Healthy Food for Healthy Life
Healthy Food for Healthy Life

Stereotyped as bland, people tend to avoid healthy food. But these days, it becomes less complicated for people to access sites and platforms that guide people to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Day by day, achieving a healthy lifestyle is getting easier. A healthy lifestyle consists of a healthy physical routine, a healthy sleeping schedule, and a healthy diet.

What motivates people to live healthier?

Habits are not something that one could break easily. It takes time and repetition to create habits and lifestyles. So, the motivation that leads people to break from their accustomed lifestyle must be strong.

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One’s decision to live a healthier life could be affected by various reasons. It could be a medical necessity or simply wanting to support your loved ones in transitioning into a healthier way of living. A strong motivation also could come from anyone you consider as an influential figure. Especially influence and information are easily spread through social media. Watching one’s transitioning process to a healthier lifestyle through social media might encourage their audience to pursue the same thing. However, being healthy is more than just doing physical exercise. It’s also crucial to be selective regarding what and how much food we consume.

Healthy Food and Calories

Healthy Food and Calories
Healthy Food and Calories

Calories are essential for humans’ well-being as humans need the energy to do physical activity. Calories are energy that comes from food and drinks people consume. The daily calories intake for adult women is around 1,600 kcal to 2,400 kcal. Meanwhile, for adult men, it ranges from 2,200 to 3,200 per day.

The number of calories and other nutritions are all listed in the ingredients list. So, take your time to read and check your favorite snacks and cereal compositions. It’s necessary to make sure you don’t lack calories, just as it is necessary to make sure you don’t have any excess calories. Because the human body would store excess calories as body fat. 

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Our body demands energy to do physical activities. Therefore, our body will burn the calories and transformed them into the energy we need. The more frequently our body does physical exercises, the more calories will be burn. So, you have to create a menu that will suit your needs. 

Fill Your Belly with Healthy Food

Healthy Food for Healthy Life
Healthy Food for Healthy Life
  • Nutritious Breakfast Ideas

One of the easiest breakfast foods to make is no other than toasts. With toasts, you could customize it with your favorite toppings. However, don’t forget to consider the nutritions of your toppings. The most common healthy toppings for your toasts are avocadoes, bananas, and tomatoes. You could also make some smoothies from high nutritions fruits like strawberry and banana.

  • Delightful Lunch Ideas

It is common for people to thrive protein as their lunch menu. If that’s also the case for you, you might want to try a few healthy chicken breast menus. Such as chicken grain, lemon pepper chicken, and cranberry balsamic chicken. You could also have these foods for your breakfast.

  • Ideas for Your Healthy Snack Hour

Changing your lifestyle doesn’t stop you from snacking. Just remember that you need to be a little more picky and cautious about the snacks you consume. Almonds are probably the most famous healthy snacks out there. Unique foods like rose petals chips also make a healthy snack because it contains low calories so it won’t be any excessive calories for your body.

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  • Light and Tasteful Dinner Ideas

People used to avoid heavy foods to be their dinner. However, even if you are having something light as your dinner it has to be nutritious for your body. A good vegetable omelet or a grilled tuna would be perfect to wrap your meal for the day.

Don’t Forget to Do Physical Exercises.

Exercise For Healthy Life
Exercise For Healthy Life

Besides burning excess calories, physical exercises bring a handful of benefits, not limited to our body but also our mental health. Physical activities may indeed cause a healthier state of mind. Take an example, if you ever feel stuffed and burned out, try to run a few laps. Not only you may develop stronger muscles and bones, but you would also feel distracted from all the work that stressed you out. It is a very healthy self-healing act. 

Other benefits you might get from exercising are:

  • Achieving ideal weight
  • Reduce your risk of heart attack
  • Strengthen your bones, joints, and muscle
  • Develops better reflects
  • Have lower blood pressure

If you have trouble sleeping, a small physical activity might help as it makes your body releases endorphins. So, exercising indeed helps to improve your sleep quality.

How to Stay Motivated?

As previously mentioned, it takes a strong motivation for someone to change their lifestyle. This motivation has to be a strong one because it takes time to create a new habit. And during this process, it’s not uncommon for people to lose motivation and go back to their previous habits. So, how to stay motivated throughout the process?

  • Appreciate Yourself

Breaking habits demands full commitment and dedication. If you ever feel like you lose motivation, remember all the effort you made. Give yourself an appreciation for managing to stay committed to have a healthier way of living. By appreciating yourself, you’ll realize what you do today will bring a greater benefit for you one day.

  • Remember Your Source of Inspiration

One’s action may have a big influence on you. If you started changing your lifestyle because of an inspirational person, you might want to remember a few things if you ever feel like losing motivation to keep going. The first one is to remember their starting point. Then, look at them now. Doing that, you can easily tell yourself that hard does not mean impossible and you’ll achieve your ideal lifestyle too.

  • Go Easy on Yourself

Excessive efforts might lead to burning outs and boredom. This will make you feel unmotivated and could cause you to drop everything you did in the transitioning process. Therefore, you should go easy on yourself and enjoy the process. Even when it takes a long time for you to adjust to a new lifestyle, remind yourself that you are growing within the process.