Best Gifts for Friend
Best Gifts for Friend

Is there anyone who dislikes the idea of a surprise birthday gift? We bet most of you find it exciting to surprise someone important in your life, like a best friend on their special day! This gesture marks how special they are and also strengthens your precious friendship.

Therefore, it’s necessary to get the ideal gift for their birthday. Since we understand that not everyone is familiar with gift-giving, browse our birthday gift ideas for friend they would love below!

Best Gift Ideas for Friend

Gift shopping can be a challenge for some people. To pamper your dear ones, sometimes you want something that seems they never had before, the gift would be pretty beneficial.

But, you also want to give something genuinely surprising. We understood that feeling! With what you’re considering right now, our gift ideas for a friend below will bring satisfaction to whoever receives the gift.

From common gifts to unique gifts, such as fun bath products and yoga mats for workout time, find out what you can get from your soulmate in minutes!

Scented Candle

Scented Candles
Scented Candles

Life sometimes brings you troubles. Facing daily inconveniences may lead someone to experience stress. After dealing with a difficult day, the best way to relieve the stress is by enjoying aromatherapy.

For a friend who likes scented goods, a scented candle gift is a must-have item on your checklist whenever you’re organizing surprise birthday gifts for them. Aromatherapy candles usually use essential oils with a stress-relieving effect. 

Flower Gift Box

Flower Gift Box FlowerAdvisor
Flower Gift Box FlowerAdvisor

From one species to others, fresh flowers are the top-tier gift suggestion for various occasions. If someone is running out of ideas, flower gifting usually becomes the last-minute decision since flower box Malaysia is easy to get by online shopping.

Sending fresh-cut flowers is a thoughtful way to wish all the best for your friend’s birthday. 

Teddy Bear

Not only suitable for children, but you can also go with a teddy bear for your friend’s birthday gift! A teddy bear is a common gift, usually packed along with a flower bouquet. A teddy bear alone is cute, but if you want to make it more charming, you can personalize it by changing the clothes or adding accessories. 

Skincare Product

Skincare Products
Skincare Products

There’s nothing wrong to investing more in your skin health. Belong to essential items, the popularity of skincare products has increased every day.

That means everyone needs skincare! You can expect satisfaction on your friend’s face by sending high-quality, handcrafted skincare products they frequently use or from the brand that has been sitting on their shop cart for a long time.

Tea Collection Gift Set

Tea Assortment Gift Set-min
Tea Assortment Gift Set

Difficult lockdown times are why we get bored since it’s forbidden to go outside where the virus is still around. We bet your friend experienced the same! With that in mind, you can go with something good for them to get through tough times during the lockdown.

Among those limitations of activities, it’s always appropriate to enjoy a cup of tea at home. A tea collection gift tea will make a suitable gift for your friend who is a tea-loving. It’s great to make a light tea time snack becomes more exciting. 

Artisanal Gift Set

Support local artisans and treat your friend to a curated gift set featuring handcrafted items such as pottery, artisanal chocolates, and gourmet snacks. Not only are artisanal gifts unique and one-of-a-kind, but they also showcase craftsmanship and attention to detail that’s sure to impress.

Sleep Mask

It’s a must to have a good quality of sleep. The problem is that many people find it hard to manage their sleep time. Therefore, insomnia occurs that impacts their productivity and health. For this, especially if your friend has tried many ways to sleep faster, a steam eye mask will be a genuine gift to show how caring you are. 

Yoga Mat

Practicing yoga is great for maintaining focus and keeping your well-being at the right line. Are they workout enthusiasts? You can give various fitness-themed items to assist their workout time, for example, a yoga mat! This workout starter kit is easy to get on the market and a perfect kit for workout games at home. 


To enhance their light tea time snack moment, why not surprise your friend with snacks to munch? Many say that food gifts are the best option since they’re delicious, perfect for binge-watching or while you’re working. 

Gift hampers Malaysia usually offers various bundles of snacks from different brands, all wrapped in a gift basket, similar to a flower gift box that anyone would love!

Bath Product

Another pampering experience to delight your bestie, can be done with quirky bath essentials. Fun bath products never fail to bring a good feeling of enjoying a relaxation bath session. They usually consist of bath bombs, salts, or even aromatherapy candles. 

Home Decor

We’ve been isolating at home for more than a year. Although our mobility and daily activities become limited, that doesn’t mean we can’t explore more!

To help your friend during tough times until everything get better, home decor items are here to help. Not only fascinate the eyes, but home decor items are also great to elevate your friend’s living space. 


Flower gifting is always related to gifts for women. However, you can also use different gift ideas, like giving jewelry. If you’re a woman, it would be easier for you to get the beautiful ones, which likely suit their taste and personal style.  

Hotel Packages

Sometimes, experience gifts are way more meaningful rather than physical gifts. It depends on who is the receiver and what they prioritize at the moment. Once traveling is allowed again, travel essentials, like hotel packages are what we suggested to gift.

Travel Kit

For a friend with a ten-step grooming routine, it must be an inconvenience to bring their grooming products for traveling. Why not gift them a travel kit that covers all of them? This gift idea for a friend is always acceptable to help them with arranging items they need for traveling. 

e-Gift Card

Everybody loves a discount! If you think purchasing an item, then wrapping it for your friend’s birthday is not suit your schedule, whenever in hurry, you can go with an e-gift card! Even though it looks small in hands, it’s pretty beneficial to cut the price off for certain products they dream of.