Netflix, who doesn’t know this streaming service? The more famous and has many users, the more often Netflix makes original work. His original work is not limited to countries. Netflix makes various original works from various countries, South Korea is no exception.


In 2021, Netflix invested more than 500 million dollars to produce South Korean original Netflix, including Korean dramas. There are many unique stories developed. The selected actors and actresses are even more qualified and fresh.

Curious about what Netflix original Korean dramas are airing throughout 2021?

1. Love Alarm 2

After being delayed last year, this year Love Alarm finally airs on Netflix. The Korean drama Love Alarm 2 is a continuation of the drama Love Alarm 1. In the first season, it is told that a person can find love through an application called Love Alarm. Love Alarm works by alerting users if there are people who love them within a 10-meter radius.

Love Alarm season 2 takes place four years after the Love Alarm application was created. In season 2, the Love Alarm application has a new feature where users can see a list of people who are likely to love them. In addition, this feature also allows the user to know the people he is likely to like.


The premiere of the first season was a huge success. Many viewers are enthusiastically looking forward to the next season of this drama. In the first season, the characters Kim Jo Jo and Hwang Sun Oh loved each other but they finally broke up. Meanwhile, Lee Hye Yeong always loves Kim Jo Jo and is always by his side even though his feelings are not reciprocated. The ending of Love Alarm season 1 shows the reunion of Kim Jo Jo and Hwang Sun Oh after 4 years have passed. This encounter made Kim Jo Jo confused because he was just about to have a relationship with Lee Hye Yeong.

In Love Alarm 1 Kim Jo Jo shields his app so it doesn’t ring even when he’s near his loved ones. In season 2, Kim Jo Jo wants to open the shield because he wants to know who he really loves.

Why should you watch this drama?

Dancing Couple
Dancing Couple

First, Love Alarm season 2 has a more mature story. The three main characters are told to be at a mature age, which means they know themselves better and are wiser in making decisions.

Second, you will see the character transformation of Sun Oh’s character. In season 1, Sun Oh’s character is independent and self-centered, while in season 2 he will be more mature and wise.

Third, handsome actor Ki Do Hoon will also play in this drama! He will be Brian Chon, the developer of the Love Alarm 2.0 application. The characters here are described as mysterious.

2. Move to Heaven

The drama Move to Heaven is called a heartwarming drama. It’s not without reason. This drama tells the story of Lee Je Hoon who plays Jo Sang Gu, an ex-convict who is desperate for his life. He and Geu Roo work in a business called Move to Heaven, this is a business left by Geu Roo’s father. They work to organize the things left behind by the dead.

Get Roo has Asperger’s syndrome, which is difficulty understanding things. But despite having Asperger’s syndrome, Geu Roo faithfully helps Jo Sang Gu work at Move to Heaven.

This drama is played by handsome actor Lee Je Hoon who becomes Sang Gu and Tang Joon Sang who becomes Geu Roo. This drama is taken from the point of view of a traumatizing worker of the dead. The drama’s writer mentioned that the drama’s story was taken from a book called Things Left Behind, written by Kim Sae Byul.


It turns out that someone who works to erase the trauma of the dead actually exists! That person is Kim Sae Byul. He is the first person to undergo the profession of traumatizing the dead in South Korea. He founded a company called Bio Hazard, which offers house cleaning services after a suicide, homicide, or unattended death.

This drama will also educate the audience about Asperger’s syndrome which is quite rare. Asperger’s syndrome is a neurological disorder that belongs to the autism spectrum disorder. This disorder causes a person’s ability to communicate and interact with other people to be problematic.

Lee Je Hoon, who plays the character Sang Gu in this drama, admitted that he was shunned by people while filming. He tried to explore the character of Sang Gu as long and as much as possible even though he was not shooting. He really wanted to present Sang Gu’s character as well as possible.

This drama also brought several cameos from Korean celebrities. Among them are SNSD’s Soyoung, Ji Jin Hee, to Lee Jae Wook.

This drama is proof that Netflix’s original series are the best and quality. The content of this drama does not only focus on one thing. But many social issues develop in South Korea are raised in this drama. For example, there is bullying of school children, illegal fighting, illegal gambling, to domestic violence. That is also one of the factors why this drama is liked by many viewers.

Netflix Movies
Netflix Movies

There are many more Netflix original dramas in 2021. For example, there is The Silent Sea, a science fiction drama. This drama is played by Bae Doona and Gong Yoo. The time setting used is the future state of the earth which has experienced desertification.

There is also a title called My Name. This is a drama played by Han So Hee. This drama tells the story of a woman who joins the police force as a spy for a criminal organization. He did it to expose his father’s death.

There’s Squid Game. If you like Alice in Borderland, maybe you will like this drama. This drama is played by Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo. This drama is about people who participate in a mysterious game with a prize of 40 million dollars. But to win they have to take part in various life-threatening games.


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