Shopping is one of the things that humans have done for hundreds of years. It is one of the things that humans have done since hundreds of years ago. Shopping itself is an activity of exchanging money for goods or services carried out by buyers and sellers.

Generally, shopping that we know is usually called offline shopping. However, in the era of globalization, technology has become more sophisticated. Online shopping can be an option for you in buying and selling transactions.

The system makes it easy for you to find more products in less time. It means that you will have ample opportunity to find the best and even the cheapest products on the market. But on the other hand, this can stop you from being wasteful. Instead of getting the best prices and making savings, it can just cost you more money than ever.

Various goods sold online sites often look more beautiful when compared to offerings in conventional stores. You can find lots of great deals without having to leave your house at all. All of this will make you more excited to search and find things, even those you don’t need at all. Impulse buying is very likely to occur during doing it.

On e-commerce sites, they offer products that are displayed so nicely. So you can enjoy good picture quality. Things like this are part of the marketing system carried out by market participants, the aim of which is of course so that their sales figures can increase sharply. For yourself, this condition can be an advantage or even a temptation that is very difficult to avoid.

You can find various products you need through your smartphone. Various purchase transactions are very likely to occur quickly. Especially for products that are not important for you to buy. If this happens, waste is unavoidable.

E-commerce makes shoppers provide many promos to attract customers. The various promos offered by them are what make many people love transacting in cyberspace. As mentioned above, many e-commerce people cooperate with banks and multi-financial institutions as payment partners.

It makes many stores or e-commerce that provide installment services, either with a credit card or without a credit card. You can buy things you want without having to spend a lot of money in installments.

You will imagine a system that is practical, easy, and even so fast when talking about it. You can buy anything you need without spending a lot of energy just going in and out of convenience stores around your residence.

All of this does seem easy at first and very profitable. But a system like this can also trigger you to do more purchases. Easy internet access allows you to visit more sites in less time. You can search, select, and even find various items in no time.

Make purchases with ease, even payments online without leaving the house. All these conveniences can make you lulled and make purchases more often, even unplanned purchases.

Online sellers will design their sites as simple and easy as possible to make your shopping even more enjoyable. You can finish all these fun activities with just the touch of a finger and lay down on the sofa, then a few days later your groceries will arrive at your house.

This convenience can stop you from always shop and shop again, even without careful planning and consideration at all. In severe conditions, your finances may deteriorate and experience problems due to uncontrolled online shopping. It will not only cause financial problems but can also worsen your life as a whole. Don’t shop online without planning, let alone to buy things that are not so important.

The disadvantage of it is that sometimes the goods do not match the photos displayed by the seller. Because you can’t see the goods in person, not a few fraudsters end up selling you fake goods. In addition, you also have to pay an additional fee to pay for shipping costs.

In shipping, it is not uncommon for your goods to be damaged during transit. Lastly, you will have to wait longer to receive your groceries. Here are some tips that you can pay attention to when doing it:

1. Find Out Seller’s Reputation

Do your research first on the store that sells the item you are going to buy. Make sure the store is active or not. See how long the store has been until the testimonial is more positive or negative. Check reviews of the product you want to buy from other users who have bought it first. Check out the reviews one by one to the embedded photos to give you more confidence about the product to be purchased.

2. Is the Price Reasonable?

Compare the price of the product you want with other stores. Is the price reasonable? If the price comparison is slight with each other is a natural thing. It will be suspicious if the price is too low or far exceeds the market price.

3. Check the Terms and Conditions

Each store has its terms and conditions. Pay attention to the warranty period and return agreement. You must be ready to accept the goods you buy with the terms and conditions applied by each store. Read the product description carefully. First, adjust the title to the description on the product page. Pay attention to the product name, specifications, variants, and completeness of the appropriate product.

4. Save Payment Proof

Try to keep proof of payment carefully after successful payment transactions. It is to anticipate the unexpected. You are better off on a marketplace platform. In e-commerce, there are intermediaries between buyers and sellers. So, the buyer does not directly send it to the seller. However, e-commerce will receive it first. Then they will send it to the seller after making sure the goods arrive safely.

5. Check package trace

You should keep checking the traces of your package. Check the location where your package is regularly.


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