Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day!

Presenting your mom Mother’s Day gifts that consist of beautiful flower bouquets, greeting cards or handwritten notes, and other things that she likes is indeed essential to do. On her special day, it is not too much to spend a little extra money so she can feel appreciated and loved. Mother’s Day 2021 falls on Sunday, May 9, which means you can prepare any Mother’s Day gift ideas from now.

In addition to gifting your mom Mother’s Day flowers, you can also dedicate the whole day exclusively to her. To honor the number one lady in your life, make Mother’s Day this year memorable by doing some fun activities with her. Your mom will surely find happiness when spending time with her beloved child.

From arranging table flowers and cooking family recipes to throwing a wine tasting party, here is the guide on how to celebrate Mother’s Day this year.


1. Arrange table flowers

Table Flower
Table Flower

Besides getting your mom a flower bouquet, you can also buy her table flowers. To make it more exciting, try to arrange the table flowers with your mom. Let her explore the creative side of her. All moms out there can’t resist the charming attraction of flowers. Just like how it is written on a 1970-released Elvis Presley’s song Mama Liked the Roses, “Oh, mama liked the roses and when she had the time… She’d decorate the living room, for all us kids to see…

2. Organize a home spa

Especially for daughters out there, having a spa day at home with your mom can be a thrilling experience every single time. You can do simple beauty routines such as relaxing your facial muscles with soothing sheet masks, massage with a face sculptor, soak feet in bath salts, and get radiant skin with sweet-scented body butter.

3. Cook family recipes

If your family has a recipe that gets passed down to each generation, it is time for you to learn how to cook it from your mom. The results don’t need to be total perfection because the most important part is how you spend quality time with your mom. She’ll be happy to teach you the recipe and proud of you for trying it in the kitchen.

4. Have a classy brunch

While you might have breakfast and dinner often with your mom, try to have a special Sunday brunch on this Mother’s Day. Make the breakfast-lunch blend your new favored meal of the day. Serve the essential sweets like chocolates and cakes, savory dishes like bacon and cheese tarts, and creamy coffee drinks.

5. Host an outdoor BBQ

Outdoor Barbeque
Outdoor Barbeque

This Mother’s Day activity idea still revolves around foods. You might want to invite the whole family to gather for an outdoor barbeque. Choose a simple location like your backyard, fire up the grill, and perform some entertaining cooking sessions with your mom, dad, and siblings.

6. Go fruit picking

If there is a popular fruit farm in your town, try to ask your mom to go there with you. Some farms offer on-the-spot fruit picking for the visitors. This family-friendly activity suits the weather, which is getting warmer, and the fruits are also growing wild in the harvest season. Let your hands get on dirt for a while and reap some tasty rewards after that.

7. Throw a wine tasting party

You can host a wine tasting party in many ways. Since this one is dedicated to child-mother quality time, try to organize a more casual wine tasting party at home. This activity can be an intimate moment between you and mom to share passion and thoughts, try new wines, and refine your palate.

8. Take a weekend trip to the countryside

Living in the big city makes people want to escape the hustle and bustle for a little while. If you and your mom need a refreshment to the daily life, try to take a weekend trip to the countryside to celebrate Mother’s Day. The countryside offers picturesque and captivating scenery and architecture of the villages. Don’t forget to document the trip by taking pictures that you can print and save in a special photo album for your mom later. Also, buy some memorable souvenirs from the local shops is a must.

9. Get active in an exercise session

Exercise Session
Exercise Session

If your mom usually sweats out in a workout class with her friends, this time, you can accompany her and get healthy together. Any exercise can be a great bonding time for you and mom. Try the basic workout like aerobics or Zumba, or the more relaxing ones like yoga and Pilates.

10. Go on a hike

Going outside and enjoying some fresh air with your mom can enhance your inner tranquility. It is as simple as going on a hike, especially when the weather is pleasant and the scenery is enchanting to see.

11. Tour the city on a bicycle

This one can be an alternative if you and your mom is not a fan of an activity that requires too much walking. Gear up and ride your favorite bicycle to tour around the city.

12. Take a pottery class

Enjoying some artsy activities is always fun. No matter in which level her skill is, your mom will love to create artwork to commemorate her precious moment with you. You can also make an art piece with “Happy Mother’s Day” engraved on it and give it to your mom as a Mother’s Day present.

13. Shop for new arrival clothes

Shopping for clothes with mom can be a great way to spend her special day. Let her choose whichever clothing pieces that she wants. On this day, you are the one who treats her for some freshening items for her closet. If your mom is usually more a simple-look type, now persuade her to try more luxurious and elegant pieces to celebrate her day. Buy her something like a satin slip dress, long silk skirt, or puff sleeves velvet top to elevate her daily look.

14. Binge-watch Korean drama series

Watching TV
Watching TV

Finally, this is an activity that both of you will enjoy since it is entertaining and easy to do. Watch together K-drama series that centralize a family theme such as Sky Castle, Reply 1988, Mother of Mine, and All About My Mom.

So, have you found your favorite activity? Plan it in your calendar and have fun celebrating Mother’s Day with your beloved mom!


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