Most likely, it is a falsehood if a sunflower bouquet brings sadness to the soul because who does not get happy when you see the yellow petals of a blissful flower? Absolutely no one. No flower brings as much joy as a sunflower does.

Imagine you are in a sunflower field, you would always turn on your smile until you get out. The sunflower field’s aesthetic value would give you the sensation of comfortable and peace inside your soul. Not only that kind of sensation, but also doing picnic to flower garden is good for health, especially eye health.

Sunflower will never fail to give joy to them for us. Sunflower would fit any bouquet. Thus sunflower is the answer if you feel confused and had no idea what flower to give for various circumstances. Below we suggest you the circumstances when you can give a sunflower bouquet.

1. Graduation

A sunflower bouquet would suit for graduation day of someone you love. It might be your best friend, sister, brother, boy/girlfriend, and anyone. The sunflower will tell them that you are happy about their graduation. You also need to write the congratulation card to put inside the bouquet to ensure your purpose is directly delivered.

2. Get Well Soon Gift

Who does not know that sunflower is very useful as an uplifting? From now you know it. The idea of a bouquet for visiting someone sick would be appropriate if you are using a sunflower bouquet. The yellow of the sunflower is the right way to bring up the smile. It conveys that you wish for them to fight for health.

Peach lilies are a great company of the sunflower bouquet. They would be a combination of peace and positive energy. The lily gives the sick person a sense of peace while the sunflower gives the ill person warmth as appropriate the sun gave to all creatures on earth. So, don’t forget to give sunflower and lily bouquet as a get well soon gift.

3. Valentine


If valentine is about red, then sunflower could give you a red. Of course, the sunflower is not always yellow. They also have a red variety as roses. Then sunflower is one of the good ideas for valentine’s bouquet. Several varieties of red sunflower look gorgeous inside the bouquet which is tied by a red ribbon.

Alternatively, for those who don’t want something red on valentine, the usual sunflower with pretty vivid yellow can also be a good idea. The whole bouquet of sunflower is good, but mix it with a red rose is also allowed. The rose that you need to accompany the sunflower is the dark red rose. Sunflower and rose bouquet look in line cause sunflower also has the dark side in the middle of petals.

4. Apologize


In Europe, couples use blue tulips bouquets to apologize and ask for another chance. They symbolize the sincerity from the deepest heart for asking sorry. Alternatively, if you are not really into the blue tulips, use the sunflower bouquet to apologize for your mistake. It’s not only for couples but any kind of relationship. If you feel that you did bad things or made someone feel bad, it is good to render a sunflower bouquet as an apology.

5. Failure


Perhaps it is impolite to give someone a bouquet of sunflower, but it is normal to give someone a bouquet of the flower when they are happy. You probably need to try these tips. Give someone you love a sunflower bouquet when they are in a bad situation. It could be a breakup, stocks go down, bad grades, exam failure, divorce, or many more. Nevertheless, things to remind is that it is just a bad situation like a failure, not the end of the world. The greeting card is needed to clear your purpose and uplift them by wishing the best for them.

6. International Friendship Day


Sunflower bouquet is never the wrong bouquet if the receiver is your best friend. Many people talk that the sunflower symbolizes friendship. Perhaps it is the truth. The time to give them a sunflower bouquet usually confuses us. Note the date, give your best friend a sunflower bouquet on July 30th because it is international friendship day. Thank them for having you as a best friend and being a good friend.

It is allowed to give a bouquet full of sunflower but adding more flowers also not a problem. Then what flower can you add inside the sunflower bouquet for international friendship day? It is the lovely calla lily. Calla lily also has a yellow color that could befriend for sunflower. Sunflower and calla lily bouquet is elegant for friendship bouquet.

7. Wedding Gift

It is not a bad idea to give sunflower on someone’s wedding day. Sunflower will add more color to the white on the wedding. The idea of sunflower as a wedding flower is can be useful when you match it with a black rose for the wedding day. Sunflower and black rose bouquet can you bring on their wedding day and make it a gift. The sunflowers mean you are happy for them and the black roses mean the beginning of a great journey.

It is good too to mix different yellows on the same bouquet. Sunflower and yellow rose bouquet is also can escort the wedding with joy and good vibes. To make it look not too boring, add the white flower but don’t have a bigger size than sunflower and yellow rose.

Sunflower is a lovely flower that you have the freedom to make as anything you want. You also have the freedom to give it to anyone you want. Then, you still also have the freedom to put it together with another flower inside one bouquet. The matter is not what sunflower symbolizes, but your purpose when you give it to someone else, the sincerity is important.


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