Mixed Roses
Mixed Roses

Roses are not only identified as symbols of love and feeling. There are so many meanings of this flower that we should know. Why? Because since long ago until now, roses are still a flower with a high level of popularity. A lot of people make this flower a gift. Some even deliberately send bouquets of roses as markers or messages.

Roses come from the plains of China, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. This plant is a group of seed plants with trees whose trunks are woody. This plant is a type of dicotyledon with stems and roots that have cambium to grow large. The breeding of roses is done through cuttings techniques. The stem is prickly and has round leaves such as cups that are fingered and elongated. The shape of the rose is relatively round, composed of layers of petals. The number of petals is 20 – 26 strands, depending on the size of the flower.

Roses are the oldest plant in the world. Rose fossils were discovered about 35 million years ago in the United States. The tallest rose plant ever is more than 7 meters or 23 feet. Some species of roses can produce a fruit known as rose hips, which is part of roses that are used as ingredients for making beauty products.

Not only her physique became an idol, but many people also favored the aroma. Various fragrance products use roses as their main ingredient. The scent of roses is very fragrant from the microscopic perfume glands that are on the petals. In addition to being used as a perfume ingredient, roses are also used as ingredients to make chewing gum, cakes, and salads.

The Meaning of Roses

The greatest uniqueness of roses lies in the many colors in which each color has a different meaning. If you want to buy a roses bouquet for someone, you must know what rose you should choose. Don’t get me wrong, because every kind of rose has a different purpose. Below we describe the types of roses based on color and meaning.

1. Red rose

Red Roses
Red Roses

Red roses are the most common type of roses. These roses are widely sold in the market. This type of rose is symbolized as a form of real love, so a person often uses it to express feelings of love. Usually, red roses are given on big days such as birthdays, valentine’s day, Christmas day, or couples’ birthdays.

In addition to being romantic, some people make red roses a symbol of courage, intimacy, and elegance. It can not be separated from the psychology of the red color itself.

2. Black rose

Black roses are nothing stranger. This type of rose is quite famous among other types of roses. Black roses are quite exclusive because they have strange colors and are very dark.

Black roses don’t exist in the world. It’s just a nickname. Black roses are red roses that are so dark. The darker discoloration is affected by the location of the soil where the flowers grow. This flower has many meanings. Some people interpret it as a symbol of darkness, death, revenge, suffering, and mystery. But some interpret it as a symbol of uniqueness, elegant, bold, and minimalist.

3. Yellow rose

Yellow roses are a type of rose used as a symbol of solidarity, cheerfulness, joy, and high family. Yellow roses can also be used to express concern. Usually, yellow roses are given to a friend or relative who gets an achievement. This type of rose is also suitable to be given as a gift for friends, friends, and family.

4. Blue rose

The blue roses are unique. This type of rose has the meaning of perfection and admiration. Usually, blue roses are used as a symbol to express a sense of admiration. Even so, this type of rose presents a feeling that is not easily expressed.

It is quite difficult to find blue roses that grow naturally. Generally, florists and florists use a certain liquid that can turn white roses into blue.

5. Pink rose

Pink Roses
Pink Roses

Pink roses show the meaning of tenderness of love, admiration, as well as gratitude. Pink roses are best given to women who have high tenderness and sensitivity. Young pink roses symbolize a sense of awe and sympathy, while old pink roses symbolize deep gratitude and appreciation. Young pink roses are best given on Valentine’s Day. This type of rose is also suitable to be given when visiting a colleague or relative who is sick.

6. White rose

White Roses
White Roses

Just like red roses, white roses are also a type of rose that is quite easy to find in the market. White roses are touted as flower queens because of their beauty that many people love. This type of rose has the meaning of holy love. We can also interpret it as sympathy, respect, or sincerity. Usually, white roses are given to friends. But some couples choose this type of rose.

White roses are often used in sacred occasions, such as at weddings, tributes to commemorate one’s service, as well as farewells.

There is a myth about white roses originating in Ancient Greece. The myth mentions that all roses were white, so they also believe that white roses are the oldest roses in the world.

Aphrodite, or goddess of love and beauty, accidentally impaled the thorns of a white rose she was holding. The thorn injured Aphrodite’s finger until it bled. The white roses affected by the blood turn red. That is the origin of the creation of another rose color, namely red roses.

7. Purple rose

Purple roses are a type of rose that is synonymous with luxury and grandeur. This rose has a high appeal and is symbolized as an expression of falling in love at first sight. Purple roses are suitable for forgiven to a loved one, or as a decoration in a place to eat to show the side of luxury. You can also use this type of rose as a symbol of respect for your boss.

Meaning of the number of stalks

After knowing the meaning of each type of rose, you should also know that the number of rose stalks also contains a different meaning. One stalk of rose means to love one only for someone. Three stalks show ‘I love you.’ Six stalks show ‘make me yours.’ Fifteen stalks showed remorse. Forty stalks show the assurance of the rose giver’s sincerity. One hundred and eleven stalks show eternal love. Lastly, a thousand and one stalks show love forever and irreplaceable.

Now that you know about the types of roses by color and also the number of stalks, it’s time for you to have the type of rose of your choice. Don’t get me wrong!