Strawberry is a sweet fruit that is known for its bright red color. It’s even popular in fashion as it can be a beautiful, cute, and pretty pattern. However, strawberry has its history and philosophy. Strawberry, in the Roman era, is the symbol of the Goddess Venus, Goddess of love. The reason is that it is shaped like a heart and its deep red color. No wonder strawberry is often symbolizing romantic love or a heart. There’s also a legend that says if you cut a strawberry into two pieces and feed them to two people, they will fall in love, and they are bound forever. Interesting, isn’t it?

Strawberries are good to look at, and even better when consumed. Aside from being delicious on its own, we can create many things from strawberries, drinks, desserts, even breakfast foods. Read down below for food and beverages inspiration made from a strawberry!

Strawberry Food & Beverages Inspiration

1. Strawberry Milkshake

Who doesn’t love milkshakes? This beverage, best consumed with meat or greasy food, is always fun and filling. No, you can never have too much milkshake as it is also healthy; the word milk is in it! Strawberry milkshakes taste best out of all the other milkshakes because the taste of strawberry blends very well with the creaminess and the fullness of the milk. Add ice cream and a fresh strawberry for topping- oh, add syrup for extra sweet effect!


2. Strawberry Smoothies

Strawberry Smoothie
Strawberry Smoothie

For health addicts out there, this is a must drink for everyday life. In fact, smoothies have been replacing meals such as breakfast or lunch. People who want to lose weight also rely on healthy smoothies because they make us feel full for a more extended period. They are lower in fat and carbs than rice or potatoes.


3. Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

A more advanced version of smoothies right here. A smoothies bowl gives you the pleasure of a full meal without feeling guilty of snacking or overeating. Put your favorite strawberry smoothie in a bowl and put on cut-up fruits on top of it. To add more flavors, add your favorite nuts or seeds, even vegetables. Yum!


4. Strawberry Ice Cream

This one will put a smile on your face on a hot sunny day. Ice cream, in general, is the best, but it’s even better when it’s strawberry-flavored. You can even eat ice cream in various ways: eat it with cake, cookies, pie, even coffee! Ice cream is one of the most versatile desserts out there, and strawberry makes one hell of ice cream.


5. Strawberry Pie

Pie, the classic American dessert. If you want a hassle-free, tasty, and filling dessert, then this is it. Of course, you can add whatever topping and flavor you want, but the best is still strawberry. Since we talked about ice cream earlier, it is best to combine the two: ice cream and pie; what else is there in the world?


6. Strawberry Macaroon

Bonjour, French culture lovers! Who is ready to become one like Blair Cornelia Waldorf and enjoy the most sophisticated and stylish cookie? So put on your favorite Hepburn movies, your silk gowns, and enjoy a box of strawberry macaroons. Upper East-Side, indeed!


7. Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake

From France, let’s go to Japan! This one is adorable, and it looks like it came right out of your favorite anime. Strawberry shortcake is best enjoyed in the late afternoon, in Tokyo city, watching people walking busily in their fashionable clothes. For the drink, you can have milk tea with peppermint leaves!


8. Strawberry Salad

You did not hear that wrong. You can put strawberries in a salad. In fact, it will make your salad more nutritious and even more delicious. While not everybody likes fruit in their salad, it may well be worth trying to add strawberries in your salad; just to make it look pretty!


9. Jam

Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Jam

Don’t try to make a list of strawberry-flavored food if you’re going to exclude strawberry jam. One of the most favorite jam flavors in the whole world will make your breakfast tasty and memorable. Put it in anything, and by anything, I mean anything!- and your food will become so delicious.


10. Strawberry Cookies

Who said you can’t put strawberries on a cookie? This unique cookie will make a great gift for your friends, family, or even a significant other. Just be careful to pick fresh strawberries so that they don’t taste weird.


Strawberry and Its Health Benefits

Not only adorable, tasty, and pretty, strawberry also makes you healthier each day! It has many nutritional benefits, which you can read down below.

1. Vitamin C

Strawberries contain a lot of vitamin C, which makes your immune system more robust and resilient. For the beauty-enthusiasts, vitamin C will boost skin health and its radiance!

2. Protein

Strawberries contain a lot of protein which is healthy for our bodies. It is good for our bones, boosts metabolism (bye, fat!), and helps increase muscle mass.

3. Control Blood Sugar

Sometimes when we don’t watch what we eat, we might have too low or too high blood sugar. This can be dangerous in the long term. Thankfully, consuming strawberries every day will help control and balance your blood sugar control.

4. Diet-Friendly

If you are currently on a diet or trying to lose weight, you might feel miserable as you can’t snack or can’t eat as much as usual. You can try fruits, especially strawberries, for snacking. It is low in carb, fat-free, and sodium-free. Don’t worry about the scale; just worry about washing your strawberries!


In conclusion, strawberries are not only iconic but also healthy, and versatile. It can be made into so many different kinds of food and beverages. It makes you happy just by looking at it; it makes you healthy by consuming it. All in all, it can be said that strawberry is the perfect fruit. It represents happiness, cheerfulness, and eternal love. Also, if you want to lose weight, just buy tons of strawberries and stock them in your fridge. Don’t buy chips or other unhealthy snacks, just dip strawberries into chocolate and you’re good to go.


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