Carnation flower or Dianthus flower, has the Latin name Dianthus caryophyllus. The Latin name for this carnation flower comes from one of the Greek Gods. Dianthus Comes from the beheading of two words, namely Dios which means the god Zeus, and Anthos which means flower.

So the carnation flower is considered a flower of the gods or a flower that comes from heaven. Another name for the Carnation flower is Carnation because it is used as a carnation flower used on special days such as the appointment ceremony of the Greek king named Coronation.

Carnations or Teluki flowers come from the Mediterranean region. There are two types of carnations, namely one flower for each stalk and the spray type, which is a lot of flowers for each stalk. Despite its beautiful shape, this carnation flower has a strong aroma and is not very pleasant to smell. Maybe only certain people like the smell of carnations and choose it to be the aroma of their daily perfume.

Carnation flowers are bright and colorful, so they are often used as decoration. For example, a room for weddings, funerals, and various festivals. This is due to its long durability even though it has been cut. The shape of the petals is also very beautiful.

But it turns out that not only beautiful, but carnations also have interesting facts that people don’t know yet. What is that?

Unique Facts Behind Carnation

1. Originally from Colombia

This flower, which has the Latin name Dianthus caryophyllus, actually grew for the first time in Colombia, precisely in the Bogota area. Colombia is a country that produces and cultivates this carnation flower. Even so, the carnation flower has become a symbol of Spain, Slovenia, and Monaco.

2. The Color Can Change Easily

Pink Carnation
Pink Carnation


Carnations have a wide variety of colors, ranging from red, white, yellow, purple, and pink. But who would have thought that the color of this carnation flower was so easy to change. You only need to use food coloring mixed with water in a flower vase, then place the white carnation flower in the vase. Wait a moment for the color to change. These carnations can last a long time in mixed colors provided they are cared for properly.

3. The Petals Can be Consumed

Research conducted by the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture revealed that the petals of carnations are safe for consumption. This carnation flower has a bitter taste. Therefore, before consumption, it must first be mixed into tea or other drinks so that it doesn’t taste bitter. This carnation flower also has various benefits for health, such as overcoming diarrhea, headache medicine, making it easier for pregnant women to give birth, and even being able to help clean dirty blood.

4. Difficult to Assemble

Despite having a beautiful shape, this carnation flower has a texture that is quite difficult to adjust. The character of this flower is indeed difficult to arrange, so to arrange it into a flower bouquet or other flower arrangement requires help from a florist or online flower shop that you trust. So don’t be surprised, the price of this flower is more expensive than other types of flowers.

Pink Carnation
Pink Carnation


Although this flower is difficult to arrange, this carnation flower has actually been recorded in the Guinness World Record for a series of 105,000 carnations in the form of a very large ribbon. This ribbon, which is assembled from carnations, was made to commemorate the world breast cancer-free day.

5. Has a Strong Aroma

Despite its beautiful shape, this carnation flower has a strong aroma and is not very pleasant to smell. Maybe only certain people like the smell of carnations and choose it to be the scent of everyday perfume.

The Meaning of Every Carnation’s Color

Since ancient times, various kinds of flowers have often been used as symbols to symbolize feelings. Generally, flowers are formed into a bouquet and decorated with ribbons. Giving flowers, such as carnations, is generally relied on to express feelings when someone is having trouble composing words. Carnation colors come in a wide range, from red, white, yellow, purple, and pink. Therefore, don’t choose the wrong color, first know the meaning of this carnation flower color.

Let’s take a look.

1. Red Carnation Flower

Has the meaning of friendship and admiration. This flower is usually given to people we admire, such as teachers or idols. It can also be given to a friend who is having a birthday. In some countries, this flower is even interpreted as a sense of love and affection. The light red carnation is more symbolic of a subtle and gentle expression of love, while the dark red carnation symbolizes deep feelings of love and affection. The meaning of red carnation has the same meaning as roses, which symbolizes love.

2. White Carnation Flower

This flower has the meaning of loyalty, the white color of this flower symbolizes the feeling of sincere and pure love with gratitude. You can give this white carnation flower bouquet to an older person at any moment, for example on a birthday or at the opening of a new business.

3. Yellow Carnation Flower

Yellow Carnation
Yellow Carnation


Its bright yellow color is interpreted as a symbol of rejection, hatred, and disappointment in someone. A little weird, right? The reason is when you are emotional and disappointed, it feels very lazy to send flowers. Instead, you can post a yellow carnation flower image on social media to show that feeling. However, if you want to keep giving this yellow carnation flower to someone, then one of the right times is when you want to end your relationship with your lover.

4. Purple Carnation Flower

Purple is often associated with grief and creativity. However, purple carnations have a different meaning. This flower symbolizes an irregularity. Giving someone purple carnations means that you are willing to change according to their wishes. If you have a misunderstanding with your friend, then you can give this purple carnation flower as a sign that you want to return to being his/her friend and have realized your mistake.

5. Pink Carnation Flower

Pink Carnation Flower
Pink Carnation Flower


Do you know? Many say that this pink carnation flower first grew when Mary’s mother cried when she saw Jesus carrying the cross. From that incident, this pink carnation flower symbolizes eternal love and the sincere love of a mother. This flower really has a deep meaning, right? So it’s no wonder, this pink carnation flower is often chosen as a gift for Mother’s Day.

Even in South Korea, kids give mom a pink carnation bouquet or brooch, while some dads get pink and red carnations. For light pink carnation, it symbolizes a mother’s gratitude, while a dark pink carnation symbolizes liking for someone.


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