Autumn Falls Has Arrived
Autumn Falls Has Arrived

When September has arrived, it is a sign that the change of seasons has begun, from summer to autumn. If you live in the northern hemisphere, today you can feel the arrival of autumn falls. Some people are looking forward to the new season, and even they consider autumn to be one of the best seasons.

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In autumn, you can see the trees shed their leaves. This phenomenon makes the surrounding scenery very beautiful. Moreover, some people capture the precious moments of the season. So, you cannot miss any moment when you are in this season. Here is a list of moments that you should not miss in autumn.

10 Signs Spot that Autumn Falls has Arrived

1. Leaf Peepings

One of the most difficult phenomena to be found other than autumn is the change in the color of the leaves, which are usually yellow, orange, and golden. This phenomenon is even considered a favorite event by photographers.

Leaf peeping is a term often used to describe “a way of capturing the beautiful moments of the changing colors of autumn leaves.” Photographers usually capture the many moments of autumn, from the changing color of the leaves to the moment the leaves fall from the tree.

This event has even become a known cultural tradition in Japan, namely Momijigari, or the culture to visit a place with a view of falling leaves.

2. Delicious Meals

Delicious Meal in Autumn Falls
Delicious Meal in Autumn Falls


Food is always identical to certain seasons, including in autumn. Sweet dishes are often served during this season, for example, pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, or other types of cakes.

In addition to pumpkin pie, there are several foods served only in autumn. For example, In Japan, people commonly eat Sanma, or Pacific saury, and Oden.

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3. Clothes for Autumn Falls

The weather shifts from sunny and warm to cold and windy, so it is perfect if you try to wear some other clothes in the autumn.

Yes, you can wear warm clothes in the autumn since the weather is quite cold. You can also combine a jacket or coat along with a scarf. Anyway, in this season, you have to look very elegant by wearing gorgeous clothes.

4. Cool Weather

After passing through summer with scorching heat, you can feel the very cool weather for a moment this season.

Yes, you can feel the atmosphere in autumn with the windy weather and temperatures gradually decreasing. In addition, there is less sunshine in autumn than in summer, so the sun sets earlier than usual. So, you can feel pleasure by taking a break in this season.

5. Bonfire

One of the activities that you should not miss in the fall is going camping. The weather is not so extreme, and the beautiful atmosphere is very suitable to be enjoyed together with friends and family.

In addition, a bonfire can also be an activity that you must do together. At that time, you can roast sausage or marshmallows, while having fun talking with your friends.

6. Harvesting in Autumn Falls

harvesting in Autumn Falls
harvesting in Autumn Falls

Autumn is known as a season of harvest because people who sow seeds in spring and summer will harvest them in autumn.

Harvesting activities are usually carried out before entering the winter season. In autumn, this activity becomes a tradition that continues to be done frequently.

In addition, many fruits and vegetables can be harvested this month, such as apples, pumpkins, bananas, broccoli, kale, and many others.

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7. Crafting

Crafting can be considered one of the favorite activities carried out in autumn. You can knit any product, such as a scarf, knitted jacket, hat, etc., which will be used before winter comes.

Moreover, this activity has many benefits, such as giving you a sense of pride, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing creativity, and preventing arthritis and tendinitis.

8. Halloween

Halloween in Autumn Falls
Halloween in Autumn Falls


In autumn, one of the celebrations that almost everyone in the world looks forward to is Halloween, which occurs on October 31st. The name Halloween itself stands for All Hallows’ Evening. Halloween is believed to be a tradition that dates back to the harvest festival in the past.

There are many activities to do on Halloween, especially for children. For example, children always visit their neighbors while wearing spooky costumes. They always ask the householder for a “trick or treat”. Then, the householder will give them candy as a present.

In addition, at the event, people usually make Jack O’ Lanterns from pumpkins and watch horror movies as additional activities.

9. Oktober – fests

One of the biggest festivals in the world is also held in autumn falls. The festival held every year in Munich, Germany is called Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest is one of the biggest festivals in the world because of its more than three million visitors. Generally, Oktoberfest is held for more than 14 days. People usually drink beer during the Oktoberfest celebration.

In addition to beer, several types of food are generally served during the Oktoberfest celebration. One of them is a specialty of the region, namely roasted oxtail. To celebrate this festival, people commonly wear unique traditional costumes called lederhosen and dirndl.

This festival has been around since 1800s. Initially, this festival was a celebration of the marriage of the Crown Prince of Germany, namely Ludwig with his wife, Princess Therese. Even now the festival is still celebrated to this day.

10. Thanksgiving

Thanksgivin in Autumn Falls
Thanksgivin in Autumn Falls


In addition to Halloween, in autumn falls there is also another celebration, namely Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is commonly celebrated every fourth Thursday in November. In the United States, Thanksgiving is usually celebrated at dinner by serving a special dish, namely Turkey. In addition, residents also get a long weekend off at the event.

The day after Thanksgiving, people there usually shop on Black Friday, because the stores have big discounts that open before six in the morning. In addition to the United States, Thanksgiving is also held in several other countries, for example, in Canada. They celebrate Thanksgiving on Monday in the second week of October.

There is a lot of excitement that you can feel when facing autumn. Are you ready to celebrate? Do not forget to capture the moment.

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