Everybody wants a romantic, passionate relationship, but not everybody is aware that not all those so-called romantic relationships are healthy. Most people don’t even know what a healthy relationship looks like and how vital it is to our well-being, health, and success in life.

How Does A Healthy Relationship Look Like?

There are many signs to look if the relationship you are having is a healthy one. From trust, commitment, me-time, and many others. Let’s learn from the list down below.

1. You and Your Partner Support Each Other Equally

When one of you is successful, the other doesn’t get jealous or bitter; that’s one of the absolute signs of a healthy relationship. Instead of growing bitter, your partner will be genuinely happy for you, support and push you to be an even better version of yourself. A healthy relationship is where your partner works to be their best and wishes for you to be your best. An insecure partner will make your relationship not healthy, even toxic. You can’t achieve this automatically, but you can through deep talks and hard work by the two of you.

2. Some Me Time Are Important Too

A perfect relationship isn’t the one where the two of you spend twenty-four and seven days together, inseparably. Anyone who spends that much time with each other will grow sick, and fights will be inevitable. You can also lose a sense of yourself if you spend too much time with your partner. This could be bad, which could lead to you losing a vision of yourself and your future. Sometimes, it is good to think only for you and just for you.

3. Fights are Healthy, Don’t You Know?

All people in relationships fight. It is completely normal, even encouraged. Conflicts can reveal what’s hidden, once and for all. It can show our true selves, and if our partner can stick with it, you can grow closer. The relationship becomes more intimate; it grows stronger; therefore, it is healthy. As long as the fights aren’t violent or filled with antagonism, it should be fine, and you two should make up as soon as possible after any fight.

4. Be Clear About What You Want


Each person in the relationship might want a different thing; that’s why you must cross-check everything. Don’t waste months or even years not knowing that what you want out of the relationships are different. Whether you want a serious, committed relationship or a casual one where you’re just “seeing where this is going,” you must disclose it to your partner.

5. There Is Trust

If you feel the need to know your partner’s every move, location, possession, even passwords to their social media, then there may be something wrong in your relationship. It definitely isn’t a good sign. You need to have trust in your relationship; it is a necessary base for everything to last.

6. Playfulness is A Must

Laughter and jokes are also vital in a healthy relationship. If you can’t laugh together over something small and silly, it means you don’t have a really strong bond. Making light about some things also help, such as laughing at ourselves when we make fun of ourselves.

The opposite of a healthy relationship is a toxic relationship. What does it look like? Let’s see the signs of a toxic relationship down below.

You feel unsupported and alone in the relationship.

You feel like you walk in eggshells around your partner.

You feel the need to please your partner no matter what the cost.

Your partner only wants you around when they need you for something.

You feel like your self-esteem and self-worth are deteriorating.

You feel drained after spending time with your partner.

You are in a competitive spirit with each other instead of supporting each other equally.

Your partner always blames you even when you did nothing wrong.

Your partner forbids you to contact or meet your family or friends.

The Importance of A Healthy Relationship 


A healthy relationship is very important for our lives, because of many reasons.

First, it can make us healthy physically. When our soul is light, happy, and unburdened, we eat properly and digest our food properly. So, our physical body becomes healthy and works well. It can also mean clear skin, good bone density, and regular bowel movement.

Second, a healthy relationship makes you shine from the inside. What happens when you shine from the inside? The world seems brighter, everything feels funny and happy, and you forget just how much you hate this messy and complicated work. The job you hate might become bearable knowing that you get to go home to your favorite person every day.

Third, a healthy relationship ensures a happy future. If you can maintain a healthy relationship with someone, there won’t be many challenges if you ever want to take the next step to marriage. Most people think marriage will fix their messy relationship when the fact it will make it worse. A healthy relationship means you are ready for the next step.

Fourth, a healthy relationship will make your children have a healthy relationship with you. Children often have a complicated relationship or even traumatic childhood because their parents don’t get along well or continuously have problems. If you are happy, your children will also be happy because you know how to handle issues with care and love.


In the end, we must realize that healthy relationships don’t just happen; they are made. We must work to achieve such a healthy relationship. We must learn what we lack and what our partner lacks, and what our relationship lacks. From there, build a little something until it becomes a solid foundation. There is no damaged people or damaged relationship, only people who need to heal themselves. There is no shame in getting help from people around you if you have difficulty navigating life.

A healthy relationship is not something everyone is privileged enough to have, so if you have achieved one, treasure and cherish it.


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