Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend
Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Although there are various reasons why people come together, the reason why they decided to form a relationship is no other than love and comfort. It’s always lovely to have someone as a company, a support system, or a shoulder to lean on. And it is normal to have such expectations if you’re in a relationship, no matter if the relationship has just started or has been going on for years.

However, there are other aspects of a relationship that you shouldn’t set aside. Some of the most vital aspects are communication and honesty. It is necessary to express your thoughts and feelings to your boyfriend. Because it would help him to get a better understanding of you.

Why Honesty Matters?

Honesty Matters in Relationship
Honesty Matters in Relationship

You can’t leave honesty behind if you desire to achieve healthy communication in your relationship. Having a good discussion and being truthful with your boyfriend leads to a functional relationship. Also, you would feel more comfortable with each other as you feel like your lover listened to you and is dependable. 

Words have magic attached to them. Your choice of words may affect how others would feel. So, even when being truthful, you should still be careful about your words selection. Make sure it only translates to how you feel, not anything else, because it might cause a misunderstanding. 

Being honest doesn’t mean overstepping boundaries. You don’t have to let him know regarding everything about you if you feel uncomfortable about it. As long as everything you say is honest and sincere, then nothing will be a problem. However, there are ways to have a good talking time with your boyfriend to improve your relationship

Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Quality time is a love language. People would find peace and comfort just by sitting and chatting next to their loved ones. You could also get a better understanding of your lover. You may start the conversation with your story. Such as how everything is going on for you or even silly mistakes you made. Usually, after listening to one party open up, the other party would also say something about themselves. But there are cases when one is quite confused thinking of what to talk about. So, here’s a little guide for you.

Question to ask
Question to ask

How was your day?

This question might be sounding basic, but it is quite an impactful question. Asking this to your lover might make him feel cared for and make him feels that you would be there to listen to his story. One’s story could be both fill with laughter and whine, but that’s what tied you closer as lovers. Other few similar questions to ask are:

  • Is there anything special that happened today?
  • Any funny things you experienced today?
  • How is everything going on for you today?

Do we spend enough time together?

The importance of asking this question is to make sure that you give enough company to your lover. Because it is only normal to expect company from a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Here are other questions to help you know about your relationship conditions:

  • Do I support you enough?
  • Do you feel heard in our relationship?
  • Do you enjoy the way we communicate?
Spend Together All Day
Spend Together All Day

Do you prefer an adventure-like holiday or a stay-cation?

Asking questions regarding his preference is necessary, especially about the way he enjoys his free time. Considering his preference is something you should do in a relationship. Other questions to ask related to preference are:

  • What is your comfort food?
  • How would you describe a perfect day?
  • Talking about holiday, do you prefer the beach or the mountains?

Would you mind if I planned our next date?

Letting him know that you would do something for your relationship is a lovely activity to do. If he decided to assist you in the planning process, that would be nice. Since both of you can try to match your preferences. Here are questions to ask regarding plans and dates:

  • Is there any place you wish to travel to with me?
  • Is there any cuisine you wish to try?
  • Which cafe we should visit next?

So, how many times have you been in love?

You can ask this question in a lighthearted mood. Because this is a fun question to ask in case you’re curious about his relationship experience. However, remember to deliver this question with a smile and fun mannerism to make it feel more like a chit-chat, not an interrogation. Other questions to ask regarding this topic are:

  • Who was your first crush?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you experience it?
  • Can you handle a long-distance relationship?

With these questions, you can improve your communication level as a couple and being more comfortable having a deeper conversation someday.

Days to Celebrate Together Other Than Anniversary

Days to Celebrate Together
Days to Celebrate Together

The busy schedule could be the reason why communication in relationships is probably not active enough. So here is a list of perfect days for both of you to have quality time together.

  • Rose Day (February 7th)

The symbol of love and admiration, roses are loved by many. Lovers usually celebrate Rose Day by dedicating roses to each other. For centuries, roses have been known for their beauty and their relation to romance. So, if you’re looking for a day to celebrate together as a couple, you should add Rose Day to your list. A good quality time with a bouquet of roses would add sparks to your romantic day.

  • Valentine’s Day (February 14th)

The must-celebrate day for every couple. During Valentine’s Day, a lot of couple loves to do fun things together. Such as a movie marathon, playing video games, go to a theme-park date, or even just simply exchanging love letters. Because every lover has their own way to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

  • Lovers’ Day (April 23rd)

Even looking at the name, you can imagine how romantic it must be to celebrate this day with your lover. Lovers’ Day might not be as commercially popular as Valentine’s Day but, you don’t want to miss a chance to have a good time celebrating your relationship, do you?

There are various ways to improve relationship and communication levels in a relationship. So don’t forget to show your love to your lover and treasure the relationship you have.


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