Anyone often listens to podcasts, doesn’t it? Podcast trends are starting to bloom, one of which you can listen to through the music application of a million people, Spotify. Spotify is a music streaming service that is very popular right now. Even Spotify is among the most popular in the world with 217 million monthly active users. Instead of just being a listener, how about you learn how to create a podcast on Spotify? Confused or afraid that you can’t make an interesting podcast?

Don’t bother! Recently, podcasts have become the most exciting place to get interesting information after YouTube. That’s why many people are then busy trying to make their own podcast.

There are many ways you can do to increase the listenership of your podcast. However, only one key to success is intention and consistency. Without having great intentions and wanting to be consistent in making podcasts on Spotify, of course, you will find it difficult to increase your show’s fan base.

Well, if you’ve tried making a podcast before but not many people have heard it, it means that something is wrong with the way you make your podcast. Maybe there are things you can improve to make your podcast more unique. Here are 8 interesting and easy ways to create podcasts on Spotify that you can do. Listen carefully, so that the podcast you have made is not in vain.

1. Catchy Intro with Interesting Musical Accompaniment Is the Best Opener

As an opening, you need to pay attention to how important the intro is to the listener. You can greet them with the typical jargon that you have prepared. You can also add musical accompaniment to make it easier for listeners to get carried away. Always remember that the first seconds are golden moments for you to grab their interest to keep listening.

You can also try the style of television shows that often feature bloopers or snippets of podcast content as an opening. The intro that you prepare can later be used as a form of branding so that your podcast is remembered by listeners. Start thinking about getting regular listeners!

2. Want Your Listeners To Come Back To You? Try Making It A Podcast Series


When we are thinking about what to discuss, sometimes there are so many topics that pop up in our heads. So, to make your podcast on Spotify successful, try to make it a podcast series. You can divide one topic into several episodes. This will make listeners curious and waiting for the continuation of your podcast. That way, you can think about the contents of the podcast on Spotify for each episode so that it is more complete.

3. Use Tools To Create A Viable Podcast, Microphone For Example!

If you want to get loyal listeners, at least you need to be serious when implementing how to create a podcast on Spotify. Seriously here means that you need to prepare the equipment to create a decent podcast. If you only rely on a headset or cellphone recordings, how is it different from the voice notes you usually send via WhatsApp?

Do you remember the saying “what you sow is what you reap”? So if you want to get good results, it never hurts to prepare the equipment to create a professional podcast. This all needs to be done so that the sound quality you make is maximized.

4. To Make Podcasts Feel More ‘Alive’, You Can While Doing Other Activities While Recording


Trust me, talking only while sitting is really boring. You can really if you want to record podcasts while doing other activities. For example, playing guitar, drinking coffee, or driving a car. This method is very effective for therapy as a way to create a podcast on Spotify for beginners. Because your body must relax while recording a podcast so that the story you convey flows more effortlessly.

5. By Editing Yourself, You Can Be Directly Involved in Determining the Quality of Your Content

After going through the recording process, you should edit your recording. Never be afraid to cut off certain parts of your conversation if necessary. What you say is far more important than the length of your podcast. Therefore, make sure every message in the recording is not too wordy.

Always remember the concept of “once you hear it, you understand it immediately” so you don’t get too off track from the script that is made. When you edit later, you’ll need quality full-size headphones so you don’t miss out on any noise. So, you can focus on listening to which parts need to be removed.

6. Video Format Is A Way To Make Interesting Podcasts That Are Getting Crowded


If you often watch long videos on YouTube, that’s the video format of today’s podcasts. How to create a podcast on Spotify is not the only way. But if you want to start creating this format, you need to consider a recording studio, equipment for making podcasts, to inviting cool guest stars. How to make your own podcast has entered the professional stage and requires more effort when making it.

7. Make a Cute or Eye-Catching Cover Image to Appeal to Your Podcast

The recording is done, the music is done, now it’s time to design a podcast cover on your Spotify. This is creating a podcast on Spotify which is important if you want to grab the attention of people who are just scrolling through podcasts in their browser. You can take advantage of free design maker apps on the internet. Or try to find a reference first to what a famous podcast cover looks like.

8. Keep Everything Simple! Don’t waste your money too much without a mature calculation

Don’t be too rushed with this. Buying equipment to create a podcast is important, but stay focused on the content you want to create. Don’t let you spend a lot of money setting up a recording studio, even though your first podcast hasn’t aired yet. Many applications create podcasts that you can use to cut expenses. Just find out how to make podcasts on your cellphone if you want to save more.

Those were 8 ways to make interesting podcasts that you can try to apply. If you’ve tried it, over time you’ll get used to the flow you’re using. The quality of the best podcast is determined by the initial steps you take.


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