Aloe vera
Aloe vera

In recent years, aloe vera has become one of the most popular ingredients of beauty and health products. Aloe vera is a plant native to the African continent. The plant is prickly and green with yellowish patches on its surface. Aloe vera plant has thick meat with a lot of gel content. In general, aloe vera is safe to apply to the face, skin, or hair, as long as it is used correctly. However, some make use of this aloe vera plant as decoration indoors or in the yard.

There has been a lot of research on aloe vera. This plant becomes one of the ingredients for beauty and health products that are quite popular in the community. Its content in the form of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants is high. In 100 grams of aloe vera gel, there is 99.5% water, 0.067% fat, 0.043% carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin C, and total dissolved solids as much as 0.49%.

Aloe vera for hair

Hair salon
Hair salon

The first use of aloe vera for hair is to eliminate dandruff. Dandruff is a fairly common problem experienced by many people. Dandruff can interfere with the appearance and make us ashamed. Just apply aloe vera gel on the hair and scalp gently, like shampooing.

Applying aloe vera gel on the hair can also nourish and strengthen the hair. That’s because aloe vera contains vitamin C, E, B12, folic acid, and choline which is good for nourishing hair.

If you have hair loss problems, try applying aloe vera gel. The nutrients contained in aloe vera gel can reduce hair loss. Its nutrients can also accelerate the regeneration of hair cells.

Aloe vera for skin



First, aloe vera gel is believed to treat minor burns. We only need to apply aloe vera gel to the affected area three times a day. The antioxidant and vitamin C content in aloe vera can make the wound heal quickly.

Second, aloe vera can relieve the symptoms of skin diseases such as itching and inflammation. Sometimes we often rub or scratch the itchy part until the skin becomes blistered. With aloe vera, it can be overcome. Apply aloe vera gel on infected areas of the skin and do it twice a day.

Aloe vera for face

Beautiful face
Beautiful face

The first use of aloe vera gel for the face is to moisturize the skin, especially for owners of faces whose skin is dry. But even so, those of you whose skin is oily can still use products based on aloe vera.

Second, aloe vera gel can soothe sun-sealed facial skin. Usually after outdoor activities, especially during the day, our facial skin will be flushed. As a solution, we can apply aloe vera gel on the reddened areas of the skin. Aloe vera will soothe our facial skin and restore its moisture.

Third, aloe vera gel can treat acne. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial content. The content is believed to help treat stubborn acne. A study published in the Journal of Dermatology Treatment states that the combination of the use of topical tretinoin, acne medications, and creams containing aloe vera effectively reduces the size of acne that is inflamed, such as acne pustules to acne nodules.

Fourth, smooth the skin. In addition to moisturizing, aloe vera gel can also smooth the skin. Surely having smooth skin is a dream of many people. Aloe vera can help you realize that dream. The enzyme content in aloe vera gel is believed to encourage exfoliation of dead skin cells or exfoliation. The process can remove dirt and dead skin cells so that our faces will appear smoother and brighter.

Fifth, slow down the signs of aging. Aloe vera gel is proven to increase collagen production and skin elasticity for 90 days. Aloe vera gel can also help prevent wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines on the face.

Aloe vera juice

Oh yes, aloe vera can also be consumed. We can make aloe vera juice and drink it regularly every day. Aloe vera juice can increase water content in the intestines and can help normalize healthy bacteria to maintain the balance of endurance. That is why we are recommended to drink aloe vera juice when experiencing constipation.

Aloe vera juice is also believed to help relieve inflammation in the gums and accelerate canker sores’ healing. This is because aloe vera contains anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. A study found that aloe vera juice can help lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. Nevertheless, we are advised not to consume too much and to remain careful when processing them.

How to make aloe vera gel

We can make aloe vera gel ourselves. We just need to prepare aloe vera plants and some equipment. After washing aloe vera with running water, it is best to let stand for a moment until the yellow resin containing latex comes out. Once the resin is depleted, we can start peeling the aloe vera and taking the gel. Puree aloe vera gel using a blender until frothy. Next, we can apply it to the skin, face, or hair area as needed.

If you do not want to be complicated, we can buy aloe vera gel products that are widely sold in beauty stores or pharmacies. Make sure the aloe vera content is 100% pure. Also, buy products labeled safe.

Risks of aloe vera use

Although it has a variety of benefits, aloe vera also has risks of use. Aloe vera contains aloin, a substance that can trigger the occurrence of colon cancer. Aloin is found in the layer between the leaves and the inner flesh of aloe vera. Although aloe vera products have eliminated these parts, we should be careful.

Aloe vera can also cause skin irritation in some people. If consumed, aloe vera can also cause stomach cramps to cause diarrhea.

It is not recommended to apply aloe vera gel on deep wounds or severe burns. Aloe vera can cause allergies, especially in people who have allergies to garlic and onions.

Aloe vera as a decoration

Aloe vera
Aloe vera

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, aloe vera can also serve as a decoration to beautify the room or house. Below we share some types of aloe vera that can be an option as an ornamental plant.

1. Aloe albiflore

This type of aloe vera is small and grayish-green with white spots. This plant has white flowers such as daffodils but smaller in size. The flower can bloom without the influence of the seasons.

2. Aloe bakery

Aloe vera is a native plant of Madagascar. The size is quite small, which is about 10 to 20 cm with a width of up to 40 cm. This plant has leaves that can be reddish-green and orange flowers with green ends.

3. Aloe aristata

Aloe aristata is dark green with white spots on the leaves. This plant has flowers in the middle, so it can add to attractiveness and uniqueness. Aloe vera is suitable as an ornament in the room because of its small size and a quite beautiful appearance.

4. Aloe nobilis

This type of aloe vera has leaf edges that will be flushed when exposed to sunlight. But this type of aloe vera can not live at too hot temperatures or too much water. This type requires adequate lighting with drainage in the form of sandy or rocky soil.


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