Tips on Selecting the Perfect Wine for Your Special Occasion
Tips on Selecting the Perfect Wine for Your Special Occasion

Do you want to opt for a fancier option of a celebration gift or wanting to commemorate your birthday or wedding in a particular way? Wine is the answer to your yearnings. A bottle of this alcoholic drink made from fermented grapes has always been a special kind of drink that people will usually use for a special celebration in their lives, be it for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or other celebration. It is fancy, rich in flavor, and will complete the taste of your meals.

If you are dining in a restaurant, you can ask the sommelier to assist you in selecting the perfect wine. But what happens when you are celebrating it privately or wanting to give it as a gift to others? You need to know more about selecting the right wine that will pair well with your meal and understand your taste preference. Learn about your choice and general characteristics of the wine to choose the perfect wine you’ll love the most!

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What is a “good wine”?

While there are many opinions about which wine tastes good and which one doesn’t, it is up to our palate, and it’s completely subjective. How each person describes and defines a bottle of good wine is unique and differs from one another, so it’s entirely up to you! But first, you need to know the characteristics of each wine when picking a bottle.

Type Good Wine
Type Good Wine
  1. Sweetness: In the label of the bottle, the wine will use the terms to describe the sweetness of the wine, ranging from “sweet”, “semi-sweet”, or “dry”. The dry ones will not taste sweet at all.
  2. Acidity: You can find the amount of the wine’s acidity at the bottle, where wine with high acidity will taste more tart, while the ones with low acidity will taste richer.
  3. Tannin: The higher the amount of tannin, the drier it’ll make your mouth feel. Red wine will usually have more tannins, giving them a distinctively bitter and dry finish compared to other wines.
  4. Body: The “body” described in wine refers to how heavy or light it will feel in your mouth. There are light bodies, full-body, or between. Red wines generally have a fuller body than white wines.
  5. Alcohol: The percentage of alcohol determines how warm your throat and the back of your mouth feel when you sipped the drink. Most wines contain about 11 to 13 percent of alcohol, but some also range from 5.5 to 20 percent.

Tips for picking the right wine for you

As stated above, which kind of wine you’ll prefer is entirely subjective, so you’re free to explore any wine you think you will like. Although, we have provided several tips below on picking the perfect wine to help you feel more confident in searching for your ideal bottle.

1. Are you a beginner at wine?

Tips on Selecting the Perfect Wine
Type Beginner Wine

If the answer is yes, start with a bottle of white wine or rose wine. Like how your food preferences change and evolve as you mature, the wines you enjoy will also change over time. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to start with a bottle of sweet wine or rose wine. A study by Sonoma State University regarding consumer palates has proved that most people first enjoy a sweet rose or white wine, then later developed into loving the dry red wines or those with more distinctive flavors. Although each person’s experience will differ, people will most likely distaste drier wines or wines with higher tannins because of their sharp bitterness and their unique flavor that taste too foreign in the mouth.
If you don’t prefer the sweet flavor, don’t jump to reds right away. Opt for a dry white or rose with lighter-bodied wine as your first step on learning how to enjoy various wines.

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2. What kind of flavors do you usually prefer?

Comparing your other taste to different drinks and taste preferences will help you choose which wine you will likely enjoy. If you have a sweet tooth, then you might want a sweeter wine. If you enjoy the taste of bitter black coffee, a wine with a more acidic taste will be perfect for you. If you prefer apple juice to grapefruit juice, you are more likely to like sweet white wine, while grapefruit juice lovers will likely enjoy dry white wine. If you prefer latte coffee to black coffee, you should opt for a New World wine like United States, South Africa, or Australia. If you prefer black coffee to latte, you’ll like an Old World wine better, such as Italy, France, or Spain’s wine.

3. What kind of occasion will it be?

Purpose Drinking Wine
Purpose Drinking Wine

If you drink the wine as a treat for yourself, you can select according to your taste, but if you are looking to share it with friends or family, you need to consider a few things. If you are using it to pair with a meal, find the right one to complement your dinner. White wines are for lighter dishes like chicken and fish, while red wines are for heavier dishes like beef and lamb. If you are looking to satisfy your friends or family, pick a bottle of white and red so your guest can choose whichever they will prefer. Opt for wines that taste balanced or moderate so people will generally like them.

4. Read the label carefully!

Don’t get swayed simply by eye-catching illustrations, pretty fonts, or a clever name of a wine. It may not be the best choice. Look for specific information about the region, valley, grapes, and the essential characteristics of the wine.

5. Look for “second-label” wines.

Wines in first-label will be costly, so it’s better to opt for second labels as it will give you the taste of the exact high-quality wine but half of the first-label price. Especially if you are a beginner, it’s better to know your preference first rather than splurge on a wine you didn’t quite enjoy.

6.Don’t stress over the age of the wine.

Only some wines taste better with age and depend on many factors. Not all of them are meant to be aged, and you should consume them within five years after purchasing them.

7. Don’t let the price of wine dictate your choice!

The wine that is on sale doesn’t mean that it’s of lower quality. Choosing expensive wine because they are expensive doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy the taste. Choose according to your liking and occasion so you wouldn’t go astray.

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