Money Heist Popular Series Netflix
Money Heist Popular Series Netflix

Currently, you can say that Netflix is the king of international film streaming that allows you to watch series or movies from various countries. One of the Netflix series you should not miss is a serial crime from Spain called La Casa De Papel or Money Heist. It is a Spanish serial that first aired in 2017. This film tells about a planned robbery at a money printing agency in Spain.

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This serial managed to break the record as the film with the most viewers on Netflix. It is one of the most-watched Netflix film in any language and the highest non-English language show ever. Not only is it a success on Netflix streaming, but it has also received 16 award nominations and won 18 awards. One of them was winning the Best Drama Series category at the 2018 International Emmy Awards.

It has eight robbers and one robbery mastermind who will make you fall in love with one or all characters. Producers and directors package the scene divisions for each character very intelligently. You will see how these robbers have a moral side that is not much different from other humans. These robbers may be evil, but you will be surprised yourself when you realize that you will be on their side without you knowing it.

Well, for fans of this serial, it must be familiar, right, with the red jumpsuit and iconic masks that the players wear, right? Maybe many think that the costume is just a form of disguise to cover their identity. Professor said that the costumes they wore were a physical symbol of resistance to the system.

Let’s take a peek at the meaning behind the costume!

1. Salvador Dali Mask

The iconic mustache shape with wide-eyed round eyes makes this mask the main characteristic of the robbers in this serial. This mask is the face of a real character in the real world, Salvador Dal. Dalì is a well-known Spanish artist who supported the Dada movement. A protest movement against modern capitalist society through his surrealist-style artworks. They think that Dal’s system resistance is in line with the main focus of the robbers’ resistance system in Money Heist.

2. Red Jumpsuit

After the mask, the robber’s next starter pack is a red hooded jumpsuit. They don’t randomly determine colors without considering their meaning. The red jumpsuit they wear has meaning in it. Red is a symbol of freedom. In addition, red is also a symbol of many things such as love, death, and resistance. This meaning is similar to the struggle that Professor and his friends want to realize.

The All Series of Money Heist

Series Money Heist
Series Money Heist

The fame of this series is not only seen on television and social media. Their costumes are often one of the most popular iconic costumes for Halloween celebrations. Even this costume has inspired demonstrators to wear it during political protests in the real world. Reportedly, Season 5 has finished filming and release on September 3, 2021. Please refer to the synopsis review of this serial from seasons one to four below if you are a newbie of this serial.

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1. Money Heist Season 1

Money Heist Season 1
Money Heist Season 1

It tells about the introduction of existing characters. Uniquely, the name of each character is taken based on the names of cities around the world. The character’s names are Berlin, Tokyo, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Moscow, Helsinki, and Oslo. Among the eight characters, there is one figure who always initiates every action they take. He called the genius Professor.

The Royal Mint of Spain, the money-making authority in Spain, became their target for carrying out their actions. In the first ones, you will witness interesting tactics between Professor and the police. You will see his genius by the way he executes the robbery. He always uses unnatural ways in every action.

2. Synopsis of Money Heist Season 2

It opens with the death of Oslo and the internal conflicts that occur. One of the conflicts is the romance between robbers and hostages make the robbery action not go according to plan. It did not stop there. Things got even more chaotic when Berlin acted rashly and handed Tokyo over to the police. Luckily the professor was still able to save him. It closes with the conditions where Oslo, Berlin, and Moscow sacrifice themselves so that their friends could save themselves from being chased by the police.

3. Synopsis of Money Heist Season 3

The action continues two years after the robbery of The Royal Mint of Spain. One of the things Professor always reminds him of when acting is to always stick to the plan. But what happened in the field was the love of the location which brought disaster. The Spanish government arrested Rio for making phone calls to Tokyo.

It is the main trigger for the group of professors to gather to carry out the next action. This time it was the Bank of Spain’s turn to be the next target. There is a new conflict raised by the director, the love problems. Nairobi and Palermo played well in their roles. In addition, the dispute between Tokyo, Rio, Lisbon, and Professor is also an internal conflict that occurs.

4. Synopsis of Money Heist Season 4

This leaves an unfinished conflict from the previous, added to the emergence of a dualism of leadership between Tokyo and Palermo regarding the fate of Nairobi. The escape of one of the hostages, the news of Lisbon’s death, and an increasingly complicated love drama are still the main plot of the film.

There are many moral messages that producers want to convey, either implicitly or explicitly. Through this series will make you ask again. Is what you see good or bad? To be sure, this series provides lessons about friendship, romance, cooperation, humanity, and betrayal. How? Are you interested in watching the next season? Or are you just planning to start from the first part?

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Money Heist Coming Soon
Money Heist Coming Soon

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