The Orchid flower is unique. These orchids have many color types. There are white orchids, bronze orchids, pink orchids, yellow orchids, blue orchids, and many more. Not only color, but many types of orchids can be found. The types of orchids spread widely from the wet tropics to the circumpolar area, although most of their members are recognized in the tropics. Usually, orchids live as epiphytic plants, especially those that come from the tropics.

This year is the year of the metal buffalo. It means a year of hard work, discipline, fertility, and patience. It turns out that several types of orchids can be a symbol of fertility in this metal buffalo year. Ornamental orchid plants can be an option for home decoration. As is well known, orchids are soft, beautiful, and graceful flowers. Not only beautifying the room, but Chinese people also believe that the orchid flower symbolizes “many children,” which signifies fertility and abundance.

Here are types of orchids that have a symbol of fertility.

1. Orchid Cymbidium

This orchid is a type of orchid that is often used as an ornamental plant. Orchid cymbidium is very popular among the public indeed. Cymbidium orchids will do well in a sunny place. You only have to water the orchids once a week and stay fertile.

2. Orchid Dendrobium

The dendrobium orchid is a type of ornamental orchid commonly owned by people who start collecting orchids. Dendrobium orchids are a type of orchid that is commonly used as indoor ornamental plants. The flower size of dendrobium orchids is not too large, but the numbers tend to be large. It causes dendrobium orchids to be favored by orchid lovers. Dendrobium orchids are epiphytic orchids with sympodial stem types.

Dendrobium orchids are often found in flower shops in the form of charming bouquets. Dendrobium orchids come in colors ranging from white, purple, pink to green. You only need to water the orchids once a week and fertilize them once a month.

3. Orchid Lady’s Slipper


This one orchid does look a little different. This orchid looks like a sandal, but that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful. This orchid has large flowers. The lady’s slipper orchid is a tropical plant with large flowers with a hollow “pocket” and two petals. Even though the petals do not grow, this orchid will still look beautiful because it has unique and diverse leaves.

4. Orchid Oncidium

Oncidium orchids offer colorful flowers and form small clusters of about 50 or so. Those are the types of orchids that are considered to have fertility symbols in this metal buffalo year. However, that does not mean that other types of orchids are not good for home decoration.


The following orchids are very popular as ornamental plants.

1. Cattleya Orchid

Cattleya orchid is a type of orchid with a characteristic striking petal color. This bright color makes Cattleya orchids quite liked by orchid lovers. Cattleya orchids are native to Costa Rica, Central America. Cattleya orchids do not like to be in the sun all day long. Therefore, don’t forget to move it when the sun is stinging. The color spectrum of Cattleya orchids is also very broad, ranging from yellow to purple.

2. Vanda Orchid


Vanda orchids are one of the most beautiful types of orchids that you can collect for your garden and yard. The Vanda orchid is one of the most popular orchids for people and orchid lovers. It is because the Vanda orchid has a beautiful pattern. No wonder the Vanda orchid is an orchid that must be collected and found if you happen to visit an orchid lover’s garden. The Vanda orchid itself has approximately 80 species, with various colors, shapes, characteristics, uniqueness, and characteristics of each.

3. Phalaenopsis Orchid

The phalaenopsis orchid is another orchid that has a beautiful appearance. The phalaenopsis orchid consists of approximately 60 species, with one of the most famous species being Phaleonopsis amibis. Phalaenopsis amibis, commonly known as the orchid moon, is a type of orchid that is endemic to Indonesia’s forests.


Orchids are one of the most popular flower houseplants. Many homeowners decorate their yards and home interiors with beautiful orchid plants. With suitable living conditions, caring for orchid plants is not too difficult. It is especially so if you want to care for orchids indoors.


Orchid care as a home decoration becomes easy once you learn how to grow them properly. Orchids need very little care after all the basic needs are met, such as light, temperature, and humidity. Most orchids need moist, well-draining conditions. Several types of growing media can be used with orchids, such as redwood or cypress bark, peat sphagnum, stone, cork, charcoal, sand, potting soil, and so on.

Then, what are the things that must be done to care for orchids in the house?

  1. Orchids need plenty of water but should be allowed to dry out between waterings. One way to check to water is to prick your finger about an inch into the planting medium. If it’s dry, give it water, if not, just leave it alone.
  2. Indoor orchid plants also need adequate humidity, around 50 to 70 percent. You can do ways to increase the humidity of your home, one of which is by placing a plate of water or a tray of gravel under the plants.
  3. Fertilize the orchids one week – only once every two weeks. As orchids produce new growth, bring them down to monthly or bi-monthly intervals as they mature.
  4. If your orchid suddenly stops blooming but has the appropriate light, temperature, and humidity, it will be necessary to replace the pot.
  5. Also, watch for signs of pests or disease. Orchids are sometimes affected by mealybugs, scales, and aphids. These can usually be washed off or treated with insecticidal soap.

Now you know more information about orchids, right? You also know that orchids have many types and it turns out that orchids can also be used as ornamental plants to beautify your home. You also already know, this orchid also has a very positive symbol and if you have one of these orchids at home, hopefully, positive things will also surround you and your family. Not only that, but you also know how to care for orchids in the house, and it’s not difficult to do, right? So what are you waiting for? Good luck.