Yoga Easy Poses
Yoga Easy Poses

Stress feels like a constant hurdle in our everyday lives. We can’t live our best life when stress symptoms are dominating most of our precious time. They can be as a consequence of work, school, or personal matters. Thankfully, we have yoga as an alternative to eliminate stress, reduce anxiety, and stay healthy physically and mentally. The best part about yoga is that you can be a beginner but still get impressive benefits. Yoga will always aid you to feel better about yourself, whether you are at home, work, or somewhere in between. 

Want to practice yoga and achieve all those health advantages? You can start with these simple beginning steps of practicing yoga by yourself.

Things You Need to do Yoga

Things you need to do yoga
Things you need to do yoga

First of all, you only need yourself to get started doing yoga. A piece of supportive sitting equipment such as a yoga mat is excellent, but that is not necessarily a requirement. A towel that is comfortable enough for you to sit on is also brilliant. Or, the simplest of all, you can sit on the floor if you are all right with that. 

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Locate a comfortable and quiet spot where you can avoid distraction, be alone, and be undisturbed for the short five-minute yoga session. If you need extra comforts, support yourself with soft meditation cushions, blankets, or even yoga blocks to assist you in executing various movements.

Relaxing yoga practice with only 5 minutes

You can warm up your body and ease your mind with these simple and short series of yoga moves.

Focus on the present is a great start

Start Yoga Poses
Start Yoga Poses

Try to gain tranquility and mindfulness by controlling your breath. Not only do you slow down through it, but you can also become more connected with yourself in the present. 

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Let’s start with these simple steps.

  • Enable your shoulders to relax while sitting.
  • Stretch your tailbone farther down and get close to your stomach, which also helps lengthen and straighten your back.
  • Deeply inhale for about six seconds while pushing away your stomach from your body.
  • Exhale slowly while letting your stomach pulled back to your body.

Sounds easy, right? Repeat these steps about four times, or you can do more if you have more time, and soon you will get the hang of it.

Now begin with the various yoga postures

Yoga Postures
Yoga Postures

When you are about to execute some yoga poses, it is crucial to put your mind into a state where you are focused on the moment and solely think about your self-care and self-respect, having that curiosity towards your mind and body. Such a state of mind like this is a great start to set the entire pace of the yoga session.

  • Easy Pose or Sukhasana. Where to start yoga easy pose? Cross your legs and have yourself a very comfortable seat. Loosen your feet and let your pelvis become in a neutral state. Control how you breathe by being mindful about it. Slowly and steadily sense how your body responds to this pace. Let yourself be in this manner for one minute. Observe the feeling and sensations that usually build internal awareness, tranquility, and peace.
  • Neckroll. Let your head fall at your chest and gently roll your head around in a complete circle to your right about three times, then also three times to your left. Encourage the spirit of letting go. Go back to the easy pose as you raise the crown of your head.
  • Shoulder Roll. Do these circular movements on your shoulders four times. Forwarding motions first, and then the same for backward. After finish inhaling, continue with lifting your hands above your head. Exhale and place your hands along at your chest.
  • Tabletop Position or BharmanasanaNow you are going to shift slowly onto your hands and knees. Locate your wrists right under the shoulders and knees under the hips. You will have your palms placed on the floor, forward-facing fingers, and your weight will evenly distribute on your palms. Focus your head in a neutral stance and relax your gaze and face downward.

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  • Cow Pose or BitilasanaAs you lower down your stomach towards the mat, inhale deeply. Next, raise your chin and chest while looking up at the ceiling. Draw away your shoulders from your ears. 
  • Cat Pose or MarjaryasanaExhale, then pull your stomach toward the spine and circle the back of your body toward the ceiling. Deliberately release your head top toward the floor.
  • Repeat Cat-Cow poses five to ten times at a slow, steady, and calm pace.
  • Downward Facing Dog or Adho Mukha SvanasanaTuck your toes beneath your feet, push your hands into the floor, and raise your hips toward the ceiling, extending your tailbone. Push back your heels and somewhat down near the mat. They do not have to come into contact with the ground. Allow your head to descend to create a long neck. Take some deep breaths and remain in this state for a few moments.
  • Standing Forward Bend or UttanasanaGradually slide your hands toward your feet, and loosen the muscles around your neck and shoulders. Release the pressure in your head and let your legs be vertical. 
  • Mountain Pose or TadasanaWhile bending your knees, pull your stomach to your back and roll up your body.
  • Upward Salute or Urdhva HastasanaWhile you stretch your tailbone down, inhale and position your hands together at the level of your chest. 
  • Standing Forward Bend or UttanasanaGradually slide your hands toward your feet, and loosen the muscles around your neck and shoulders. Release the pressure in your head and let your legs be vertical. 
  • Another variation is to bend your knees a little to put one palm straight on the floor or over a block. Any place on your leg other than the knee and lift the other hand over your head. This time, align your shoulders with an additional twist, scan up according to the length of your elongated arms. You need to do this on the two sides.
  • Child Pose or Balasana. Finally, the last move for your easy yoga practice. Deliberately approach your knees by doing a kneeling position. Elongate your hands and make them in front of you. Leave your torso to calm down. Make space between the knees and toes to meet. If practicable, let the buttocks get in contact with your feet heels.

These are only a brief explanation of the simple yoga poses. If you want to see how these poses appear, you can check out some yoga tutorial videos by searching the names above. Calm your mind and happy practicing yoga!  

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