohesiveness in the family, preserve nature and increase income. Here’s a guide to growing the sword lily:


1. Selecting gladiolus seeds

You can use three ways to plant it. You can get them at the farm store by choosing which variety you are going to grow. The advantage is that you can get superior seeds easily here. In addition to using aunts, you can also use Bulbs. Look for tubers that are fat and thick. The larger the diameter of the tuber, it allows for larger plants to grow as well. Make sure the tubers used are not deformed. Then, you can use tillers for quick results. You can take tuber saplings that grow around the large ones. Gently separate the gladiolus tubers. Try not to cut off the leaves.

2. Preparation of planting media

After successfully finding gladiolus plant seeds, you need to prepare the right and appropriate gladiolus planting media. You can choose where the planting media is, either in pots or around direct soil. However, keep in mind that gladiolus ornamental plants are more suitable to live in areas with an altitude of 600 to 1400 meters above sea level. Make sure the planting media has good drainage, either planting using pots or using soil. Choose a location that gets enough sunlight. To maintain the beauty of the flower, place it in a shady place and warm temperature.

Choose a planting medium that is free from garbage and other waste. You can also clean the weeds before planting flowers. Choose a location that is far from air pollution, such as factory fumes or vehicle fumes. Dig 12 inches of soil, then mix the soil with organic fertilizer or compost. Add sawdust or peat around the planting media to keep it from pests and diseases in plants. You can make space in plants by digging the planting media about 5-10 cm to anticipate flood events.

3. Gladiolus flower care

Gladiolus flower care is easy. Water the flowers with enough clean water every week. However, water it in the morning and evening when the dry season gets in. Give regular spraying of pesticides. So that plants are free from diseases and insects. You have to provide protective fence protection when the plants have started to grow tall. It is to keep it sturdy when blown by strong winds. When the gladiolus plants have flowered, you can trim the gladiolus branches.


When the blooming season comes, of course, you can’t wait to pick them to put them in a vase. However, you should not pick gladiolus flowers carelessly. You can follow the following method to get fresh and durable cut flowers.

  1. Look for stems with flower buds.
  2. Cut the stem diagonally using a sharp knife. It is to prevent unwanted leaves from being cut off.
  3. Try to cut flowers in the morning or evening.
  4. Prepare a flower vase filled with water. Mix it with preservative, sugar, and germicide solution. Use the ratio of one liter of water, one tablespoon of bleach, two teaspoons of sugar, and one teaspoon of vinegar.
  5. Place the pieces in a vase with the water.
  6. If the flowers have started to bloom, add ten times the amount of sugar in the vase.
  7. To speed up the blooming process, store it in a warmer place or room.

They are one of the beautiful flowers that are favorite as cut flowers. They are beautiful as a bouquet of birthday gifts, anniversaries, valentines, and so on. This Lili sword symbolizes the moral values of integrity. The appealing thing is that they also represent symbols of insanity or deep admiration. It is deep meaning romantically. They also significance strength and the ability to overcome challenges in life. Therefore, they are suitable as a get well soon gift. That was an easy way to plant and care for gladiolus flowers. The method is quite simple to apply at home, whether you have planting land or not. Use planting activities as one of the positive activities at home. good luck