In this world, the most common thing when we find someone we love and who loves us is to get married. Isn’t it the path of life; school, work, get married, and then we get a perfect happiness. However, we also know that marriage isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer to live together and form a lifetime partnership, or some people just don’t want to get married at all. There is nothing wrong with any choice mentioned above. In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of getting married.


First, we will talk about the pros, or the good sides or advantages if you decide to get married.

  1. The first reason to get married is, of course, to be with the person you love. Although modern marriages aren’t guaranteed to last, taking this next step with your loved one is a brave step to take together. It requires trust, strength, and mutual agreement to be with someone in this level of commitment. It can also be a test of your love for each other. But in the end, you get to be with someone and the legal paper proves that you two are meant to be together.

2. The second one is you get a chance to build a family. You can’t start having kids without getting married first. So if your dream is to create a big, beautiful family, you have to start by building a marriage. As they say, life will be more bearable if you share it with the people you love. To bring more lives and more happiness to this world, who wouldn’t dream of it?

3. Another good side of being married is you can learn to share your life with others. Whether it’s your happiness or sadness, you will have to share it with your spouse. It is such a beautiful thing, to experience the ups and downs of your life, with the love of your life.

4. When you have someone by your side, they will support you when you encounter hardships. Humans aren’t meant to do things alone, we are social creatures. Helping out someone we love is an instinct that can’t be ignored. This will strengthen your love for each other and become a better couple.

5. Marriage can prevent you from being lonely most of the time. It brings you more happiness than if you’re not in a marriage because you always have someone by your side who lives together with you and made a promise to stay with you.

6. In a marriage where two people are working, you can make a better life because there are two incomes. This way, you can afford houses, cars, and lifestyles that you can’t afford if you live alone. Especially in raising kids, two people are at advantage in the economic sector.

7. It is socially accepted to be married instead of just living with someone without status. It is also easier to navigate in society, for example at your kids’ school, churches, local communities, etc.

8. If you are a religious person, one of the duties of being in a religion is to get married. By being in a marriage, you fulfill one of the duties in your religion. This way, you become a more devout religious person and perhaps be closer to God.


There are also disadvantages or cons of marriage. They are written down below.

1.If you are a free-spirited person, marriage may not be for you. Your career choices, lifestyle, even food choices will be limited and you will have to think about other people instead of just yourself.

2. Nowadays people can be trapped in an unhappy marriage. Couples in long, happy relationships can also change their personalities once they get married; you never know. The chance to become trapped in an abusive marriage is also quite high these days.

3. Marriage isn’t for everyone, especially for people who like to have relationships with more than one person at once. Unless you make some kind of agreement with your partner, it will be difficult for you if you are into those things.

4. When you step into a marriage, your daily routine may stay the same for a long time. There is little chance of surprise. This might bore you if you are into new things and adventures.

5. Many people have this fairytale idea about marriage. They think it’s going to be like in the movies where they are happy all the time. The truth is, it’s not. Marriage requires a lot of work from both sides and sometimes, it’s not happy at all.

6. The truth is, couples get divorced all the time. There is always a possibility of everything ending and you have to start all over again.

7. The thing about marriage is, you will see your partner every day for the rest of your life, so you might get bored and even lose attraction for them. Although this can be fixed, this is a bad situation for a person who is insecure about themselves.

8. If you are a person who values your individuality, then marriage may not be for you. You may have to give up some, if not a lot, of your traits, personality, and uniqueness in order to make it work for the other person.

Dancing Couple
Dancing Couple

At the end of the day, there are so many things, even endless, that can make or break a marriage. So, it’s all up to you, if you want to put in the work in order to be with the one you love, or do you love yourself too much to give it all up for a signature in a paper? The most important thing to remember is to do what you like, not what everyone tells you to do. Because the one who is going to experience it is you. The one who will live to experience all of that, is you. Not your parents, not your friends, your peers, not even strangers in social medias who always pressure you to get married.



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