We constantly find people who love the smell of flowers instead of the looks. Then they suppose to find a way how to maintain the smell. Few people make it a perfume so they could maintain the smell and use it. Even so, not all people always like the smell. Some of them love the shape of the flower.

Those people who love the look instead of the smell have a way to keep the shape. To maintain a flower’s shape, there are several ways to do and substances needed.

Ways to Defend The Shape of The Flower

1. Dry It

Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers

The first way to defend the shape of the flower is by drying the flower itself. Drying the flower could make it last. The deficiency of drying the flower is the color of the flower is not as same as you saw it first.  It’s the most simple way to make flower lasting because the tools you need are available in your house.

First of all, we need to plug the stem of several flowers into the wire netting. Then put it in the container before you put it into the oven. Oven for a couple of hours until it looks dry at 38°C. After you oven it, leave it to until the temperature gets normal. To make the petals stronger, it supposes to be sprayed with hairspray.

The second is, you can use the book to make the flower dry. You only have to put the flower between onionskin. And the tool is only the thickest book that you have to clamp it in the middle. Or in another way, just put the onionskin paper that contains flower on the table and overlapping with the thick book. The time you need to make it dry is more than a week. This way only be good for a small flower.

You do not need to worry about big flowers like rose or tulip because the third is a way for them. You only need the cooking container. Just place the flower inside the cooking container, then bury it with sand. Put it on the microwave at a high temperature. After five minutes, leave it at room temperature when it’s getting colder, clear the sand carefully. To clear inside the petals, use the brush. And do not forget to always spray the hairspray to the dry flower to make it last.

2. Preserve It

Preserved Flowers
Preserved Flowers

The first substance that can be used to preserving flowers is glycerin. Glycerin is a chemical compound that can help us to keep the moisture of flowers. You need to soak the flower inside the liquid of glycerol and water with a ratio of 1:1 for six weeks. The liquid possibly looks reduced cause the flower permeates it, then add it again like before. The glycerin could replace water content inside the flower; thus, the flower will not dry, and it defends the shape and color of the flower for many years.

The second substance is resin epoxy. It is a pretty simple way to preserved flowers. The only thing you need to do is smear the resin epoxy to the whole section of a flower. The next step is just put it on vases so that is a resin-preserved flower. It could be different if you want the small flower to be an ornament of your back of phone case or key chain. You need to soak a small flower into the liquid of resin epoxy for 24 hours.

The third is silica gel, which uses sand, but the silica gel is much easier and better. Just put the flower into the large airtight container and let the silica gel bury the flower. It takes a short time while the result stays for years. Use silica gel for drying flower without make it looks dry is the best way. Apart from this, silica gel could be used several times; thus more flower

We can conclude that the dry flower and the preserved flower are different. The flower that is dried could be more fragile than the preserved ones. It because the texture of dried flowers changes too dry. In contrast to preserved flower, of course, its dry because the water content no longer exists,  but chemical compounds do not change the texture or color of the flower.

Preserved Flower Uses


The preserved flower is usually used for the preserved bouquet. The bouquet for a certain event needs to be prepared since long ago. Preserved flowers can be used for the wedding. It probably doesn’t last its fragrance anymore, but the texture, shape, and color will be as same as it cut.

You might want to make your wedding feel special by making your own preserved wedding bouquet. Choose any flower that you want to be inside your bouquet or any best flowers you can pick in your garden. The way to preserving is listed above. Mix and match it with your creativity, and perhaps it would feel more special and pretty proud to make it for your wedding day.

The preserved flower also could look good for some gift. Of course, a rose is the most flower that used to be a gift. Preserved roses always fit in any event and any people unless you want to give a bouquet when visiting the sick.

Besides, you can also make glass dome roses. Just plug the rose into the pedestal and add a small silica gel pouch inside. Cover the glass dome. It looks gorgeous and elegant at the same time if you use it as a home decoration. Perhaps people who see it would remember the story about beauty and the beast.

The preserved flower has so many uses. Remember that they can not be processed to be a perfume or anything to utilized its fragrance. With the way that we tell you above, you can do your preserved flower. If you receive the fresh flower’s bouquet, just do the most straightforward way above to make it lasting. You need to preserve it due to the wasteful if it stays in the bouquet, it is getting wither slowly and surely you will throw it away.


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