One of the most acknowledged flowers for its beauty is definitely peony. It is beautiful, charming, and also shows a high-class status. Peonies are often used in elegant homes or feminine decor. Usually, it is in pink or white, showing its femininity and softness. In this article, we will learn all about peonies, from their meaning, history, and all fun facts about them.

Peonies are beautiful for sure, but who would have thought they had got such deep meaning and interesting history? Peonies are like beautiful girls with bold and strong personalities; the more we learn about it, the more mesmerised we become.


Peonies are known as China’s national flower; this flower blooms all year long. Peonies are known as the ‘forever flower’ or ‘eternal flower’ because of their ability to bloom each year. It is even rumored to bloom for hundreds of years.

Peonies are first known and popularized in China, and then they landed in Japan thousands of years ago, where it is used as medicine. Next, it travels to Europe and North America.

Nowadays, peonies are often used for decorations, bouquets, celebrations, and other events. It is no wonder because it is breathtakingly beautiful and absolutely aesthetically pleasing.

Aside from smelling good and being aesthetically pleasing in general, peonies are advantageous for our health and beauty. What are the advantages for our health and beauty? Let’s learn down below.

In this section, we will talk about 5 peony’s uses in health and beauty.

1. Peony’s Roots for Health

In Chinese peonies, its roots are used for traditional medicine for painkillers, infections, and high fever. People with toothache, stomachache, flu, or who catch infections can benefit well from this fact of peony. If you happen to have Chinese peony or Paeonia lactiflora, you can use its roots for these health problems.

2. Peony Extract for Skin Radiance

If you are a person with dull skin or dark skin, you will benefit from this part of peonies. Peonies extract, especially white peonies, can be used for increasing the radiance of our skin. This is because peonies have a lot of antioxidants that are extremely useful to the skin. In our society, radiant and bright skin is a sign that someone is taking care of their life well. If you want to look clean, healthy, and beautiful, you can benefit from this advantage of peonies.

3. White Peonies for Women’s Health

Women usually have many problems with their menstrual cycles. Most women are in a lot of pain when they have their periods. Some women are having problems with their menstrual cycles. In China, peonies are used to treat these problems. Peonies are used to treat pain during the menstrual cycle, irregular periods, excessive bleeding during menstrual cycles, and even used to treat menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, depression, and many more.

You can benefit from these amazing uses of peonies by consuming them like tea; use 4 mg of peonies powder, and have it with hot water. You can start to try drinking it for three days, and you can see that your conditions will improve.

4. Peonies for Skin Hydration

Some of us suffer from dry skin. Dry skin is definitely a bother because it needs extra hydration either from skincare products or from the foods and drinks we consume. Don’t worry, because the flower peonies can help us hydrate our skin. Peonies extract contains vitamin E, which is useful for our skin. You can use peonies extract that is contained in essential oils that are usually marketed.

5. Peonies to Fight Aging Signs

Who would want to look old and crusty? No one, because looking youthful is the ultimate desire. Thankfully, there are many natural plants that help fight aging signs such as wrinkles, dark spots, saggy skin, and dry skin. One of them is peonies. The antioxidants in peonies help fight aging signs and can make us look youthful and fresh. It is important to make sure our skin is treated well because skin that doesn’t get any nutrition can make aging signs appear faster!


We have learned all about peonies’ benefits for our skin health and beauty. Next, we will learn about the meanings and symbols of peonies. Read down below to know all about it.

1. Peonies As a Sign of Regret

If you want to apologize to someone, you can give them a bucket of peonies. The flower peony symbolizes the feeling of regret and sorry. It is an expression of when someone is ashamed and regretful of their mistakes or past actions.

2. Red Peonies: A Sign of Passion

Much like other red-colored flowers, red peonies show passionate love, wealth, and respect. If you want to express your love to a romantic partner, you can give them red peony. This can be a great alternative to the classic and much overused red roses. Be unique and start buying red peonies!


3. Yellow Peonies: A New Leaf and Hope in Life

Yellow peonies symbolize a new beginning, which makes it ideal for anyone who wants to start over with their life. This can mean a new job, celebrating a new neighbor, or celebrating the birth of a baby. The color yellow is definitely showing hope, cheerfulness, and happiness. It is perfect for giving out to someone who is having a new chapter in their life.

4. Pink Peonies for Weddings

Pink peonies are the most popular ones; we see them almost everywhere in important celebrations and events. The color pink in peonies represents happiness, luck, and joy. Don’t worry; you can use pink peonies in other celebrations or events other than weddings, such as romantic days like Valentine’s Day or the anniversary of your relationship.

We have learned many things about peonies, from their origin, their use in health and beauty, and also their variations in colors and meanings. We can see why peonies are popular and loved in the whole world and why they will remain as one of the best flowers ever.